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There four houses and a girl called rose and her sister lily attend witchcraft and wizardry academy.

Fantasy / Adventure
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The sorting

I’m finally here, the school of my dreams. Lily’s grip on my hand tightens as we wait outside a oak door. Lily tells me she’s scared and I kneel down to her height, I grab her shoulders and tell her it’s going to be fine. I stand up and the oak doors open. A professor leads us to the front of a large hall lined with tables filled with students. I look around nervous, I see every face on me and turning to whisper to their friend. We stand in a line, one behind the other. I stand behind lily. The professor holds up their hand and everyone is suddenly quite then he starts to speak. He says “ welcome first year students to the witchcraft and wizardry academy. We are happy you are here. When I call your name come and sit on the stool, I will then pass you a book, you will answer the questions and when you are done pass the book to me and I will read out the house the book has put you in. There are five houses. Cats, lions,dolphins and angels. To be a cat you have to be brave,loyal and independent, lions are brave, bold and courageous, dolphins are brainy ,works hard and has wisdom, Angels are kind ,helpful and loyal and the snakes are ambitious, cunning and ruthless He takes out a list of names and reads out lily riddle. She looks at me nervously, her face has gone pale, I nod encouraging her to go. She takes a seat and the professor hands her an old battered book. I watch as Lily’s hand moves down the page. When she puts the pen down the book glows and then dies away. The professor takes the book and announces “cats” I see the relief on her face and I clap along with the students. She looks at me and I smile. She takes a seat at the cats table. The professor then shouts my name, I take my seat on the stool and take the book from the professor. The first question asks ‘if you could have any animal what would it be?’ My answer was a cat. The next question asked ‘what house would you want to be put in?’ My answer was cats with my sister. The questions continued and when I was finished I put the pen down and the page glowed, the professor took the book and shouted “cat’s” I got up excited and walked up to the table, I hugged lily and sat down next to her. After everyone else had gotten sorted the headmaster rose and started a speech although I wasn’t much paying attention to what he was saying because my mind was just exploding. I finally come out of my daydream when I hear the words “everyone tuck in” I help my self to the food and got to know all the cats.
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