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The Outcast Alpha by LW Chicks

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Being an Alpha isn't always easy....but to prove your innocence is sometimes harder... Alpha Maxwell lost the one person who meant the world to him...

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The Outcast Alpha

Chapter 1

I can't believe no one believes me! I didn't commit this crime. Why doesn't any one believe me! I'm the Alpha of Blue Mountain pack for many years now!

Anger,frustration and rage is some of the emotions going through Maxwell's mind.

I don't know what to do! The evil that was done to my dearest Luna must be punished!

Luna Lydia with her long brown curly hair and green eyes was murdered. The image of her lifeless body lying in a pool of her blood is haunting me.

I was occupied with pack duties in one of the nearby towns. I couldn't wait to return home to see my beautiful wife Lydia.

I shifted into my wolf form and ran through the green woods,passing the Sky-blue river,passing the Golden lake untill the castle came into vision.

On my arrival I found that there was no servants greeting me at the door. This was strange to me. A cold shiver ran down my spine. Something was wrong! I mind linked Lydia,but I couldn't sense her wolf.

Fear was suddenly suffocating me! I could feel in my bones that something has happened. In a record of seconds me & my wolf Oscar jumped the stairs to my chambers.

On entering I saw the gruesome site.My beautiful Lydia was lying in a pool of her own blood.

Lydia!Lydia! I screamed.No answer. I kneeled next to my beautiful wife. She was dead. My heart felt as if it's going to break into a million pieces.

No! No! This can't be true! Maybe I'm just dreaming. I closed my eyes and opened it quickly. I took Lydia in my arms. Tears started running down my cheeks. My beloved is gone,snatched from me! Who could have done this!

I started checking her body. A deep gash was in her stomach!! A dagger with emeralds in the handle was still stuck inside.

My heart wanted to stop. I knew I had to do something.

I mind linked my best friend Aero.

Aero please hurry. I need you.

Aero responded within seconds. I will be there in a second.

I was still holding Lydia when he entered through the balcony.

Sorry my Alpha, no one answered my knocking,so I decided to jump the balcony.

Aero still wanted to say something when shock flashed over his face.

What de hell!Alpha what happened?

I don't know Aero on my arrival a few moments ago I found our beautiful Luna like this.

My heart is breaking into a million pieces.

This is bad Alpha.

I will search the grounds.

Thank you Aero.

Chapter 2

A few hours later...

'Alpha' what do you plead to the charges of Murdering our beloved Luna? Headcouncil Dimitri surrounded by the fellow members of the court, all looked at me with blank expressions on their faces.

I felt as if I'm dying slowly from inside.My heart feels as if there is a thousand holes in it.

I, Alpha Maxwell,the 3rd Alpha of Blood Moon Pack stood up,looked every one in their eyes and said - Not Guilty!

Gasps of everyone could be heard in the room. A heavy silence was noticeable. No one dared to speak.

Headcouncil Dimitri jumped up,angrily he said- Alpha!!! The evidence against you are vital (while pointing his left hand at me).

The murder weapon was found on the scene!!! Your fingerprints are on the dagger!

Guards! Heavy footsteps was heard. Four guards entered the room. Take the Alpha away to the Dragons dungeon near the golden lake. He will be hanged in the morning!

No! No! No! Everyone started shouting at the same time. This can't be true! I didn't do this!!

I didn't even hesitated or put up a fight to be taken away. My heart felt like a big,heavy rock inside my chest.

Alpha,don't worry, Aero whispered in my ear before the guards took me away. I will come to you at dawn.

I just looked at Aero and knod my head with a blank expression. I didn't had any words, I was so sad just walking with the guards to my soon to be death.

Chapter 3

The cell in the dungeon is so dark, and somewhere the dripping sounds of water is all I can hear.

I feel so devastated. Where my heart must be is just an empty hole....

My darling Lydia, I miss you so much already. You are the Queen of my heart,the mother of our werewolf nation,the most wonderfull woman of our time. I will always love you.

If only I was earlier at the castle...If only you didn't had to die...The If only's that's running through my head is making me go crazy....

I will never see you laugh any more,but it is engraved in my heart and thoughts forever.

I just wish I knew who had done this to you. If only I could escape here,but I know the chances are zero,because I was the one who instructed General Hunter to use silver bars in front of the windows and also at the gates.

Psst,Psst. I thought I heard something. Maybe I'm hallucinating....

Psst,Psst. There it is again! No, I'm not going crazy like a mad man, someone is outside the window.

Halo? Who is there? I heard more footsteps approaching.

Alpha, it's Aero! I suddenly started laughing.

Aero,my friend and beta is really here!

What are you doing here Aero?

Aero was chuckling. That's easy my Alpha. We are coming to rescue you.I will never allow them to kill you! You are innocent and I'm going to help you to prove this!

My heart was swelling with proudness. My Beta is a true beta and my best friend. I had lost hope but now all seems well again.

Oh Aero! You truly are my best friend.

Of course Alpha. Did you honestly think I will let you die?

No I know you wouldn't allow for it to happen, but Aero you know the steelbars are out of silver! It felt as if my throat was closing up again.

Don't worry Alpha. We have a plan.
My human friend from earth is here to help....

A human? Here in our territory?

Aero! Are you crazy? You know this human will be attacked by rogue wolves or even wolves from our pack. You know humans isn't allowed here?

Calm down Alpha. She maybe human but she is half human,half werewolf. Her father fell in love with a human years ago when he visited earth...

She isn't a threat Alpha. She understands the risks and also she is acquinted with our laws & customs.

A woman cleared her throat. Umm Alpha if I may introduce myself. I'm Sureya daughter of Alpha Faruk of the Boran Wolf Pack. I know you don't trust me but I'm here to help so please stand back and Lett me do my job!

Oh feisty are we? This is what went through my mind as I stood closer to the prison cell wall.

A large red light couldn't be seen shining into the darkness. What kind of tool is this? This must be an earth thing.

A large crackling sound was heard.

A piece of the silver bars fell into the cell.

Wow! I never knew there was a kind of tool to cut through silver bars as in our world this didn't existed.

A rope was thrown through the window.

The woman climbed through the whole.

Wow! In front of my eyes was a very beautiful woman. Long dark brown curly hair with emerald green eyes. She had the most gorgeous lips I have ever seen, full and pinkish.

She looked at me with admiration in her eyes and a small smile.

Are you ready Alpha? We need to get you out of here now. The guards was spotted nearby.

Yes I'm more than ready,but who are you?

Sureya just smiled. My name is not needed now. We can get acquainted later....

Chapter 4

Alpha, come on now Aero shouted. You are wasting time. We need to go Now!!

I took the rope and pulled myself up through the whole. Next it was the woman's turn.

Just as she climbed through we heard footsteps...

The next moment the guards was around us.

I knew we had to fight now if I ever want the chance of trying to find out who Lydia's murderer is and to prove my innocence.

Who do you think you are?Attacking us? I shouted as I threw the nearest guard to me in the air. He landed with a thud on the hard ground while we heard his bones crushing.

About 3 guards jumped me. I fought them off with easiness.....

Alpha! Help me! Aero was shouting from the top of his lungs.

I ran to him in the speed of light just as a guard was about to drive his sword through Aero's heart.

Suddenly a light blue light appeared and Luna the Goddess of Wintree was standing next to me.

Greetings my dear Alpha. I have sensed that you are experiencing some troubles.

Oh dear Luna I'm so happy to see you. My heart is aching so much but we can talk later,let's finish this fight.

I couldn't agree more Alpha.

The next few minutes we fought side by side eliminating the number of guards attacking us.

Aero,Earth friend(still don't know her name) me & Luna realm hopped to the kingdom of Queen Serena the mother of Wolves....

Chapter 5

King Maxwell,Alpha of the Blood Moon Pack,Aero his Beta,Earth friend & Luna Goddess of Wintree Dell Welcome to the Kingdom of Queen Serena,Mother of Wolves.

We looked at each other with a twinkle in our eyes....

Please my good people have a seat and eat and drink.

Earth friend sat next to me, Luna on my other side and Aero across me.

Alpha, we need to try and find out what happened to our dear Luna Lydia.

Yes I know. My mind is spinning and spinning.

The emerald dagger I found is rare. Only someone with power are the ones who usually owns daggers like these. I have seen it before but it's like there's this black cloud in my brain. I don't remember where I have seen it before.

Aero when you came to the castle did you see anything suspicious?

No Alpha,but it was strange that Lillybeth didn't answer my knocks on the door,that's why I jumped through the window.

Yes,when I arrived from my morning duties and morning run all of the servants was no where to find,and that's really strange.

Lillybeth is always at our Luna's side. Something strange is going on here. I just wish I knew why they had to kill my beloved.

I can't think who would do this. Was this done to just hurt me?Lydia is well known through all the packs. Everyone knows she had a very soft spot for children,old people and animals. Look like the time when it was that heavy rainstorm and some of the children was caught outside in the rain near Golden Lake. Lydia was the one that kept searching and searching even if it meant she can loose her own life.

The memories of my beloved Lydia was so vivid it felt like I was watching an old 1950 movie playing over and over in my head.

Oh my dear Lydia I miss you so much already. I wish you were still alive and with me. I promise you I will find who ever had done this. I will make them pay even if it means I must break every bone in their bodies. This is my pledge to you. You have been such a wonderful wife to me and mother to our pack. I don't know how I'm going to carry on without you....

I hit the table with my first. Aero and the others was startled. Alpha?

I'm just so mad Aero. Who ever killed Lydia will pay with all the blood in their veins. I will squeese their last breath out of them with my bare hands.

We all looked at each other with pain in our hearts. We understood that what has happened to our Luna was no mistake and all of us would do everything in our power to help Alpha catch the killer.

Chapter 6

This is really such a beautiful place Alpha. I miss home but untill we solved this mystery we just have to hang here for a while.

Yes Aero,that's all we can do.

Alpha,don't turn around but there's someone watching us like a hawk.

Really? That sounds intriguing. Is it a he or a she?

It's a he Alpha and he doesn't look friendly at all.

Well maybe we need to find out what's his story then. Come Aero let's go for a walk and water the trees. I chuckled it's like we are small boys again, Mum always said this to us when we were playing outside.

Whistling while walking towards the garden me & Aero was on alert actually. We jumped behind a tree waiting for who ever was approaching in our direction. We didn't had to wait long in suspense.

Hard footsteps was hastily coming towards our direction. I was watching him from behind my spot behind the tree. The guy was looking like a Grimm reaper,all dark looking features but handsome in a way if you are a woman. I nearly laughed out loud.

I signalled Aero to go at the guy's back, I stepped out in front of him.

I see you are looking for us. Who are you & what do you want?

The man had icy blue eyes, I have never seen somebody with this kind of eyes in my life before. It's like he is looking right into my soul. This was feeling a bit awkward to me.

I am the Witcher from Swampland and I have a warning for you Alpha. I have crossed many mountains and many valley's to come and see you.

You are looking for your wife's murderer.

How do you know this?All of this just sounds a bit strange to me! Not everyone knows about this tragedy in my life!

King Alpha, I know you maybe don't believe me,but this is the truth.I was sent here to come and help you.

Being a Witcher I not only see things what's happening and happened but I'm also a guide.

Hmmm ok interesting. So tell me Witcher who is this person who took away the most important person in my life?

I can't tell you Alpha, I must go and show you. We need to leave here tomorrow at 03h00. Meet me here then we can start the journey,but I must warn you Alpha don't trust no one. Your life is in danger here,please sleep on alert. I will see you here at 03h00. With a lift of his finger he vanished in thin air.

Aero what do you think of this?

Alpha I think we must go.We won't know what's behind all of the mystery if we wait.

I think you are right Aero. Something else is going on and we need to find out what's really happening here.

Be alert, I don't trust this peacefull front here.

Yes Alpha I feel the same.

We walked back to the dining hall. My thoughts was all over the place.I wish I knew what happened that fateful night.

Chapter 7

Luna & Earth friend was still sitting at the table and chatting.

Ladies,we need to discuss something.

Both looked at me with surprise all written over their faces.

We need to leave here tomorrow.

Alpha,but you just arrived here. Luna was really shocked.

Yes Alpha,why?Earthfriend also looked puzzled.

Aero and I had a bit of a strange conversation outside.

I was warned that danger is lurking.I can't tell you more,please just trust me and meet me and Aero at the bridge near the two big trees at 03h00. I promise you will know more soon ladies.

The journey ahead won't be easy but together we will make it work.

Take food,water and something warm to wear. We need to get some rest now and tell no one.

We all left the dining hall together,chattering and music was still being heard around us.

The hallway was light up with lanterns along the way.

Only our footsteps could be heard on the stone floors.

We choose two rooms next to each other for safety reasons. I didn't trust no one. This kingdom was full of Fae,warlocks,vampires and some other creatures. I felt unease here...

Good night ladies. Sleep well and stay alert. If there is any problems just shout.

Good night Areo, Good night Alpha. We will do so.

Aero? Yes Alpha?

Are you sure we can trust this Earth friend of yours?

Yes Alpha she is a chip of the old block. She has a good heart and helped many people in her life.

Ok if you say so then it's all right.

Aero was laughing softly.

And now? Why are you laughing?

Just thinking Alpha?

If you start thinking then surely you are up to something!

Don't you think Earthfriend is sexy Alpha?

What? Are you crazy? I'm still having a broken heart and already you are looking for another wife for me?

No Aero,it's not like that. I just sensed some chemistry between the two of you.

Alpha threw a pillow at Aero.

Ok ok I'm sorry Alpha and still Aero was chuckling.

You better sleep now and stop this nonsense of yours.

Ok Alpha, sweet dreams.

Good night Aero,we have a long and unknown journey ahead of us.


The girls next door was having a conversation more or less like the men had....


Yes dear?

What's the real story about the Alpha.

He is so handsome with his dark hair and blue eyes but he has sadness in his eyes and I can sense he doesn't trust me.

Luna gave a sigh.

Handsome our Alpha definitely is.

Sad?yes he most certainly are.

It's a sad story indeed.

Recently his Luna Lydia was killed while Alpha was out.

She was such a sweet person. She had a very soft spot for children,old people and abused animals. She always held these gatherings for the people in their kingdom. Everyone loved her. She was so beautiful with her long brown curly hair,emerald green eyes and beautiful lips.

She was the only one who could control Alpha as he does have a bit of a temper sometimes.

Alpha came home after doing some business and running wild through the woods in his wolf form which he loved most.

He sensed something was wrong...

He tried to mind link Lydia but there was only silence.

On his arrival even the castle was empty with no servants around which was not normal.

He entered their chambers and found Lydia in a pool of her own blood with an emerald dagger in her chest and that's when Aero arrived.

Oh no, that's horrible Luna. Poor man now I can understand the sadness lingering in him.

Yes my dear.

The council found Alpha guilty of the murder but we all know this is not true and that's why we rescued him,he is innocent.

I will help to find who ever has done this Luna.

Thank you child but we need to sleep now.

Good night Luna.

Good night dear.

Chapter 8

Exactly as we arranged the previous night we all met each other at 03h00.

The Wizard was already waiting for us.

Good morning friends. Trust you all rested well?

Good morning Wizard. Yes we did thank you.

That's good Alpha. We need to get going. There's eyes watching us.

Where? I will sort them out quick.

No Aero just leave them. We need to concentrate on our mission.

Yes Alpha.

Witcher did you manage to get us some horses to travell with?

Yes Alpha I did my cousin will meet us at the last street of the village just outside the castle.

We all walked quickly and quietly.

The calling sound of an owl was heard.

It's my cousin Alpha.

A young boy aged around 15 years was waiting with horses.

Halo dear William. Did you experience any trouble on the road?

No uncle I made sure no one see me.

Very good son you will also be a good Witcher some day after you have been trained.

Thank you uncle.

Alpha we have a few small towns to pass before we will reach the rocky mountains,we will leave the horses there and carry on travelling by foot.

It's alright with me Witcher,I just want to find out what's the truth behind my wife's murder.

I know Alpha and I am going to help you.

The night was still dark around us but I sensed that we were being watched....

We travelled in silence,the only sounds one could hear was the thudding sounds of the horses hooves on the gravell road.

We reached the rocky mountains after travelling about 2 hours not resting once.

Alpha we will go by foot now. William look after the horses, we will see you soon again.

I will uncle, please be careful.

We will,thank you dear child.

Sureya,Luna, Aero and me followed the Witcher.

The mountain was indeed steep with a lot of rocks and some places we need to help the woman for them not to fall or hurt themselves.

It felt like ages before we reached the top of the mountain.

Aero I think we will rest a while and eat something for everyone to have a bit of power.

Yes Alpha good idea, the woman especially need more strength.

Sureya gave Aero a small clap on his shoulder.

Ouch for what is that.

You thinking we as woman are weak.

The Witcher was laughing.

Come on children rest and eat,the journey ahead is far from over.

Chapter 9

It's so cold here Alpha.

I know, I think we must look for shelter some where. It looks as if a snow storm is coming.

Alpha I know about a hunters cabin not far from here. We can stay there for the night and carry on with our journey tomorrow.

The road across the mountain is not easy to walk on. The trees leaves is heavy from a previous snow storm.

We all struggle to walk in the heavy wind that started blowing.

Snow is starting to fall.

Witcher how far must we still walk? I looked over my shoulder to see if the woman is still doing ok. Luna and Sureya is struggling to walk with the heavy wind.

It's just around these trees Alpha.

The trees was in a straight line in front of us. We walked passed the last trees. There was a open space in the woods and there before our eyes was a wooden cabin, it looks like a hunters cabin.

Everyone started laughing out of relieve.

I opened the door. Inside it was spacious. There is a wooden table with 4 chairs. A fireplace was built in the far end of the cabin. Next to it was a stack of wood.

Aero can you start the fire for us? The women looks like ice cubes.

Aero we need to make soup or something hot so every one can some strength back.

Yes Alpha.

Alpha I brought some meat and vegetables with from my cousin. It will be more than enough for all of us.

Thank you Witcher.

After a few moments the cabin was feeling more warmer and cosy.

Witcher can I ask you something?

Yes Alpha?

Do you know who killed my Luna?

Yes Alpha but I can't tell you. Just trust me, I know it's difficult but all will be revealed soon.

Fair enough if you say so Witcher.

How far do we still have to travell before we will reach our destination?

We need to travell through the valley of the dwarfs and the Swampland of the ogre's, my guess is another 2 days.

Are you sure?

Yes Alpha.

Luna and Sureya was talking softly to each other. I was wondering about what but women have their own things to talk about that doesn't concern men.

I was watching them with a small smile on my face. Sureya looked up. We were staring at each other for a few seconds. I looked away first.

Aero, how far is the soup? I can eat a horse.

Oh dear Alpha,the poor horse.

It's done Alpha we can eat.

The women found soup bowls made out of wood and some wooden spoons.

The soup smells delicious.

We all ate in silence for a few moments.

Luna, you and Sureya can sleep near the fire to keep warm during the night.

We as men will make turns to watch the surroundings. I have a feeling we are being followed.

How do you know Alpha?

My wolf is restless, and I thought I smelled someone nearby. Don't worry we will go and look outside. Just put the locks up when we outside. We will knock three times when we want to enter.

Just then we heard a sound outside.

We jumped up and ran outside.

Someone was running away.

In a split second, Oscar my wolf was in control.

We chased after the person, I could see a figure running in front of me.

With a huge jump I jumped on the person.

Please, please don't kill me.

What? It can't be, it's a woman.

I turned back to my human form. I was butt naked but didn't care.

I was amazed to see Lillybeth in front of my eyes.


Soft sobbing was all that I heard.

Lillybeth I am sorry, I didn't meant to frighten you.

Lillybeth rushed into my arms and kept sobbing.

I stroke her hair.

Behind me Aero and Wizard came to a halt.

O Alpha it was horrible.

Lillybeth what are you talking about?

I was there Alpha, I saw what happened with our dear Luna.

It felt as if someone gave me a hard punch in the stomach.

Aero handed me pants which I pulled on quickly.

Let's go inside then we can talk about everything.

We knocked three times on the door. Luna opened the door.

It was freezing cold outside.

Luna made coffee for everyone to warm our bodies up.

Lillybeth drank a few sips of her coffee.

Lillybeth, please tell us, what happened.

Oh my dear Alpha, it's like a nightmare, when I close my eyes I see Luna lying there.

Lillybeth started crying.

Luna and Sureya both put their arms around Lillybeth.

Luna and I was busy looking for a dress for the birthday ball of Ella the Elf of Silver Lakes.

We heard shouting and I ran to the door to look what's going on.

Before I reached the door two men entered the chamber's.

They pushed me down to the floor.

I yelled at them to leave us alone.

Another man with a red cloak entered the room. He had long white hair, it almost looked silver and black eyes.

He laughed and said how lucky he was that you weren't there.

He took his dagger out, I could see emerald stones in the handle.

He walked to Luna and just stabbed her in the stomach.

I was screaming and wanted to rush towards Luna. One of the men hit me against the head. Everything went dark.

I don't know how long I was out.

Lillybeth started sobbing again.

It's ok Lillybeth. I'm so sorry I wasn't there to protect you both.

Can you remember anything else Lillybeth? Did this man say anything else?

No Alpha nothing.

I remember when I woke up I ran towards Luna but she was already dead.

I'm so sorry Alpha.

It's not your fault Lillybeth.

What about the other servants? When I arrived no one was there.

I don't know Alpha, I also looked for everyone but they all vanished.

Something really strange happened that day.

I have many enemies but this man is unknown to me.

Alpha, I know things look bad and we all have many questions but I promise you all will be revealed soon.

I really hope so Wizard, the uncertainty is making me crazy.

I know Alpha.

Let's all get some rest, we sti have much travelling ahead of us.

Yes it's true.

Good night everyone.

Good night Alpha.

Chapter 10.

We all woke up very early.

The snow storm passed.

Everything outside looked liked it was covered by a big white blanket.

We all walked slowly through the snow.

We reached the bottom of the mountain and rested a while.

It was much warmer here, where
we are now.

Alpha, when we reach the valley of the Dwarfs we will ask the Dwarfs for some horses.

I just knodded my head. My mind was occupied with so many thoughts.

The suspense is killing me. I just wish I knew who killed my lovely wife.
My dear Lydia I miss you so much, how I wish you were here with me. My heart feels like it will never heal again.

Halt! Who goes there?

Suddenly we were surrounded by tiny men, mostly known as Dwarfs.

We mean you no harm Grumpy Dwarf. I am the Witcher from Swampland and these people with me is my friends.

King Maxwell, his Beta Aero,Luna and Sureya is all accompanying me on an important mission.

We still have a long journey ahead of us but we need your help please.

How can we be of assistance Witcher?

We need food,water and some fresh horses to go further on our mission.

Grumpy clapped his hand and suddenly we were escorted to the Dwarf king's palace.

The Dwarf King's palace was impressing. One will think that the place will be small in size due to the fact that Dwarf's is half the size of a normal man.

The grass is green,neatly cut and every where the eye meets the horizon is the most beautiful flowers I have ever seen in my life. Unicorn's is walking freely in the garden and some is sleeping under the trees.

This is really a magical place.

The inside walls of the palace is made of big silver bricks. The walls is high and portraits of former Kings and Queens can be seen.

We all followed Grumpy Dwarf untill we saw a big wooden door with a golden handle.

Grumpy Dwarf knocked on the door 3 times.

A soldier opened the door.

We walked past other dwarves we were looking curiously at us.

Aero, Luna and Sureya just looked at everyone and everything with big eyes. (Witcher was just smiling)

A small Dwarf with a crown to big for his head was sitting on the throne. He still looked so young, not like a king.

We all kneeled in front of him.

Grumpy Dwarf announced us as Alpha King Maxwell and his friends who is just passing through.

Welcome to my Kingdom friends.

Thank you Dwarf King. We need your help King. We still have many miles to travell.

How can we be of service to you,King Alpha?

We need horses and some food and water to be able to continue with our mission.

Grumpy Smurf please assist King Alpha with some of our finest Arabian horses and ask Kitchen Smurf to prepare food and water for their journey.

I will do so my King.

King Alpha please sit with me at my table and have something to eat and drink.

Thank you King Dwarf it's very kind of you.

Chapter 11

After we enjoyed a nice meal and some water with King Dwarf we all had more strength.

Grumpy Dwarf tucked me on the arm.

Your wishes has been fulfilled sire.

Thank you Grumpy Dwarf.

We all thanked King Dwarf for his hospitality and said our good byes.

We followed Grumpy Dwarf to the stables.

The most beautiful black Arabian horse that I have ever seen was standing close to me.

This one has a bit of a feisty temper King Alpha, I chose him for you.

I laughed and thanked Grumpy Dwarf.

Luna your horse is the white one with the long maine,she looks like you with your white hair.

She is beautiful, thank you Grumpy.

Sureya your horse is the golden looking one, he is still a young horse but strong.

Thank you Grumpy.

Witcher your horse is the white one with the black spots,his name is Ghost, he reminds me of you.

Really Grumpy? And why is that?

Well no disrespect Witcher but you appear and disappear like a ghost.

Everyone was laughing.

Lillybeth, I didn't forget about you. Your horse is a very special one, this dark brown mare with the golden maine is your horse. She is a kind hearted horse and she is just like you.

Oh that's so sweet,thank you Grumpy.

Aero, your horse is the other black stallion with the white dots on his head. He is the twin brother of King Alpha's horse.

Wow that's interesting. Thank you Grumpy.

King Alpha in the saddlebags of each saddle is food and water,enough to last for three days.

Thank you my friend. I appreciate your help and please thank King Dwarf again for us all.

I will, please be carefull on the journey from here. There is a lot of dangers King Alpha.

I know Grumpy,don't worry we will have all our eyes and ears open.

King Alpha when you leave the palace grounds take the left road, it's safer than travelling through Ocre vill. The ocre's doesn't like humans and maybe will want to eat you.

Thank you Grumpy. We hope to meet you again on our return.

I'm sure we will King Alpha. May the Goddess protects you all.

Thank you Grumpy. Till we meet again.

We all waved and followed King Alpha through the palace gates.


Somewhere in another castle.....

Hasty footsteps was heard jumping the castle cement steps two by two.

With a loud thud the large metal door was opened.

Your Lordship, I am sorry for barging in like this.

King Louis was giving a sarcastic smile at me.

Yes Kane? What seems to be the problem?

Your Lordship, King Maxwell was spotted leaving the Dwarf's Kingdom about two hours ago.

Oh really? And why do you think that will be of any interest to me?

Your Lordship, he isn't travelling alone.

King Louis laughed.

King Louis stood up and walked down the stairs towards Kane.

So tell me Kane, who is travelling with our stupid friend King Maxwell?

You won't believe it Your Lordship!

He is travelling with the Witcher,Lady Luna,his beta Aero,a woman I don't know,she looks like an earthling, and Lady Lydia's trusted first lady,Lillybeth.

Haha! This is really so amusing!

So Kane, please amuse me more, where do you think they are travelling to?

Your Lordship, they were heading this way.

Hmmm, and you think this is a problem some how?

Your Lordship, I don't want to sound rude, but I think King Maxwell found at that you had something to do with his wife's murder!

Let him come Kane, I'm not worried.

Your Lordship, but King Maxwell has extremely powerful people accompanying him!

Don't pull your underpants in a knot Kane. Let them come, I'm not scared.

What's the plan Your Lordship?

Nothing, there is no plan.

Your Lordship?Kane was stunned by this response from King Louis.

I don't understand why you are so calm Your Lordship!

You will see Kane. Now run along and get all your midgets in line to stand and wait behind the caste entrance.

Very well Your Lordship, I will get my men ready.

Kane bowed and left in a hurry.

Chapter 12


Yes Aero?

I don't know why but it feels like danger is waiting for us.

I know my dear friend, but don't be worried. We are a good team together and justice will be served, for the horrible crime that was committed in my kingdom! No one had the right to take my beautiful Lydia away from me.

Yes Alpha, that's true.

Alpha, but we don't even know this enemy!

Witcher turned around from his horse and looked at us both.

Children, don't be worried. I promise you all will be revealed soon.

Alpha, can we rest for a while please? Luna looks a bit pale.

Sureya sounded worried.

Let's rest a while under the green willow tree.

Aero helped Luna down from the horse and helped her to the shade under the willow tree.

Luna are you feeling alright?

I don't know Aero, it's like someone is drawing my energy. I feel light headed.

Witcher jumped down from his horse and walked quickly to Luna. He placed a hand on her forehead. Luna is icecold.

Alpha I think our enemy has started with his mischievous plans.

What can we do to help Witchard?

Look for a klafford bush, it's dark green with small pink flowers. We need to make a tea for Luna, there is a spell put on her life.

Sureya and Aero jumped up both. We will look for it Witcher.

They walked in the direction of a small pond, the krafford bush are known for growing near ponds.


Yes Sureya?

Who do you think is after Alpha?

I wish I knew, I will kill him with my bare hands.

Aero and Sureya collected as much they could of the Krafford bush. They walked back to the others in silence.

Here Witcher, we hope this will be enough.

Thank you children. This will help, I need to hurry, I am sensing dark magic at hand.

Witcher squashed the bush between two rocks like in a pulp and mixed it with water. He made a small for and cooked it in a small pot that he took out from his saddle bag.

We all looked at what he was doing in silence. We all were so worried about Luna.

Ok Children the mixture is ready.

Aero held Luna up and gave her small sips of the mixture.

Witcher opened Luna's eyes. He whispered softly,we couldn't hear what he was saying.

Luna started coughing.

We all watched in anticipation.

Don't worry children Luna will be ok.

Luna opened her eyes and smiled weak. Thank you Witcher for saving me.

It's a pleasure dear. You will soon feel better.

Alpha can I talk to you over there?

Yes Witcher.

Luna will be alright, we can continue the mission in an hour. Luna just need to rest a bit.

Alpha we need to be carefull. The enemy knows you are coming.

How? We were so carefull?

I didn't wanted to alert you but I have sensed that we are still being followed since we left the Dwarf kingdom.

Hmmm ok, but I'm not thrilled about this. I just want to complete this mission.

I know Alpha, but have patience, I promise you soon you will know all you must.


The group op friends was soon travelling further.

A man with a red cloak appeared in front of them from no where.

The horses started being restless.

Whoa! Whoa!

The man made a bow and started laughing.

Greetings my friends.

Hale! What de hell are you doing here?

I can ask you the same Alpha.

Well I don't have to tell you anything.

Hmmm just as stubborn and hard headed as always. Hale was scratching his chin.

When last did we see each other?

Alpha wasnt looking pleased to see Hale.

You know well when it was.

Yes, at the charity ball, three moons ago.

It can be a thousand moons ago, state your business and get out of my way.

Hale started clapping his hands.

My dear friend, always so friendly.

Aero whispered softly in Alpha's ear: Can I bite his head off,the little midget?

Let's hear what he has to say Aero.

Tell me where you are going Alpha and I will tell you why I embrace you with adorable looks.

Oh please Hale, my buldog is better looking than you.

Ouch Alpha, you are hurting my feelings.

I know we didn't always see eye to eye, but I'm here to offer my assistance.

Is that so? Since when do I need your help?

Hale was laughing.

Now now Alpha, I'm here as a friend.

My friend? Please, don't make me laugh.

I know you won't believe me Alpha, but I am.

I want to give my condolences to you in the passing of your beautiful Lydia.

Alpha started running towards Hale and within a few seconds he was in his wolf form and jumped on Hale.

Aero and the others tried to pull Alpha from Hale.

Now now dog, get away from me, everyone in the seven kingdoms has heard about the murder.

Alpha turned back into his human form.

I didn't meant to upset you Alpha. I know you are sad, but I really am here as a friend. Lydia was my friend also.

You lie, everytime at the ball when I wasn't near my Lydia you tried to get into her knickers.

I wouldn't mind at all Alpha, but she only love one man and that was you.

Thank you, this is the first time I know that you do have a little bit of heart left in you,being an lifeless vampire.

Hale laughed. Oh but you are so mistaken my dear friend. I have a lot of feelings still inside of me.

Yes,we know that, and that's the feelings between your legs.

Aero started growling.

Witcher placed a hand on Aero's arm.

Calm down Aero, we don't have time for quarrels.

Thank you Witcher! Hale was having one of his usual smirks on his handsome face. Even as a vampire he was still very handsome.

Alpha I'm honest, I'm here to help. After I got the news of Lydia's murder I went to your castle but was informed by the stable boy that you were locked up"

Oh really? So you felt pity for me and then fly all the way over here?

Alpha, dear Alpha just calm down ok!

You know I can teleport my way around all the realms.

Yes,what a pity!

I got information that will be vital to you Alpha. I know you don't trust me and we didn't always see eye to eye, but I also want to catch Lydia's murderer.

Hmmm ok, maybe if I know about the so called information you have I will believe you.

Believe me Alpha, you will buy me a rum after this information.

Is that so?

Yes my friend.

Alpha and Aero looked as if they both wanted to bite Hale's head off.

Witcher was looking at Hale as if he wants to turn him into a frog.

Wow, so much friendlyness among you all.

Get to the point Hale, I'm starting to loose my patience.

Chapter 13

Hale was looking at each one of us, as if he was thinking what he must say.

Ok, ok. I will tell you.

I was drinking in the Green Ocre tavern in the Dwarf kingdom when I overheard an interesting conversation.

I was sitting in the back of the tavern where the light wasn't so sharp.

Oh please, we all know you are the only vampire that can walk in daylight!

Give him a chance Aero.

Two soldiers was bragging to each other how their King murdered another King's wife.

They said their king hated this king and that their king wanted to give so much pain to this other king.

They said that the other king wanted more of the other kingdom's to be added to his kingdom, as he was planning to be the ruler of the seven kingdoms.

That will be the day, the Goddess of the World won't allow this. Aero punched his fist into a nearby tree.

Calm down Wolfie, who is telling the story? Me or you?

Ok so where was I ,before being so rudely interrupted!

Oh yes! So this nameless king has big plans.

Being a vampire I can hear far,but I was pinching my ears.

The one soldier told the other soldier that their king always gets what he wants and was laughing loudly about this. I wanted to bite his head off as he had this annoying laugh.

The other soldier then asked how their king will become the seven kingdoms ruler.

The soldier said it was easy as their king is very powerfull and also not afraid of anyone.

The other soldier then asked who this king was whom he was talking about,who is the wife that was murdered.

I nearly bit my own tongue when I heard what the soldier said.

He said that it was King Maxwell,of the Blood moon pack, who's wife was murdered.

I was frozen and couldn't move for a few moments. I was shocked and sad at the same time.

I couldn't believe that my dear friend Lydia was gone.

I wanted to rip the soldiers heart out of his pathetic body.

I suddenly felt a rage running through me and before I knew what I was doing I killed everyone in the tavern.

What? Are you crazy Hale!

No Aero, I'm not, but loosing one of my closest friends made me see red.

Well, needless to say, now we won't know who the murderer is.

Witcher looked at Hale and gave a small smile.

Oh we do know my friend, soon all will be known.

We need to get moving as time is running and we still have some travelling to do.

Yes you are right Witcher.

So I guess you are tagging along Hale?

Yes, I'm so ready for an easy fight.

The friends all rode in silence.

Hale didn't need a horse as he has a privilege that the others doesn't has.

He can fly.

The road ahead was a bit rocky and the group of friends had to concentrate not to hurt the horses with the bad road.


Yes Alpha?

When are you going to tell me the truth?

I promise by nightfall you will know all you need to.

Alpha was really sad and so hurt that he doesn't even know who this enemy is.

The road and the scenery around them changed. The trees was a darker green,the valley grass was tall and blackish.

Alpha, I don't like this area.

Me neither, it's like there is a darkness hanging over this area.

Yes it's true Alpha.

Witcher? Where are we now?

This area is called the valley of the dragon.


Everyone started looking around as if they were scared a dragon will jump on them.

Don't be afraid my children, the last known dragon, Draco, was slained two hundred years ago.


Yes, dragons is only exsisting in fairytales now.

That is a shame. I always loved dragons.

Suddenly a dark shadow was appearing over us.

We all looked up and couldn't believe our eyes.

It was a dragon!

It felt as if we were dreaming.

How can it be?

The dragon landed in front of us. It was huge but looked friendly. It was a golden brownish colour.

Greetings my human friends.

What? A talking dragon! We must be hallucinating.

I mean you all no harm. My name is Era. My father was the famous dragon Draco.

Oh my this is getting interesting.

Halo Era. I am the alpha king of the Blood Moon Pack. This is the Witcher, Aero,Luna, Lillybeth and Sureya.

Oh and the lifeless looking man is Hale.

Ouch Alpha you hurt my feelings.

You don't have feelings!

Era,how is it possible that you are alive?

When my father was killed, I was a little baby dragon. My father's cave was high up in the mountains. I was so small back then but I do remember my father.

I was crying and crying of hunger and also because my father didn't return as he usually did by nightfall.

A dragon watcher found me, she was loving and kind and she took me to her village. She protected me and when I was older and started talking she told me about my father.

I lived happy and carefree. She trained me in the ways of the Dragon. Her name was Lydia.

My Lydia?

Yes Alpha, as a young girl Lydia was a dragon watcher, maybe the only one left.

Wow, I didn't know this about my wife.

She truly was an angel Alpha and my best friend. I was so sad to hear about her death.

We all are sad Era and that's why we are on this mission to find the murderer.

I am here to help Alpha.

Thank you Era.

Chapter 14.

The group of friends decided to camp for the night.

Era can I ask you a question?

Yes Alpha?

Did you ever see my Lydia again after we got married?

Yes Alpha. Every year when it's the full moon of love we met in secret at the Golden Lake.

Lydia really was such an amazing person and I can't believe that someone ended her life.

Yes,I blame myself for not being with her that fatal day.

If I was nearby I could have protected her.

Alpha hit his fist against the ground and jumped up, starting to walk up and down in frustration.

Alpha, I know how devastated you are. I feel the same, but being the last dragon alive, a mystical creature to many people, I must keep a low profile. I promise you, we will get who ever has done this to our beautiful Lydia and then, then I will fry him myself.


Yes Witcher?

The time is here to tell you what I know.

Hmmm really?

I know you didn't trusted me completely but I had my reasons for not telling you.

Everyone stopped talking to each other and looked curious at the Witcher.

You see my dear children and dragon, being a Witcher I don't just get dreams or visions of the future. I also sense what's going to happen.

The fatal day when Lydia was murdered I woke up from a dream in my cave. I first thought it was unreal, that I didn't really dream about this murder.

I decided to gather herbs outside my cave to make a revealing potion. I needed some lavender for this potion with a little bit of thyme.

I walked outside near my cave when I suddenly heard a woman screaming. I first thought I imagined it but again I heard screams. My body started to tremble and I fell to the ground on my knees. A few moments passed by before I had the strength to stand up again.

I looked up in the sky and an image of Lydia was hovering above me. I saw a man stabbing Lydia with a knife and as she fell to the ground, I could hear him laughing. He turned around and I saw his face"

Everyone was looking at the Witcher with shocked faces.

The man was someone I knew, maybe also known to everyone here also"

It was King Louis!

What? Alpha was angry hearing this.

Why would he kill my wife?

The answer is known dear Alpha.

He is a cruel man, he is known for feeling nothing to no one.

He has this evil plan to be the ruler of the seven kingdom's. He doesn't care what he must do or who he must kill or eliminate to succeed in this sick plan of him.

I hear what you are saying Witcher, but my wife didn't do anything to him and still, by killing Lydia he didn't get hold of my kingdom!

Yes Alpha, but he thinks you will abandon your kingdom now.

What! He is crazy. I was in jail for not even a day! I lost my wife, but I won't give my kingdom away just like that!

My father trusted me with his legacy, and some day one of my twin son's will take over the ruling of the kingdom from me.

King Louis wants a fight, he will get one.

I agree Alpha, me and the rest of our kingdom will fight for you'. Aero gave Alpha a hug. He knows Alpha all his life and since they were little boys they were inseparable and Aero will do anything for his Alpha.

Boys come and eat,we need all our strength for the unknown ahead.

Every one sat in silence eating,but every one was busy thinking what will happen next......


Just as the group of friends expected,they were being watched......

King Louis men was hiding behind thick green bushes.

They were watching King Alpha and his companions like hawks.

The men was in for a surprise....

Era can make herself invisible.

King Louis men was chattering to each other.

They were unaware that Era was just behind them.

Era was giggling softly.

The sergeant jumped up.

Did you hear that Vartalo?

No Sergeant. What did you hear?

A woman's giggle.

No maybe you thought you heard something because it's months you had a girlfriend.

The men all started laughing.

Don't be ridiculous, I'm not crazy.

At this very moment Era jumped down from behind the big Oak tree in the clearing in front of the men.

Halo boys. How are you doing?

D d dragon! Every one started yelling,running into each other.

The sergeant was so shocked,pale as a ghost and standing like a statue, not able to move.

Boo! Era blew out a small cloud of smoke in the sergeants direction.

He jumped out of the Smokey's reach and started running in the direction of which his fellow mates were running away from what they thought is a ghost.

Era started laughing hard.

Aero, King Alpha and the others came running towards Era.

And now Era?

Oh you should have seen their faces Alpha. It was hilarious.

You are a naughty girl Era.

No Alpha, King Louis must not think he is clever.

He won't win this battle.

Chapter 15

King Louis! King Louis!

The sergeant came running into the hallway of the castle where King Louis was standing near the window looking out into the garden.

What seems to be the problem sergeant?

King Louis you won't believe me!

Calm down and catch your breath!

I'm sorry King Louis. What I'm about to tell you is really extraordinary,something that no one will believe!

Oh Really? Let me guess? You've seen a unicorn?

No King Louis.

So? Spit it out!

You know we were in hiding following King Aero?

Yes what about it?

Well my dear King, me and the men were spying on them. I heard the giggle of a woman. The others said they didn't hear anything.

Well,as I was looking around a very big dragon appeared in front of us.

What? You are lying! Dragon's don't exist any more!

So it was told for many years King Louis but I promise you it's true!

King Louis looked shocked.

A Dragon? I really can't believe this!

You will have to take me to the place you have seen it.

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