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Three Brothers, Tales from another world (being re-edited)

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"But what I'm curious about is..., WHERE DID YOU GET THE FUCKING IDEA TO MARK HER?! YOU KNOW THAT SHE'S PROBABLY MY MATE TO, YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE!! SHE CAN ALSO BE THE MATE OF THAT OTHER DIPSHIT!!" Kadi flew up, the chair he was sitting on, slammed into the wall behind him, and he stood facing the screen in an attacking stance, teeth and claws bared. "She's my mate...!!"

Fantasy / Romance
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Dear readers.

Just a warning before you continue reading. This story will contain, violence, profanity and explicit sex scenes. If you don’t like this, I advise you not to continue. I wish those who have no problem with this, fun reading this story.

Love Wendy


18 years ago, the Qas’qiari faced huge losses from a seemingly simple virus. Soon this virus turned out not to be so harmless after all, and resulted in a global epidemic, dragging more than 2/3rd of the population to their deaths.

Despite the efforts of all doctors, virologists and governments, the vaccine came far too late.

Especially for women, elderly people and children whose lycanthropic DNA had not yet awakened, the virus was extremely dangerous, most of them didn’t survive.

The male population also suffered, just not so violently. They did get sick, but often didn’t die. Those who survived, for the most part the male population, turned out to be less fertile or even barren.

In order to save their species, they had to turn to other worlds, and in the next 16 years they visited several worlds that matched their kind. Some other species did, but all the women died within several weeks after they set foot on Bryar’morr, the Qas’qiari home world, their DNA wasn’t able to adjust.

Until they reached Earth. Most of the women there weren't a DNA match, but lucky for the Qas'qiari, a small group of women did have that specific kind of DNA, making them able to adjust to the environment of Bryar’morr .

But how do you take women away, without anybody noticing?

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