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A mile off a deserted highway, a female assassin kills her latest target, and at the same time two miles down the highway, a female jogger gets hit by a car. The assassin is Rachael Terina, and as she drives back down the highway, she stops when she sees a bright light hovering above the road. She gets out to investigate, then she sees the crumpled body. She places the victim in her car and rushes her to hospital. The victim, Mia Coombes, suffers severe cranial and limb injuries, and while she is recuperating, Mia dreams about a young girl calling out to her; Hello, hello, can you help me … After six months, Mia is released from hospital, but the dreams keep coming every night, and the background in the dreams is the part of the highway where she had been hit by the car. Mia is struggling to adapt to her restricted new life, yet puzzled by the ongoing dreams, Mia contacts Rachael and asks her to take her to the scene of the accident. Rachael reluctantly agrees, although the event is destined to change both women’s lives forever. There are no Angels, and there are no ghosts, yet every night Mia is awoken by the desperate voice; Please, can you help me … A psychologically fractured female assassin and a hobbling, traumatised car accident victim are about to be drawn into a thirty-year-old murder mystery that is destined to shatter their perception of reality.

Fantasy / Thriller
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November 1985

She was lost in the darkest of nights, or as she reflected anxiously, maybe she was lost in the darkest of holes. She was neither here nor there, maybe she was in between, or maybe she was in limbo.

The young girl knew that something bad had happened, and she suspected that the something bad had happened to her. She could think, yet she could not speak; she could sense, yet she could not feel.

Confused and afraid, she wished, hoped, prayed that someone would help her, because she felt so alone and so isolated. Blinded by the total darkness, she feebly reached out, searching for help, seeking assistance, craving salvation, and in a voice of no volume, she begged, Please, someone, anyone, please help me …

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