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The Two Other Species

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7000 years ago, somewhere on the planet, an old man named Primus saw a meteor strike on a forested mountain. That meteor turns him into a demon. 7000 years later, Azmaveth Dracul, a demon born to be a Slayer for the Demon Empire. One day he disguised himself as a human to enter a university to carry out his mission to investigate and eliminate the guardians in that area. In the world, there is something inexplicable; where did the meteor come from and why did Primus transform into a demon; in this world, not only humans or animals only live, there is something else? That’s what you’re going to find out.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 01: 7000 years ago; After a thousand years.

Volume 01: Confronting Fate

Chapter 01: 7000 years ago; After a thousand years

[7000 years ago]

7000 years ago, somewhere on the planet, a meteor strike in a forested mountain.

A skinny old man with somewhat torn clothes saw the flaming rock falling into the sky.

[Primus’ P.O.V.]

I’m Primus Dracul, a hunter. One day while hunting at the bottom of the mountain of Tsereve, I saw a flaming rock falling from the sky.

My face showed I feared what’s falling from the sky. I don’t know what’s going on, just now I saw something fall from the sky.

I didn’t know what I would do; it confused me about whether to see what is going on but after a few minutes I encouraged myself to see what is going on.

I prepared the tools that I use for hunting, a sword, flint, ropes, and some portion of food and water for a day. After an hour of climbing the mountain, I saw the rock that falls from the sky.

I observe the rock for me to know what stone it might be a gold or silver, the size of this stone I am even richer than the chief of the town.

After half an hour, I’m starving, I took my food from the bag; I finish eating food, I’m still starving.

I get my sword to hunt for some meat to eat and I hide in a bush

After a few minutes of waiting, I saw a deer; I crouch and run towards the deer; I pierce through the body of the deer.

The deer is dying of blood loss so that it would not be difficult. I cut off the deer’s head, and I cut the deer meat with my sword into pieces.

I find some rocks, dried leaves, and some wood to start a fire. I circled the rock and put all the dried leaves I picked up a while ago.

I hold a small piece of flint on top of the rock, as I hit the rock, it a spark, I repeat this process until the dried leaves catch a spark.

The dried leaves smoke, I slowly blow the dried leave to set the dried leaves on fire I put the wood I took to keep the fire going.

I stabbed the venison with a stick and put it on the fire to cook it. After I ate, it was night, and it was dark to go down the mountain so I’ll wait until morning to get down.

I went back to the rock to rest while waiting for the morning to come. I can’t sleep because I’m not used to sleeping on the ground.

A few hours later, it was morning. I galloped down to tell the neighbors that I saw a burning rock falling from the sky.

After going down the mountain, I rest for a few minutes.

I run towards the town. I was already in town to tell a story. I tell them about what I saw, but they said I was a lunatic because they said that it was impossible for a rock to fall from the sky. They drive me away because they don’t want a lunatic in their town.

I going home, even though my neighbors were gossiping about me. My face shows a black expression, and I saw my friend in front of our house. Tears filled his eyes.

“Are you okay? I heard you are going crazy.” My friend staring intensely and fighting back tears.

“Osmond, do you believe what they say? Don’t you believe your friend?” My eyebrows are lowered and knit together.

“Not like that. I don’t even know what happened. What happened?” Osmond mumbled nervously.

“Do you believe what will I tell you?” I tilted my head.

“Yes, I will believe you.”

We entered my house; I locked the door and closed the window. I told him what happened. He was shocked and confused if what I said was true or not.

“All right, let’s go to the rock that fell from the sky to see if it’s true.” Osmond lightened.

“Do you believe what I say?” A corner of my mouth lifted.

“Not yet, I’ll see if it’s true.” He shows a beatific face.

We prepared the equipment to climb the mountain. I get a portion of food for two people for a week so we wouldn’t have to hunt animals in the mountains.

In just a few minutes, Osmond complained about the length of our climb. We were close to the rock and Osmond seemed to melt because of the heat and fatigue.

“Are we close to the rock?” He melting as if he were butter in the sun.

“Don’t worry, it’s just a few minutes walk.” tapping Osmond’s back

“I should have said that I just believed so I wouldn’t get tired,” Osmond said under his breath.

“What did you say?”


We are already on the rocks, and Osmond’s jaw dropped because what I said is true.

“Let’s celebrate!” A defined wrinkle runs from the sides of their nose to the corners of Osmond’s mouth.

“What for?” My head tilting to the side.

“That you are not lunatic.”

“What did you say? You don’t believe me in what I said earlier?”

“Yes, it seems impossible because of what you are saying.”

“Suit yourself.” I went to poker-faced.

“I’m sorry, I thought it was impossible, I’m sorry,” Osmond bowing to me, admitting guilt.

“Okay, I’ll forgive you.” My cheeks raise and blushed.

“What, do you think it is it from a deity or it is it a star?” My friend said, marveling at the meteorite.

“I don’t believe in a deity, think it’s from a star, what do you think,” I said seriously.

“What if it’s a gift from a god?” Osmond said with a curious tone.

“I don’t know.” I sit on the rock facing the meteorite.

We were talking about something and later on something that went wrong. I slipped and touched the rock and something strange happened.

Something bad was happening to my body, as if something strange was flowing through my body. My mouth, eyes, and nose, I was bleeding, and I was screaming in pain.

Osmond was sweating, trembling with fear. He didn’t know how he was going to help me. He would take a sword in case something unexpected happened.

Slowly I becoming a monster like a demon. And I’m getting more and more unconscious. I see blurred Osmond crying.

Osmond ran towards me and tried to pull me off the rock. There was something he didn’t expect to happen when he touched me.

More and more he absorbed what was flowing through me, and we slowly lost consciousness. And the rock exploded, and Osmond and I sprang away.

A few hours later I woke up without clothes, I remember little about last night and I looked for Osmond to ask him and I saw a man I didn’t know.

“In the world, there is something inexplicable; where did the meteor come from and why did they transform; in this world, not only humans or animals only live, is there something else? That I’m going to find out.” Azmaveth Dracul’s head may tilt back slightly, making their gaze follow down their nose.


*Alarm Ringing*

She wakes up, scratched his head, and turned off the alarm.

“It’s already 7:30 P.M. I’m going to be late for school.” Her eyes would widen.

She getting undressed to take a bath. After taking a bath she got dressed and goes down to find a letter in the fridge.

“There is money on the table, that’s your

allowance for this week and eat before

you go to school–mom”

She takes a piece of bread and goes out. She runs to school so he wouldn’t be late for class.

She was entering her class; she was late for 5 minutes.

“Sorry, Mrs. Dela-Cruz I’m late.” A pounding heartbeat, or the feeling that their heartbeat is in her head.

“Ms. Calixta Sacueza, this is your 3rd late for this week, this is my last warning, and go to your seat.” Mrs. Dela-Cruz narrowed or partly closed eyes.

After taking a seat. “Hey Calix, why are you late? Did you stay all night watching anime series again?” Her friend whispers.

“I didn’t watch any anime; I study all night.” She whispers.

“Really?” She widens her eyes

“Of course, we have a quiz in math class. I didn’t want to lose my scholarship.”

“Okay, okay, let’s go shopping later.” Her friend brought a smile.

I easily spotted an exceptionally handsome male, tall, with soft black hair man entering the classroom.

“Okay class, this is Luca Francesco, the new transfer student.” Wrinkles appear at the corners of Mrs. Dela-Cruz’s eyes.

“Hello guys, my name is Luca Francesco, 17 years old. Nice to meet you all.” I brought out my enigmatic smile, looking at the brown-haired girl with a beautiful eye.

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