A Loud Silence

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Savage and feral, mute Inmate 333 has been in a Juvenile detention center since she was 10 years old. The Guards Sector of Governmental defense have been capturing supernatural for over 100 years to keep populations low, ever since the supernatural have been discovered to be living along side humans. Join Inmate 333 as she discovers the world beyond enemy walls as she escapes the world of solitary confinement to only endure even more hardship as she struggles to find her place amongst her own kind. This is not a pure love story these characters are more than their relationships. Although, there will be mates in this book it will not be instant. It will not be mushy fall at your feet type of love, but raw and cruel. Some scenes will make you angry, sad, sickened the list could go on. There will be both sexual and physical abuse. You have been warned. Enjoy.

Fantasy / Action
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Chapter 1

“I can be by myself because I’m never lonely; I’m simply alone, living in my heavily populated solitude, a harum-scarum of infinity and eternity, and Infinity and Eternity seem to take a liking to the likes of me.”

-Bohumil Hrabal


I gritted my teeth at its violence and embraced the liquid fire as my opponent had taken a cheap shot to my left jaw. The dirt that crusted my eyes burned causing me to rabidly blink. Fighting blind was something I had never had to do before. The beast within me raged and was begging to be let loose as my collar shocked my neck, reminding me of its presence. Crouching low in a defensive stance I waited. With my eyesight gone, the best option was to wait for my sorry of an excuse of an opponent to make the first move. The crowd was wild and their defeaning cheers were making it hard to pinpoint movement.

There was a sudden lull in the crowd, and I zeroed in as my rival’s breath hitched and her right leg moved forward following with the change in the air where her right hand was feigning an attack. This bitch was a lefty as my left jaw pulsed. I ducked the right blow and caught the left with my right hand and wrapped my left leg behind her knee. She lost her balance as her knee was forced to buckle and began to fall forward. My knee smashed into her face with a sickening crunch. The gathered crowd roared as she fell to the ground hard. Bringing my hands to my face I began to wipe away the sweat and dirt just as the side doors to the courtyard busted open. Fuck.

“Break it up!” The guards were yelling as they began to run over with their batons ready. The crowd of inmates scattered as they rushed over.

Fighting back would just be pointless and the punishment would just be more severe. I knew that I was going to be beaten with the baton, but I sure as hell didn’t expect to be tased in the neck. My body began to crumble and shake and laid only but mere inches from the bitch I had just knocked out. Oh, the irony as I could feel my consciousness begin to slip, but before my eyes closed, I had managed to roll over and as I looked up. I could see the fucker who tased me.

“Fucking mutt,” He spit.

His dull brown eyes were almost black with malice and his blond hair an ugly straw greasy yellow. His spit dripped down my cheek followed by his foot slamming into my temple, successfully knocking me out cold.




The damp air in the cell seeped into my sore and bruised bones causing the pain to amplify as I started to gain consciousness. Groaning I turned over on my stomach instantly regretting it at as my bare stomach came in contact with the wet concrete floor. Looking around the lack of window and clothes indicated I was in an isolation cell. My eyes caught the red blinking light in the right corner the camera moving as I began to sit up and lean against the cell wall. I reached up to touch my jaw and winced. That bitch had a mean punch regardless of if it was a cheap shot. My enhanced hearing caught the steps of two guards outside of my cell, the smell of rotten food wafted up my nose causing my lip to curl. My shock collar blinked yellow sending a warning shot as my beast snarled within me. The meal mailbox opened,

" Here’s your dinner mongrel,” The guard threw in moldy bread and what I assumed to be some sort of grey concoction of soup.

I lifted my teeth in a silent snarl and kicked it away. Isolation food was better left untouched as getting sick was ten times worse when in the damp cell with no clothing. My head turned toward the muffled speaker as a voice broke through.

" Inmate 333 to say I would be surprised would be an understatement. From what the guards witnessed you instigated the fight?” Daniels sharp voice cut through the static.

I wanted to snarl my rejection, but I could feel the hum of my collar waiting for the opportunity to shock if my beast arose. The warden laughed at my lack of response; I’ve never been much of a talker. Never saw the point really, it was always the ones that talked who would get the beatings or caught in lies that resulted in worse punishment.

" You know even as a child you were just a nasty little thing. Always biting and snarling it didn’t matter if it was a fellow beast now did it?” He chuckled.

“Your little act of violence and disgusting behavior can no longer be overlooked. 15 silver lashings will be administered tomorrow along with your transfer to an adult facility as your 18th year is passing. The juvenile detention center is nothing compared to where you will be going.” His bored tone turned cynical.

My heart skipped a beat at the promise of different scenery. I’ve been in this shit hole for over 10 summers. The human scouts found me in the forest feral and dirty. My lack of response always ticked Daniel off, and based on his dramatic pause I knew I was about to be sprayed down.

“She looks filthy, spray her down.” He spat and the speaker cut off, but I knew he was watching.


The guards came rushing in with the fire hose one of them was the guy who tased and knocked me out. I used the wall to help prop me up and raised my hands to protect my face as 150 pounds per square inch of water pressure was about to fuck up my whole night. The greasy bastard smiled as he pulled on the lever and water blasted out. The water was ice cold as it belted against my skin causing me to stumble to the ground. My skin felt as if it was going to rip off of my body. I could feel the pressure move up along my body towards my face. My beast was raging within causing me to be shocked at the same time. The pain was excruciating as it reached my neck, I knew I was going to have to hold my breath.

“Stop.” Daniel’s voice cut through the frosty air. He was inside the cell as his boots echoed his presence.

Bending down his eyes racked over my exposed body as the water had made my shorts and sport bra see through. His long fingers skimmed across my stomach. I could smell his disgust and desire as his fingers lingered around my breast. Then, continued to my neck as he turned my left jaw, so he was looking right into my eyes. I winced at the tenderness and bared my blunt human teeth at him.

“Peculiar,” His finger moved up to my mismatched eyes. One forest green the other so dark it appeared black.

“I look forward to tomorrow 333.” He rose to his full height, and I would be lying if I didn’t acknowledge he was a large man for a human. His wide shoulders and large arms looked enormous compared to the grease ball he was standing next too.

He walked slowly toward the large silver cell door and commanded over his shoulder,


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