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Years before his birth Queen Juliana had disposed of all those with abilities she considered dangerous and of no importance to society. When Liam was young he had no ability so he was cast aside but when an ability did present itself not only was he cast aside but he was banished outside the walls of the city. As the years went by Liam lost control over his ability more and more but when the opportunity presented itself Liam was selected to return to his home country with one job: to exploit their weaknesses and give the best time of attack. It should be easy right? That's what he thought but things complicate quickly when he is continuously in close contact with those there who know him best. Can he outsmart them and keep his and his friends' lives or will he doom them all? Slow Updates(I talk about this in the Authors Introduction)

Fantasy / Mystery
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Author's Introduction

Dear Readers,

This is an idea that I started around the beginning of quarantine when there was literally nothing else to do. Most of this was originally written down in a notebook so some of the content may be a bit confusing considering I haven't edited this at all yet, that will come when this is finished. Keep in mind that I have quite a few of other projects that I am working on currently and with school coming around the corner updates may be scarce. So I guess this is my warning to you before you consider to start reading this. If you do by some chance start reading this despite the warning I have given(if this is the case props to you) I would love any and all feed back, as long as it is uplifting and not degrading. Only constructive criticism people, I cannot stand when people work on something really hard then some dumbass comes along and crushes them so please keep it kind. Also don't just do this for me but do this for every book that you may give feedback on, the author will really appreciate it. I know that sounds cheesy okay but just deal with it I can be a kinda cheesy person(or so I have been told).

Anyway, I also have the tendency to babble on and on as I'm sure you have noticed so with out further ado I given you Betrayed! Happy Reading! Again I would LOVE your feedback.

- Mel_Writes

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