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Electrifying Emotion

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Ryzen Gardentine’s life, at the mere age of fifteen, was full of trauma, regret, and pain. His entire family was gone in the blink of an eye. His goals, dreams, and aspirations shattered. He had lost everything. Even with these horrific experiences, Ryzen carried on hoping to one day find the reason behind his family’s death and to protect his new one. But as Ryzen is thrown into dangerous situation after situation and his emotions start to rise, his power starts overflowing…

Fantasy / Romance
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Arrogant nobles and an Awful School

It was cold… freezing cold. The skimpy layers of clothing that Ryzen had been given hardly provided any warmth in the chilling atmosphere of Azomus. The coldest country in the land of Misatopen.

As cold as it was, this was but a normal day in Azomus. The medieval shops, townsfolk, and buildings were all bright and cheerful. The enthusiastic atmosphere conveyed hard work and determination. In fact, Ryzen seemed to be the only one shivering in this seemingly subzero temperature.

Nevertheless, Ryzen trudged forth, trembling in between each step, along the stone road to his new school. He had just turned fifteen and because of that, he was starting high school. On top of that, his parents decided to send him to one in Azomus, Northblight Magic Academy. The very thought upset him.

Ryzen had specifically asked to go to a school that was out of the country, but it seemed even his parent’s status had come with a limit. Being nobles of Azomus, they were able to send him to the frostbitten schools for free. Anywhere else in Misatopen was either too expensive or didn’t accept non-residents.

This considerably irritated Ryzen but he knew his parents weren’t to blame. They were kind people and he was fortunate to have them. He was adopted only a single year ago when he was found alone, starving, and freezing in the capital of Shinlleto. They immediately took him in and made him feel like he was almost at home again. He didn’t tell them much of his past and they never asked but at the very least they could tell that he was not native to Azomus. He despised the cold.

Along the way, Ryzen noticed that one of the older lady’s produce had fallen all over the road and was about to be trampled by an oncoming carriage. Despite the cold, he quickly hopped around, picking up every last fruit that was on the ground.

He proceeded to swiftly return them to the lady with a gentle smile on his face.

“Oh Ryzen, thank you, dear,” she said warmly.

“Anytime.” he gently said while nodding his head.

Ryzen had started to become familiar with many of the townsfolk whom he made it a habit to help regularly. At first, they treated him like they did to other nobles. Inferior, apologetic, and even regretful, only to insult them behind their backs. While he found this appalling, he soon came to understand why. The nobles here acted superior in every aspect. One wrong move could cause your business to collapse and one wrong remark, the same or worse. There was no winning with them.

Thankfully, Ryzen’s parents were highly respected so nobody ever bothered him, but he knew that some of the haughty nobles wanted to. It was widely frowned upon within the elite and him doing so was disgraceful. He did feel bad for the hate his parents must have been getting from the other nobles but truthfully, he didn’t care. The way the townsfolk were treated was disgusting and their life was hard. The least he could do was carry a few apples or pick up a few apricots.

The Grandiose Academy building soon came into view. It was easily the most modern building in Azomus. Glass windows covered the slick black wall in a routine pattern. The courtyard was covered in beautiful art and cleanly cut shrubs. Students were walking through the shiny front gates covered in ornate uniforms.

Walking into the school courtyard himself gave Ryzen a feeling of nostalgia that stemmed from his old school. The students chatting, cheerful laughter, and even the bickering gave him a small smile. It all made him miss those times of peace...that was crushed.

“Hey, give that back!” someone yelled in the distance.

Following his shout were a loud slap and delighted laughter. Ryzen inferred what had happened and went to help. A noble had ganged up on a normal student who was forced to helplessly obey. A situation that was far too common within the schools of this country.

Right as the bully drew back for another punch, Ryzen stepped in between and held out his open palm, catching it. This caused the special noble’s pin on the bully’s chest to fly off confirming Ryzen’s suspicions. The livid noble was about to speak but stopped short until he saw Ryzen’s irritated face.

“Oh Ryzen, it’s you haha. My friend was just lending me his book because I forgot mine. Isn’t that right?”

The common boy, muttered “Yes”

Ryzen tightened his palm around the noble’s fist while giving him a fierce look.

“On second thought I...I’ll be going now.” whispered the noble nervously.

The noble quickly gave the book back and ran off. I then gave a friendly smile to the common boy.

“You good?”

“Y..yeah, just a little startled that’s all” He shifted uncomfortably. “I think I’m going to go too, I have to get to class.”

The common boy let out a nervous laugh and ran off towards the direction of the academy building as well.

Ryzen sighed as he slowly made his way in the same direction. He had tried not to come off as menacing but it seems that he did just that. He had intervened in situations similar to that many times but he rarely ever got a thank you or any sort of appreciation at all. He pondered the reason for this but soon got distracted by the beauty of the school.

The interior of the academy building was just as magnificent as the outside. Brown wooden planks lined up perfectly on the floor which matched flawlessly with the brilliant white walls. Well-made heaters powered by controlled fire warmed up the entire school exquisitely. Even the wooden doors were nothing short of perfection.

Ryzen soon made his way to his classroom and was nothing short of stunned. While the walls didn’t change, everything else did. Enchanting oak desks filled the room complemented with cushioned maroon seats. The floor was now a soft patterned carpet that was nothing short of excellence. A pitch-black chalkboard covered the front and side walls, covered with information.

The only thing that was seemingly missing from this astounding scene was the amazing students. As Ryzen made his way to sit in the back of the classroom, he looked around at his classmates and was more than disappointed. Being what this world called an energy user, he could sense the number of magic particles that were around a person at that particular moment in time. From what he could see, every single one of his classmates had little to none at all. This was upsetting news especially since there was no known way to increase one’s magic particles.

Ryzen also noticed that every one of the students in the classroom was of nobility thanks to the distinct pin they all had. His already declining mood worsened when he saw the bully from earlier walk into the classroom. Did they just let anybody into the top class as long as they had a noble status? At this point, he started to question why a so-called magic academy looked so nice in the first place.

Ryzen’s thought process was shortly broken when he noticed the bully from earlier staring at him violently. He must’ve been reprimanded for forgetting his book, something Ryzen’s sure he wasn’t used to.

The professor soon ushered the class to quiet down and was about to start talking when the classroom door slammed open, startling everyone. A petite girl walked through it and into the classroom as if she owned the place. Her long green hair was combed down to her waist, obediently staying straight. Her uniform was a dazzling blue accompanying her hair but also breaking the dress code. At a first glance, Ryzen could see how she was attractive but on a closer look, he saw two flaws. Her overly pompous personality was evident just by looking at her face and the way she walked. Also, she had crimson red eyes. He hated that color.

Expecting everyone to laugh and her to be scolded at, Ryzen prepared for the upcoming argument between the class and the girl but was surprised when he overheard a quiet conversation with the other students.

“Is that…?”

“Yeah, it’s Sicilia Von Haven”

“The duke’s daughter?” “No way”

The professor, who was also shocked, said “I’m glad you could make it today, Ms. Haven… Please pick any seat you like.”

Without addressing the professor, she moved her eyes around, searching for her ideal seat. Then her eyes stopped on where Ryzen was sitting and he immediately knew the next words that were going to come out of her mouth.

Usually, these things didn’t bother Ryzen but the accumulation of the laughable education he looked forward to along with the awful classmates started to upset him and Sicilia just hit the final nail in the coffin.

Before she could even speak, Ryzen coldly said. “Sure, you could have my seat. I don’t need it anyway”

Slightly surprised, the girl gave him a dirty look. “Do you know who you’re talking to? You should be grateful that you get to give up your seat to me. After all, it’s probably being wasted on you.”

Ryzen started walking away towards the door. “You hit it right on the mark. That seat was going to be wasted by me. One of you noble clowns probably needs it more than I do. After all, this school is the biggest joke I have ever seen. I mean seriously all of your guy’s magic particles are barely enough to materialize a grain of sand. On top of that, how is this school suited for anything that has to do with magic? It looks like a glorified mansion with activity posters!”

Ryzen knew he had gone too far but at that point, he didn’t care. He needed someone to teach him more about magic. This was supposedly the best in Azomus and it was a joke.

Everyone was stunned. Everyone but Sicilia, who angrily opened her mouth again. “You’re the adopted noble everyone’s been talking about, aren’t you? The disgraceful person who stands up for townsfolk. I’ll be sure to let my father know of your embarrassing presence here and I’m sure the Gardentines will ditch you after that.”

She paused for a second and then added “Maybe if you’re lucky, your pathetic peasant family will take you back.”

Ryzen stopped dead right as he was about to walk out the door. He slowly turned around, infuriated. His face filled with fiery rage. The room and even Sicilia went dead silent as he opened his mouth.

“I don’t care what you say about me… but nobody insults my family. Nobody. I don’t know who lets you get away with insulting others’ loved ones but I sure as hell won’t. Each one of my family members was far superior in every way compared to you five times over. Not only that but they were extremely kind people who tried to help everybody. You don’t deserve to mention anything about them… They are on a completely different level than you.”

Everybody was stunned as Ryzen left the room. He would have to apologize to his parents and sister later for all the trouble he caused but he didn’t care. He meant what he said. Nobody insults his family and gets away with it. On top of that, this academy was a joke. He wasn’t going to learn anything here.

Ryzen soon left the school grounds when a unexpected punch came at him from behind knocking him down.

“Not so tough now, bigshot!”

The attacker continued to kick Ryzen’s back, laughing.

“How do you like that? Now that the Haven’s are gonna be mad with you, I can do whatever I want!”

The attacker proceeded to go for another strike when Ryzen moved out of the way. The attacker was the bully that had been staring at him all day. It seems he was itching to pick a fight but was too afraid of the consequences. Now that he believed that Ryzen would lose the support of his family, the bully seemed to lose his fear. He would show him just how wrong he was.

Ryzen rapidly hopped back on his feet and dodged the next attack from the bully. He then proceeded to dodge each and every one of the bully’s attacks whether it was a kick, punch, or slap, angering the bully even further.

“You think you’re funny huh? I’ll show you what’s funny!” The bully drew back his fist and flames sparked all around it. “Take this!”

The bully launched his powerful flaming hand straight at Ryzen.


The bully sneered as he made contact with Ryzen, blasting smoke from his hand everywhere. His smile turned upside down as the smoke slowly cleared away.

Ryzen had once again caught his punch, but this time started to create small sparks around his hand, electrocuting the bully.

“Ahhhhh!” the bully cried but Ryzen kept going.

He would teach him to not mess with him again. Support or not support. Ryzen was going to prove to the bully that messing with him would not end well.

Tears started welling up in the bully’s eyes and Ryzen finally decided to let go. He had wanted to show his strength not torture him. He gave one last look at the rattled bully and continued to leave the school.

Ryzen would tell his parents that he was going to start working and make a name for himself. He needed to stop wasting time in Azomus if there was nothing here for him. He would move to another country like Qeminus and find something or someone there.

Riled up, Ryzen had forgotten about the cold and was nimbly walking towards his home on the same stone road he was on earlier. The old lady he had passed by noticed his distress and motioned him to come forward.

“Oh, what’s wrong dear? Something seems to have you upset.”

“Hahaha, oh it’s nothing, I just have to get back to my parent’s house.”

“Oh run along then, don’t let this old lady stop you.”

Ryzen smiled and started off towards his house once more only to stop dead in his tracks. An ear piercing siren started ringing throughout the city and it could only mean one thing. A space fracture.

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