The Moon Coven: Creatures of the Night(REVISED)

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Meet Celene, a 25 spunky, down to earth, nurse with a twist you wouldn't believe. Chosen by the Moon Goddess Herself Celene was raised into a coven of witches celebrating and practicing the magic of the Moon, sworn generations down to serve the packs of their werewolf allies where they practice healing magic and upholding the laws of magic and witchcraft. Transferred in secret from her New York pack, Celene is one of many witches going into hiding while still trying to serve the packs they enforce, Celene moves to the tiny town of Pineton where she starts her new life as the Lunar Witch of the Hidden Pine pack. Enter the packs Alpha, Roderick McIntyre, big, burly, a heart-throb to every unmated female in the pack, and a pain in his own rear end, he spends his days juggling pack duties and serving the small town's postal system. One fated encounter, and a steamy one to boot, follow Celene and Roderick as they discover an unlikely mate bond, times are becoming tragically tough as witches from Celene's coven and the smaller ones of the same practice begin to go missing one by one. Will the origin of the disappearances break the new formed bond and rip Celene away from everything she strived for? or will she become something more than she ever thought she would be? Stay tuned in this new and revised, and yet to be completed version of The Moon Coven: Creatures of the Night.

Fantasy / Erotica
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[A/N] Hello lovelies! If you came from my other page of The Literary Witch, welcome back to the Writing Nook! I am rewriting/revising The Moon Coven: Creatures of the Night, as well as aiming to actually finish this first installment of what I am hoping to be a series! You will notice that in the Prologue there are name changes! This is simply just a part of my revising process, and not because I forgot names ^^;

It was a dark and quiet evening upon the young planet known as earth, the sky was dyed a hue of deep rich midnight black as the moon laid a gentle glow across the sky, the clouds were light and the stars shone bright against the backdrop of the swirling colors of the milky way. The Gods and Goddess of the day lay at rest as the beings that worked tirelessly through the night moved in a quiet bustle.

In a forest shrouded in the quiet, sleeping night lay a glistening lake. Almost seemingly illuminated by moonlight. Nary the sound of bustling creatures, or even the soft whispering of wind against water could be heard. near the shore of the lake resided a throne of milky quartz, abnormal in sight compared to the docile ecosystem of this unknown lake, and yet it blended and meshed so thoroughly with the atmosphere.
Upon closer inspection, a figure resided in the throne of quartz, a beauty to behold. She sat poised with ethereal regality, her form flowed with limbs long and supple, her skin pale and milky like the moonlight that graced her skin. Hair as black and inky as the night sky draped over her lithe body, seemingly no end to the length.
Her face was of pure femininity, chin delicately rounded with a soft caress of a jaw line, her lips full and perfectly balanced, almost as if cupid rested his bow upon her lip, and flushed a pale rosy pink. Nose pert and simple, her cheek bones dominated her face as the reigned high and mighty upon her features. Sharp yet softened by the delicate heart shape of her face.
Sitting beneath high arched brows of onyx, lay heavily lashed rounded eyes, the iris' as black as onyx, like pools of darkness where no light dare to shine upon, all seeing yet they peered sightlessly at the scene before her position on her throne.
Lashes lowering in a contemplative peak, the beautiful woman turned her head slowly to look down upon the maiden that rested beside her.
"My dear maiden, why do I sense such sorrow coming from you?" Her voice flowed through the air, soft and rich, it reverberated power that felt thick and sensual upon the skin.
Watching the fair headed maiden start as she seemingly came back from to herself.
"My Goddess, I...I apologize, I don't mean to seem so unhappy. I was just watching your children play and it seems loneliness has claimed me as his next friend." The fair maiden said in repose. Her pale silvery blue eyes fixed upon the Goddess who sat before her.
The Goddess of the Moon smiled sadly down upon her one and only servant. Sat on a smaller chaise that resided by her throne, Asteria the Maiden of the Moon watched across the lake and a pack of wolves laid at rest from a full night of playing and hunting. Mates gathered near the waters shore as they shared their bonds while the singles romped and played in the shallow waters.
"I do not wish for you to be lonely my dear one, I am always here for you, you know of this." She said, her words a gentle caress to the ears. Hesitant to respond, the maiden continued her watch of the wolf pack, her fair blonde brows furrowed in thought.
"Do you not worry of them My Goddess?" She asked, her thoughts leaving her mouth before she could compose them more properly.
"Worry?" The Goddess intoned, head tilted in question.
"The moon will be close to setting and they are still residing in their wolf you not worry they will no longer choose to go back to the human forms you have gifted them so selflessly?" Asteria questioned, her face lifting to meet the breathtaking gaze of the Goddess she served.
Lush lips lifting at the corners in a small smile, The Moon Goddess reached her arm out, hand caressing the soft cheek of her servant.
"I do not fear for them my dear one, my children willingly take to the human bodies I gave them when the sun rises. You know it was not long ago I gave my wolves life. They are my children in every essence, much like you are Asteria my dear." She said, her words soft spoken and gentle.
"Are you...insecure about your position by my side Asteria?" The Goddess questioned softly, her eyes searching the maidens one's for any sign of insecurity.
Face flushing, Asteria shook her head, bowing her head down, she let her hair fall to shield her face from the deep prying eyes of the Goddess.
"No my Goddess...I love to serve and worship you and stay by your side...I just...there is a part of me that yearns to have what the wolves have. To have love the way the do, maybe...I fear jealously has also claimed me as it's friend." Asteria whispered.
Arms grasping the sides of her throne, Altalune the Goddess of the Moon rose gracefully from her seat. Towering over the maiden at an impressive 7 feet tall, she glided to stand before her maiden. Kneeling in front of the bashful girl, the Goddess gently grasped her chin and lifted the maidens face up towards hers.
Once she was satisfied the maiden's attention was on her, Altalune caressed Asteria's chin with her thumb before releasing her face.
"Do you remember the reason of your creation?" Altalune asked her softly, her eyes flitting back and forth, searching deep within Asteria's own for an answer.
Lids fluttering as she tried to recall her fuzzy memories of the time she was created. "Very vaguely my Goddess, there isn't much I retained in my memories from when I was made." She said honestly, her cheeks tinging pink once more from her lack of remembrance.
Chuckling, the Moon Goddess stood once more to her impressive height. "Never worry dear one, I remember the moment like it was just yesterday." She said, her voice light as she got lost in her own recollection.
"I was alone before you. Before the higher Gods gave me you. I am one of the few Gods and Goddess that was chosen to reign over the Moon and the magic it holds. I did my duty and bestowed the night time realm the creatures and inhabitants that would flourish under my light...but it wasn't enough. It didn't fulfil the empty well that resided in me. I wanted more, I craved companionship, they God's and Goddesses that lay claim to the day time had companions and heirs to pass their knowledge and magic down through generations. I...I wasn't given that ability, I never will have that ability."
Drifting off into her own thoughts, Altalune turned to look at the wolves that slowly gathered into a small group.
"My brother came to me one evening, which is rare because why would the God who ushered the Sun across the sky come see a Goddess of my caliber? He...took pity upon my loneliness, I should be ashamed, but at that point I was so far gone I had nary a single care. He proposed the creation of you to me."
Staring at Asteria, the Goddess of the Moon swept a hand over the smaller maidens hair, ruffling her crown of silvery blonde hair. An intimate, yet motherly action from the Goddess she worshipped.
"For the cost of creating you, Apollo wanted a trade of something equal in it's greatness. When I created the wolves, I thought they were perfect in everyway. They stayed hidden during the dare in wariness of the creation we call humans, and at night they came out to hunt, and play, to run the wolves and call out in joy to each other. But their freedom was limited to the rising and setting of them moon, I urged them to stay hidden during the day. I couldn't watch my children perish by the hands of the humans that the other Gods had created."
Taking a deep sigh, Altalune rose and returned back to her throne, her body curving gracefully as she sat upon the seat.
"Apollo proposed I gave my wolves the spirit of humans, and grant them the ability to take the skin of the creatures. They could live harmoniously in peace with the real humans and no longer have to rely on just my time. I...I was torn, I was going to lose track of my children to the sun. But if it meant I could have you as well, I submitted my will to his. I blessed my children with the souls of a human half, with the ability to find their fated soul mates even in their human forms. And I found that they flourished even more within their human forms."
Smiling sadly, Altalune bid a silent farewell to her children in wolfen form as they trotted back into the dense cope of the woods.
Turning her attention back towards her silent servant, the Goddess observed her. "But I see now you face the same problem I did before your creation. You are lonely like I was for a companion, someone to truly love with your whole heart and soul. I've seen things my dear Asteria, the future has whispered to my minds eye and shown me things I fear to never come if I don't act now." She said, her face a solid stone wall of severity.
Hearing the deep urgency resonate within her mistresses voice, Asteria whipped her head around to stare at her Goddess.
"What...what have you seen?" She asked, her voice trembling with trepidation.
"A darkness that was once sealed will come to rise again, a lose of a great power and the many lives of my children many many years from now. If you accept, I wish to bestow upon you a power that you may pass down to the ones you may take under your own wing." The Goddess said, her eyes unblinking and bearing into the quivering gaze of the maiden of the moon.
"I will gladly accept any gift my Goddess wishes to bestow unto me, I would be a fool to deny your blessings." She said, her heart fluttering in anticipation.
Giving a grave nod, Altalune stood once more, gliding seamlessly towards the lake, Asteria watched as the Goddess stepped into the shallow depths of the lake, watching as her dress sank below the surface of the water as the liquid soaked and weighed the fabric down.
"Come my companion, meet me where the moon's pull feels the strongest." She called as she began to wade towards the middle of the lake.
Scrambling from her perch upon the chaise that resided near her mistresses throne, she hurried towards the lake, following the trail of quiet ripples the Goddess made. Teeth clenched as she dipped her bare toes into the cool waters, she hoisted the hem of her dress as she began her descent into the water.
Feeling it reach her ankle's and climb further up her calves, lowering her dress once more, she felt the tug as the water soaked the material of her dress, the material heavy-laden with moisture as it sank below the surface of the water.
Steeling herself with a thin chord of confidence, Asteria continued to wade through the water to meet her Mistress in the middle of the lake, where the reflection of the moon shone the brightest. Almost like a near perfect reflection, as if the moon itself sat below the waters surface.
Finally after a what seemed like a million heartbeats worth of time, Asteria made it to the Goddesses side, the water's reached much further up her body than it did the Moon Goddess, the water brushing gently against the swell of her breasts.
"My Goddess, may I...may I inquire as to if you wish to turn me into one of her wolfen children as well?" Asteria asked, her mind racing with curiosity.
Smiling sadly, the Goddess shook her head, damp hands reached up to grab her servants face in a gentle hold.
"No my sweet Asteria, I wish to give you a power all on your own. A witch I would make you, from the elements you came from, the elements you shall wield. A witch of my moon you will become, a Witch of the Moon they shall call you. It's a heavy price to pay my sweet one to carry such a steep power. You would lose the ability to bear children from your own body, but you may bestow your magic to those who bare the mark of the Moon. A coven you shall create and lead beside my children. Faithful to me and mine still, you shall serve as the protectors of my packs, as my children spread forth their progeny."
Her words raised and lowered with an unbridled power, the air lay thick and heavy as it crackled through the air. The sounds of a quiet chant hummed under each word as Altalune bestowed her maiden with powers unforetold. Gripping the maiden's chicks in a harder grasp, tears slid down the Goddess' face.
"And much like me I fear, you wont be able to bear your own children, no matter the man you may lay with or how strong the connection your soul may feel, but I can promise a future where one of your members will bare my special will. To a wolf she will be promised, and of children she may have. She is the one I see fighting against this destructive force that will awaken again some day. Do you my sweet darling Asteria accept this power? This blessing I wish to grant you? Will you take on the mantle as my Lunar Witch and share in the abilities of many you find across your path?" Altalune asked, her voice trembling as the powers she wielded swelled within her, like a damn threatening to break.
Breath trembling between parted lips, Asteria's mind raced around the words her Mistress spoke.
"I hear the sorrow in your voice my Lady, I repeat my words of prior, I would be a fool to deny any blessing you wish to give me. I will miss the love of bearing my own children, but I can find and raise many as my own. And share with them the beauty that is your gift. I wish to be able to play some part in the stopping of this terrible future you see. I truly and sincerely do accept my Goddess, please grant me this new life and I will serve you and yours and raise my coven to become all encompassing in your faith." She vowed, her body trembling as the cold of the water stole the warmth from her own.
Head nodding sagely, Altalune bowed her head slowly towards Asterias. Mouth gently caressing the trembling lips of the servants, the Goddess' lips locked in a strong sealed kiss against the maidens own velvety soft mouth. Spine ridged straight from shock, Asteria's eyes shot wide open as she stared up at her Goddess in confusion, her brows furrowed heavily, a crease forming between the silvery arches.
Watching the two women lock lips in the center of the lake, a light began to dimly glow from within the Goddess, a miniscule sphere of light developed, shining brightly inside Altalune's bosom before it began it's climb.
Traveling from the Goddess' mouth, it passed between the two's locked lips and descending into the maidens own chest to nestle itself tightly within her own ribcage.
Lips slowly parting as the glow from the little orb of light began to pulsate brightly. Backing away to give the maiden space, Altalune watched as the power that sat within her Maiden's chest began to emit a light almost seemingly brighter than the moon's own light.
Groan wrenching from her mouth, Asteria doubled over as a searing wave of heat washed over her body, the cold of the water doing nothing to dim the heat that seemed to encompass her body. Splashing in the water as she struggled to find perch onto something as pain wracked her body, tears streaming heavily from her tightly closed lids as the pain overwhelmed her senses.
Reaching out, Altalune gently scooped the maiden up into her own arms, cradling the smaller being within her own arms, she carried them both to shore.
Grunting in pain once more as the ache rose in a spiraling vine along her spine. Teeth clacking tightly against one another, Asteria ground her teeth together as she fought a scream of pain trying to escape from her convulsing throat.
"Wh-what's happening to me?" She bit out between her clenched teeth.
Watching the Maiden with an almost alien gleam in her eye, Altalune slowly lowered the maiden down to her little chaise beside her own throne.
"Like with my children, transformation for the first time is a painful rebirth, your soul is changing, its growing in order to accept and consume the new power that is growing inside of you. Your heart itself is changing in order to be able to hold strength to manifest your abilities, your heart is where your powers will truly manifest, guided by emotions and determination." She said lowly, her voice a mere hush against the harsh panting coming from Asteria's mouth.
Stroking hair dampened by sweat away from Asteria's face, Altalune stroked her quivering skin.
"The pain will soon come to pass my dear one, and you will wake as a new person with a new purpose. Protect my namesake, protect my children with your life, using the abilities that are growing within you now. Heed my words my little witchling, there are creatures in this world that seek to destroy and remove my reign over this night time domain. Use this power for good, or suffer dire consequences, this power needs to be used for good only, or it will become corrupt and turn on your very own soul." She warned, her face frantically searching the heavy lidded gaze of the newly born witch that laid limp against her hold.
"I've seen her." Asteria croaked out, her eyes rolling sightlessly as her body continued it's burning crusade to change beneath her skin.
Smiling sadly, Altalune nodded with confirmation. "She's beautiful and strong isn't she? this witch that will come from the future, she looks much like you my dear, she is strong. I know she is, strong like you are with the same magic you will wield soon as well. Build your coven and one day she rise from within your coven's arms. She's the one I see that will come up against the darkness I foresee, that will swallow the earth in darkness." The Goddess said gravely.
Holding onto the words that the Goddess spoke deep within her own memories, Asteria succumbed to the pain that seared brightly within her body. The entirety of her being changing and slowly Asteria began to evolve into the first witch of the Moon.
And the creator of the Lunar Witches.

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