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The omega

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Nothing more than a pack slave. At 13 she was abandoned by her family for being a wolfless child. Rayna lives in fear as she is abuse every single day by her pack. Now 19 and stuck on the hell she's in forever as she can't escape the Crystal Blood pack, strongest pack in the world. The Alpha having left the pack at 14 to train now coming home at 22 to rule. Rayna horrified he will have her killed as most are for being wolfless. Will the moon goddess ever be on your side? 18+ Story contain violence, strong language, and sexual content.

Fantasy / Erotica
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Chapter 1

"I know I'm going to be his mate. I mean look at me. I am the most beautiful wolf in our pack. We are destined by the moon goddess." Hyra says gleefully.

"I'm just excited he's finally coming home. We haven't seen him in so long." Lia remarks clasping her hands together making a loud clap.

I shuffle passed them making my way to the garden to pick flowers and some fresh produce. Everyone here excited for the Alpha's arrival. The excitement radiating the air almost making it unbearable. If the pack had it there way I will be killed as his first order. What makes it worse is I know my family is the one who would push it.

"Why are you here! Get the hell away from us. We don't want to smell your dirty ass." Lia pushes me knocking me to the floor. The whole pack starts laughing. Hyra fake gags and Lia takes it as a reason to keep on the attack. She kicks me in my stomach then my head.

"Leave the slave alone. Your going to get it's filth on you." Beta Michael says disgusted by my existence. He looks at Lia who backs up and he grabs me by the neck slamming me to the wall.

"Listen here you worthless little bitch. What have I told you about going near the pack. I am not sure if you are just trying to defy me or just extremely numb or maybe ready to die. I will kill you if you want." He says slamming me into the wall again my head bleeding now. My mouth starting to bleed as well. He scoffs and drops me and walks away.

"Oh and clean up this mess. I expect this house spotless and a feast prepared before the Alpha returns tonight." He commands. Everyone laughing at me. I force myself off the ground and hug the wall to make my way to the kitchen to try and prep not able to get to the gardens like this.

"What a disgusting thing. You would think the moon goddess wanted to be abused really." Another member says as they walk past me.

I ignore them as I always have but it makes no difference. My existence is enough to be beaten. I try and shake off the pain my eyes extremely hazed over. I pull out a chopping board and a few other things I'll need to prepare dinner. This is the only time I'm safe because no one enters the kitchen.

I spend the day cleaning and cooking taken several hours preparing everything. If I did things right I could be ignored for a few hours and since I don't have to meet the Alpha I can hide away.

I bring the food to the dinning room followed by plates and setting up the Alpha table. I usually don't do that but since I'm the only Omega I have to do it all now. There used to be several before me but when I was bought they got rid of the others.

I rush to finish the cleaning as people file in the house and gather by the fire in the living room. I stay out the room and away from everyone. I run outside pick all the last on the herbs and vegetables before heading in.

While the house waits for Alpha's arrival I finally head to my "room" and threw on a black sweater and sweatpants with black sneakers. My room freezing at all times. I hear the pack talking and feel there excitement. I wasn't happy though. He would kill me for what I am a wolfless wolf. We are hated amung our packs and usually killed but Alpha had final say and since he's been gone I was soared that fate. I know they will propose that as first thing for him to deal with. My mother and the beta the ones to push it the hardest.

It felt horrible to know my parents hated me for something I have no control over. I tend to my wounds and put my red locks up and look at myself in the mirror in the bathroom. My eyes sunken and catlike im shape one ice blue and the other green. My cheeks hallow and skin a pale peach color my lips almost white now. I used to be pretty but now I look horrifying. I've always struggled with weight but now as a omega I can't eat properly or do anything to help myself.

The beta has made it clear when I was bought I was to never touch the food I cook unless it's the scrapes, not even left overs because I could reuse it for other meals. I would be luck to eat everyday.

The pack is absolutely horrifying. They are strong wolves and the men are all huge compared to normal wolves. I stand 5'6 which is tiny for a wolf the normal female is 6'6 ft or taller and the men start at 7ft usually. Most packs wolves are not as tall but still strong and not to be pushed around.

I hear everyone running around the house meaning Alpha is nearly I catch his scent and it was so strong and heavy. It nearly made me fall over. It wasn't a bad smell or a good one either. I hated that I could sense other wolves but for some reason mine never showed up for me.

I guess that's just life.
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