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BRIDE OF THE DESERT: Revenge Of Reincarnated Lover

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"Do you think your father died on his own? No, you are wrong!, I killed, I killed him for separating us in our past lives and I'm going to take revenge on everyone that separated you from me,” Mohana roar angrily with her eyes depicting fire and hatred, "And as for the other woman, I'm going to get rid of her very soon, she has been an obstacle in my mission to bring you back to me,” she said hitting her chest. “I am the bride of the desert, and the desert listens to its bride”. 300 years ago, during the reign of the kings, a servant fell in love with the prince and the heir to the throne, but what happens when he came back with another lady, whom he eventually marries? She isn't ready to take off the feeling she has for the prince, and she won't spare anyone, who tries to stop her, in her mission to get the prince even after 300 hundred years has passed, but she must have a fierce battle with the protective shield of the Prince: VANDANA and YASHODHA. Will she succeed? Or is the faith of a wife more powerful than her magic!

Fantasy / Romance
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The Return Of The Royal Family

Hi guys, this is my first story on this platform, hope you will enjoy reading it.


This story right here is a product of my imagination, creativity, and thoughts it has no relationship with anyone but living or dead, places or people, and each character in this story is fictional, and there is no question of it being real.


Everyone? Where are all of you Come out quickly, I yell excited at the top of my voice and they came running.

Make all the necessary arrangements, get the best of flowers, Jasmine oil, and everything ready to welcome the royal family, they are coming back to Mahendrapavarti after 20 long years, I explained emphatically, make sure you do not give them any reason to complain, I explain further. And where is prime minister Jagmohan? I asked looking around for him.

* I'm here shogun, sorry I got here late .....

* Keep your sorry, go and inform all the other ministers along with the citizens that their future king is coming back today, also increase the security around the palace and make sure nothing goes wrong, I ordered with a serious tone of warning, now everyone gets back to work, hurry up, they will be here soon, I said dismissing everyone except Jamuna, Jamuna is my apprentice and she is here to learn the art of white magic so that she could protect the prince and Royal family from any harm when I'm gone.

Jamuna, go and prepare the AKEE RAKSHA (protection prayer) we need to safeguard the entire Royal palace against evil eyes and the attacks of evil witches, who are they out trying to harm the prince once he gets back, hurry up we don't have much time, we need to prevent the evil eyes and witches from entering the palace, otherwise will be dire consequences if we fail to do the prayer, I explained running towards the direction of the temple.


wow, it feels so good to be back in India after so many years, I exclaimed as soon as we step foot outside the airport. The breeze sway my hair in different directions, I believe this is the way the goddess chooses to welcome me

*Mahendrahow do you feel to be back after all these years, I asked looking directly into his eyes.

I know, you might have actually forgotten everything about this country but you are still the future king of Mahendrapavarti, you have to start acting like one now, you wouldn't want the people to think that they made a wrong decision to choose to wait for you all these years.

* Oh grandma you have said this so many times in the last one hour, and yes I still remember everything about my motherland, everything is still the same, he replied looking around in ananane, the food, the sweet smell of the nation, the sound of the moving trains the moving bus, rickshaw, and the people are still very much the same, he further replied, I may be young when I left but my mind is still very fresh.

*Madam, your car is ready, the driver informs interrupting our conversation.

*Oh okay, let's go, I said excited moving towards the car, when I realized that the prince and princess weren't moving, prince? Aren't you guys coming with us? I asked with curiosity written all over me.

*No grandma, our car will be arriving here soon, the princess who has been so quiet all this while butt in directing her gaze towards the direction of her husband.

*Go ahead grandma, we will be there soon, you don't have to worry about us anymore, we are not kids, Mahendra said giving me a reassuring smile.

*Mother let's go, if they don't want to come with, moreover they are not children that we should be worried about them going missing on their way home, Radhika the prince's mother said from inside the car while staring at her nails, and one more thing it's almost time for my facial, I can't afford to allow my skin get damaged, she uttered carelessly again.

*Alright, I will go now Yashodha, Mahendra, I said entering the car just then Radhika was about to say something, let's go drive, I said shutting her u the driver slide into motion immediately
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