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The Love War

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Fifty years into the future, the human race is split in a world war. An even war until one side messes with the wrong country, full of humans stronger then any other. One girl who has an endless hate for the war, the death and destruction of her home friends and family. And the most hatred to the country that made it all worse. When the super humans rulers propose her as their “soulmate” will she fight them off forever or will she give in...

Fantasy / Romance
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History(The War)

Tensions between Britain and France had been building up for 5 years before Britain officially declared war on France on 16th of January in 2071, France declared war on Britain the next day. The reason why was unknown. But soon allies began to join as well as other countries who saw threats to their own countries . And Before long World War 3 began.

Mexico had joined the war on the side of Entries, or Frances side, for reasons that where unknown. But not long after they had joined, they bombed and raided the US and taken Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California, the most populated state. It hit The US hard, so hard that once they joined the war on Britten's side they started hidden experiments to make a weapon that would easily end the war just like the last world war.

5 years into the war, Endrio, a country that has been peaceful as far as history records could go, was the last country to join the war. Endrio had always been a secretive country but because they had always been neutral, no one worried about them. Nor did anyone think they would join in the war, they themselves didn't think they would join either. On the 19th of October in 2076 Iceland sent a boat down north to the Island of Endrio. The boat landed at the main dock of the island, and once it started to be unloaded it exploded. It killed only 23 people but the rulers were still angered enough they joined the war the same day, on the side of the Entries.

The war had been at stalemate since the very beginning, but as soon as Endrio joined, it changed. Endrios army was smaller then the rest but stronger. Their men were taller, faster, stronger, smarter, and most importantly harder to injure. Just one of their men could take on 100 of any other country's men. They where also more technologically advanced then any other county. Once they joined the war turned, and the Entries became the winning side of the war.

Within two weeks of joining the war Endrios had completely destroyed the island Iceland rested on. The UK side had compilated surrendering, but the US said they couldn't, and finally revealed the results of their experiments.

October 31st 2076

The underground science lab of Montana

The prime minister of Britten, the president of Russia, and the President of the United states walked down the underground halls to a set of metal doors labeled 'Project SPH Restricted Area'.

"How long have you been doing this without consulting the rest of us?" The prime minister of Britten asked fixing his tie.

"It's been quiet a while, we didn't want to take the risk of it getting out before we've finished. This project is the only way we can win this war" The president of the US answered the question as he placed his palm against a small tablet on the wall. From a speaker on the tablet, "Accesses granted", the big metal doors opened with a thud. The president pit out his hand as a gestor to let the other to go through.

"We would be done if anyone else got information on this. The Endrio's already have super human quality's, if they found out this, theres no way we could defeat them" This time it was the Russian president as they walked through the doors.

The doors lead to a massive room big enough to fit thousands of people. It was filled with training things, weight, dummies', weapons'. Around 300 men and women, more women then men, all dressed in the same black uniform. There attention all on the three men that just entered into the room.

"We originally had 1300 volunteers, but most... didn't survive the transfusion." The US president walked further into the room "One strange thing we noticed is more females survived then males, about 25 percent more survival rate in females then males, we haven't been able to figure out a reason why yet"

"Interesting. How about the rest, All of the volunteers that did survive, they all have the special ability?" Asked the prime minister.

Nodding, the US president replied "Yes, every one has a different ability, some stronger then others."

"Their all different? you didn't inform of us of that. Are you sure that we can defeat Endrio's army with so few of them?" The president of Russia stated.

"I must have left that part out. I am 100% percent sure that they will be able to take down their army. These men and women have been training their abilities for 4 years, and each one could easily over power 100 of Endrio's men" The president of the US said firmly.

"I hope your right, because if this fails, we have no plan B" The prime minister states as he exists the room with Russia's president.

As soon as the two leaders where gone the metal doors shut and the US president turned to his new army. "Get prepared to attack Endrio in 2 weeks"

The room filled with yes sirs.
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