Heaven Or Hell: The Beginning

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A girl, Gracelynne Parker, daughter of Loraine, a high angel from heaven and the daughter of Lucifer king of hell. She is completely consumed by the light and darkness. The power of both good and evil. A girl who's been reincarnated each time she dies. Someone who happens to be married and has been for over a thousand years. Someone who doesn't remember anything from her past life until she meets a guy named Jace Nolan. Angel. And gets attack by Multiple demons. Even soon by her own father. Will she get her memory back just in time or will it be too late? Does she kill her father, Lucifer or does she stand on his side just to be killed again. Does she choose heaven or hell? Continue reading to find out more.

Fantasy / Horror
Alexandria Miner
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Chapter 1

It’s been nights since I last slept. All those nights I spent drowning myself in so many dreadful thoughts, I just can’t seem to get the incident out of my head. My best friend is dead because of me. Night after night and day after day, my mind keeps invalidating back to that one specific night.

I snuck out to a party after my parents said I couldn’t go. But now I know that I shouldn’t have gone. When I arrived it was all fun and games until everyone started calling me a freak and that’s when everything went to hell.

I ran off into the woods, because I didn’t want to do something I couldn’t control. But it would happen either way because someone always has to run after me. And that someone this time was my best friend, Chrissa.

I ran inside the cabin I happened to see while I was trying to run away from reality because I’m not normal. The things that I do I don’t mean to do but I can’t seem to control it.

As I was inside the cabin, I saw that Chrissa was trying to speak to me, but I couldn’t hear a word she was saying because of the things I see. And those things are white cloudy mist and shadows. The shadows kept whispering really loudly but I tried to ignore them but no matter how hard I tried to it didn’t work even though my ears were covered by my hands.

Soon after the cabin caught fire because of me. I walked right through the fire to get through the entrance, and I was able to get out, so I assumed Chrissa got out too, but she didn’t. I couldn’t find her anywhere. So, the only assumption was that my best friend is dead, and I think it’s my fault.

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