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Arranged to the Lycan

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Luna Dutch live a perfect life until she was told of an arranged marriage with the son of Darcel. The most feared king. Can she learn to love him or be happy? Find out in this book.

Fantasy / Romance
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Today started as any other day.

This morning I woke up to get ready for breakfast. My lady in waiting, Anna, help me dress into a blue gown, then I was off. Today breakfast consisted of eggs, pork, oatmeal, and toast. I didn't eat much since I was going to have tea with my best friend, Marie. I went to the garden to prepare for tea. I choose to have the cook to make cherry tarts and lemon tea. Almost an hour later everything was ready, I just needed to wait on Marie.

When she finally arrived I can tell she had some news to share. I walked her to the garden where will both sat down in ours seats. I dismiss the servants and Marie began to talk.
Marie, " Yesterday you'll never believe what happen Luna."
She then show me her ring.
" Dear heavens Marie, he finally propose?!?"
Marie," Yes , about time he did to. I mean he has been courting me for over a year."
I couldn't believe she will be married. My only friend would be gone most the time. What will I do now? Who will I talk to? She's the only one in the kingdom that doesn't see my status or doesn't care about formalities. I was so deep in thought I didn't her what she was saying.
Marie," Hello?! Luna did you even here what I said?.
" I did um no I didn't. What were you saying?"
Marie," I was asking do you know when you'll get married."
I didn't want to be arrange to someone. I heard of men beating their arranged wives, cheating on them, disrespecting them, and even divorcing them. The wives couldn't even do nothing about it.
I signed and replied that I didn't know.
Marie and I continued taking until it was time for her to return home. I went to my studies until I had to pick new dresses for upcoming events.

Later that evening:

It was time for dinner everything seemed normal at first until I looked over at my parents. My dad's plate wasn't fixed and both were silent.
" Luna dear we need to discuss something with you."
" Luna earlier we recieved our mail. In that mail was an very important letter that will change our future. Darcel the king of Merikh has ask of your hand in marriage to his son."
I lost my breath. . I didn't want to be married! I knew one day it was going to happen but to the son of Darcel, the most feared king?!? I ran out of the castle , but the guards stopped me. I had to convince them to let me through the entrance the guards and into the woods.
"Excuse me, guards. My parent have allowed me to talk a little walk out by the wall because they said it would be better if I decided on a marriage proposal in peace and quiet. I would go to my room but the cat want stop crying."
Guard," Let her through!"
I walked through the entrance all the way to one side of the wall. Then, I ran. Almost ten feet in I was stopped by a large wolf. Black long fur and large golden eyes. For some reason I wasn't afraid. I watched as it began to sit on the ground watching me. I could have been hurt but I still went against my instincts and walked to the wolf. Slowly my hand reached up and slowly petted its head. Then when it heard guards coming it ran.
Head Guard," Princess you will be escorted to your room where you will stay till morning."
I didn't argue. As I walked in my room and slipped into my night gown the wolf filled my head. It was so massive yet it was like a puppy. I didn't know what it was , wolves were never known to be that large. I drifted to sleep as I thought of the wolf.

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