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It's a sci-fi tangled with emotions.Gonna have a excerpt from lives of people.Of how people are not able to speak their hearts out.Not even to the ones who are their loved ones.It's more of a mystery.People need something to indulge in.A simple,confidential sci-fi type series.Not so complex in language.Filled with flow.Something that won't distrupt you and won't cause emotional turbulance just to make you stick to the story.A story that may rather help you to figure out some very essential things that everyone needs to know.That will help you in every arena of life.Whether it be your relations or your career.Yeah,It's filled with teachings too.Not gonna reveal it all here.Just some little excerpts to see if it can work.The story's not gonna just give you some orders or preachings.It's gonna tell you why to consider it.It's gonna be a whole series for persons looking for life-lessons,adventure,mystery,etc.Need honest reviews. 👍 Don't expect too much.It's a simple writing for simple people.Not necessarily complex and tough.

Fantasy / Scifi
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For those who don't oil their hairs,I must tell you that you must start it.You know why?
Because now you have them and the chance of oiling them.Some years later,when you won't have have them and you will miss them;My dear,what will you do then?You will just wish that you had oiled your hairs when you had the chance to,when you had many. Not just some or none of them.So,get up and oil your hairs.Get someone to oil your hairs and learn to oil soemone else's.Nor will it make and grow hairs but it will also make and grow sweet memories,love and happiness.
See,only a little oil,a little care and a little effort can do this much.What would happen if you made a just a little extra care and effort?Love would grow to its highest peaks and so would goodness.Remember everything in this world is related to something else.Goodness and altruism go hand-in-hand with their mother as love.So,work before time is lost.
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