Crown and The two Queens

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Since the birth of the land, Dwarka; the Kingdom of Yakshas is ruled by the Queens of the royal bloodline of five elements. Aira, is the heir to something which she understands no longer. With powers she can neither comprehend nor control, she is truly vulnerable to be marked lost and the whole kingdom is at the brim of getting lost with her. With danger at the door and a vulnerable Queen, the kingdom is full of whispers and newly carved prophecies with an old saying emerging around the minds of Yakshas like wildfire - "The Queen can only be lost with the loss of sanity. And can only be home till the sanity stays."

Fantasy / Adventure
rimjhim rao
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World Introduction

DWARKA- The Kingdom of Yakshas

Yakshas- Beings born with the ability to hold elemental magic in them.

The element of Core/ Earth resides(is common) in all, but the other elements are gifted uniquely.

Language of Yakshas- Kava

Basic vocabulary (words) in Kava-

1. Meyah- Queen (me-ya-h)

2. Kiragh - King (kir-ag-h)

3. Mir/Kuma- Princess and prince

4. Greetings-

I) Vakshashami- Royal greeting. Meaning "the greetings from my soul."

II) Saye- Informal greeting

II) Viyah- used for informal exit.

5. "Na Aira ve ara nadevna" long reign the glory of the queen.

6. Kravez – the crown

8. Veya- Supreme head

9. Dravan/ Darya- lord and lords

10.Kaamer-. Head commander

13."re" is used as a pre syllable for the highest of the authority.

14. Elements- Ekanavem

I) Core- kore

II) Fire- Agrah

III) Water- Yjal (yaal)

IV) Air- Vayem

V) Healing- Sarvai ( sar-va-ye)

15. Garden of death- Mirak

AN IMPORTANT BACKGROUND INFO/ Fact- The mythology suggests that the city of Dwarka, which was supposed to be the home of Hindu (Indian) god Krishna was drowned during the end of Mahabharata period (A significant war era) , ages ago. But is it really true and the city did really drowned?

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