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A werewolf BxB story. Nathan Skye was not accepted as a pack member. After the various hell that he has to go through, he did not believe he is fit for love. But even he was given a mate, a mate that no one expects. Terui Knight is an immortal elder that doesn't want a mate. He never expected to find one at his new destination. Both of them met unexpectedly but just when they decided to settle things out between them, fate has more trouble in store for Nathan and Terui. Will they be able to tough through it or will they fall apart and break?

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

-Nathan’s POV-

I forced myself up from the comfy bed in the nurse's office, wincing as pain shot through my body. I steadied myself on my non-fractured leg and reached for my bag beside the bed. I limped towards the door, hoping to escape from the nurse whom I got to know from all my visits.

“Where do you think you’re going, mister?” Her voice boomed through the room from behind me. I halted and gave her a sheepish smile. “How many times do I have to warn you to be careful and take care of yourself?” She sighs and grabs me by the hands, forcing me to sit down on the patient’s chair. I yelp in pain as she reapplies the weird medicine on my wounds. The moment she is done, I apologize and got out of the office as fast as I can.

I limped into the classroom, receiving regular snickers and glares from the students. I ignored them and took a seat at the front row since it is always empty. The teachers here act like I’m invisible, the students bully me. Heck! Even nerds and gays hate me. I’m pretty sure that meant the entire school excepts maybe a few people that I can count with one hand. Not with all five fingers even.

I tugged at my jacket and shuddered from the cold glares I am receiving. I may have received it for my entire life but I could never get used to it. In fact, I don’t trust anyone here except for the nurse – who has saved me from torture and abuse countless times already.

Does my family care? Nope. When I was attacked by a rogue, no one saved me. The rogue had just given up on me when he saw how useless I was except for satisfying his sexual craving. I just laid there for weeks after several fits of abuse, unable to move from the sore and pain, eating whatever friendly animals would give me. Over time, the animals started gathering around me, snuggling and treating me as part of their family. It’s funny how wild animals see you like a family when your own family doesn’t. When I got home, they just act like I have been there forever and totally not went missing for 2 weeks.

After various encounters with rogues and sadist alike, I have been through everything that it does not even faze me anymore. Raped, beaten, whipped, drugged, drowned, shot, tortured, and so on. The only thing that kept me alive is my so-called ‘wonderful’ ability to heal at an incredible speed. I can completely heal even the most serious wound in 3 hours max, I’m also immune to all poison so wolf bane won’t even kill me. It is a curse granted to me that wouldn’t let me die no matter how much I wanted to.

“Nate! My friend from heaven!” Kelly cried out from the hallways, I looked back with enough time to dodge her incoming self. She crashed headfirst into the wall and rebounded back. I caught her in time and sent a small amount of power to heal her cracked skull. I bit down my lips as a searing pain made itself known from my shoulder. That’s the cost I have to pay. Every time I heal a person, I will receive a scar equivalent to the amount of damage. Counting from right now, I have at least 7 large scars from healing members from the pack. Mainly my brother, the star member of our Pack.

Kelly looked up and dragged me into a huge hug. I plastered a fake smile on my face before a large male pried her off me. Wonder who? He is Kelly’s mate, Alexandria- in short Alex, also the alpha of the Cresent Moon pack.

These are my friends who have been with me for about 3 weeks since I started school. Instead of shunning me like the rest of my pack members, they always stay with me to make sure that I’m alright and protected. They don’t really have to since there is no way I would receive any life-threatening damage. But I always think that it’s better if I never existed. Kelly and Alex would have had more friends, my family would have happiness and my pack would be a friendlier pack.

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