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His Miss Alpha

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--------- BOOK 1 OF "The Thí̱ly Series" --------- ❝You're looking at the female Alpha of the Sunshine pack. I will fight to survive for the sake of myself and my family, despite our cursed name.❞ The Sunshine Pack-led by the scorned female Alpha, Isla. Fate comes to hand when she kidnaps her own mate & learns things that were probably meant to not exist. After all, that's what secrets are, right? Start- August 31, 2019 End- February 22, 2020 *Credits to the Artist of the image used for the book cover!*

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter I


“This is going to be a huge job, you do understand that right Isla?” Mallory said for the fourth time, brushing through her tangles then tying up her blonde hair into a braid.

“Which is why we are planning now. Did Jen contact her mate for the gun?”

“She’s driving to him now.”

I nodded my head in response and looked down at the blueprint while holding my schedule up. Let me start at the beginning to help you catch up.

Hi, my name is Isla and I am the Alpha of the Sunshine pack. Yes, I am a girl. Yes, our pack name sounds pretty messed up, right?

Generations ago, we had a common name, the Starshine pack, pretty boring. However, the Alpha then was considered insane. He did something so terrible that even considered the Moon Goddess had to get involved so she shunned us and we had to switch our name to show that we were not considered worthy.

No one remembers what he did even though it was a pretty big deal. I guess we just wanted to forget it. Bad blood runs through every Alpha from that point, including me.

A week ago, Jen said that the Dark Moon pack was going to attempt to attack us. Keyword: “attempt.”

We’ve taken down every pack that has tried to wipe away our name. They hate us. They’re disgusted that a girl is holding the Alpha title.

Well, screw them.

I’ve always waited until they came then had my warriors take them out. Now I was getting bored.

We’re going to show that we will live up to our curse. How? By kidnapping their Alpha.

He’s supposed to be the laziest wolf ever. Yet, somehow they’re extremely strong. How does that even add up? Well, rumors are rumors.

“Alpha, I’ve got the gun.” Jen appeared in my office, holding a black case.

“Great. Thank Daniel for me.” I smiled and clicked the latches open and ran my hands over the sleek gun with three silver bullets in it.

“This gun is strong enough to take out an Alpha. Three will kill them, so be careful.”

“We don’t want to kill him right? It’s only capturing him...right?” Mallory asked quietly.

“We won’t kill him,” I reassured my Delta.

“Okay ladies, tomorrow at 10:15 pm sharp the Alpha will be eating his snack with his Delta in his office. His Beta is on a trip so he won’t be there.”

Mallory giggled. “He has a snack time?”

I rolled my eyes and continued, “Thanks to Jen’s amazing security skills, his office is secluded, no one in his pack will hear him. We can stun the Delta and him, which will leave us one bullet left. We only use that bullet if it doesn’t stun either of them. I will be handling that gun but this is information in case it goes to you, Jen.

Mal will be back at the pack, hacking the security cameras there. We’ll be in and out as if nothing has ever happened. I suspect by at least fifteen minutes, the pack will feel something go wrong. They won’t feel the Alpha being hurt. The Beta will rush back too, tomorrow.”

They both nodded. “Switch to our wolves only if the worst comes to worst. You know when that’ll be. This mission cannot be stopped at any cost.” I said, putting my hand on the blueprint.

“You can count on us,” Jen said.

“I always know that!” I smirked and fist-bumped both of them.

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