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Parker never know what to do with her life, she was a self made billionaire with a dream. However this dream comes crashing down as one faithful night she meets a fanged and thirsty (for change) Vampire.

Fantasy / Romance
Miss Eli
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Parker walked down the lonely lane, anxious and worried like always. The expertly hooded figure meters away made no noise as it followed her. Waiting for an opportunity to strike so they could finally have her - once and for all.

Her breathing was rushed as she speed-walked, Parker was due to show at her Pattlet Hotel Grand Opening in less than an hour and she had to walk since her driver was found unconscious, plus he weight too much for her to move.
Her expensive red-leather jacket hugged her floral top too tightly and barely gave her warmth in the cold windy dusk, however, it made her look all the more appealing.

She knew of the dangers that lurked just beneath the moonlight, but she'd never think any one of them would want her for anything other than her business. She chuckled at her predicament.

The shadow jumped as she was passing the last smoky alleyway, and wrapped their arms around her shivering torso, pulling her a bit too harshly into the alley as she ended up falling. Her breath caught in her throat as he bared his vampiric fangs at her, she couldn't scream or move. Maybe if she acted dead...
Sure, she was so very scared. That fact alone is what kept her frozen as the vampire stood up, she moved back slowly, not wanting to get caught.

"I really am sorry for this, Parker," The youthful yet knowing voice apologized. He sunk on one knee and pulled her hair to bend her head. He was going to bite her! She tried to ease their hand from her hair.

"No, no, no! Hey! Get off m-" Parker finally screamed as he covered her mouth with his hand, breathing deeply as well as her.
"You'll be fine. . . A little pain, that's all," He explained as his head dipped closer and closer to the side of her neck.

Her muffled complaints were the only thing making him postpone the bite, solely because it moved part of her neck so he couldn't get the aim perfect.
Finally, frustrated with her rambling about Ginger Ail and hair ties, he once again bared his teeth to growl in her face. She sighed and rolled her eyes - finally shutting up with tears. She had a Hotel to run or a funeral to attend. With this dude's plans, it would undoubtedly be her own!
Satisfied by Parker's compliance, the Vampire bit her in the neck tenderly making her attempt to scream again until the pressure on her scalp became too much for her and she sobbed instead.
She was no clean crier, and he held no sympathy for her unfortunate position. He wanted more of her blood, as he craved it. He wasn't getting enough per soft gulp so he became meaner and meaner with it.
His bloody need became too much as he squeezed her head into his in an attempt to get more, unknowingly sending her unconscious. He kept his steadying drink pace up as he was getting full on this human girl.
Finally, as she was on the brink of death - he quickly pulled away from her and bit his own wrist to lean it over her slightly open mouth and feed her. She would wake up within the next three nights, plenty of time to get himself ready for her awakening.
He gave her gracious plenty of his blood, picked her up by her armpits and knee pits - That is what they were being called nowadays? - and carried her swiftly back out into the open sidewalk.
He took his time walking down to where the chauffeur was unconscious and put her in the back seat with a blanket on. He then smiled and looked at the poor driver as he gently opened the driver's door and not-so-subtly ripped him out of the car and threw his body into the nearest wall for fun.

This would be the last time he hurt humans for fun anyways, why not make the most of it.

The chauffer was awake now and groaning, attempting to sit up off his stomach.
The vampire stepped on the middle of his shoulder blades and wiggled his legs - kicking each shoulder blade harshly, multiple times while doing so.

"I wish I could pity you, but, I can't since I'm the bad guy," The male vampire smirked at that, he always loved being the antagonist.

"You don't have to be. . ." The hurting chauffer wheezed out.

"I'm beating you for my enjoyment, sir, I know I don't have to be," With that, the Vampire kicked the guy as hard as he could in the stomach. They both heard him scream as well as some bones breaking. "I'll call an ambulance for you," The vampire cringed while stating as he walked towards the vehicle.

Without delay, once getting in the car Mr. Vampire did call the ambulance with an address to the chauffeur as he drove away from the crime scene.

Little did they know, the kidnapper called the cops.
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