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Chapter 1

Awoken The Beast

Burning in my throat! A craving for something delicious, thick or thin. I don't care, I just want it!

I looked around until I focused on a boot. Ok, two boots. Nice boots at least. I looked up to see a fairly nice-looking male with a vein in his neck, a big one too.

I stumbled up almost immediately, and once I steadied myself, I lept onto the male. He dodged me saying something like 'You're awake,' No duh I am awake!

Good god, I feel drunk.

I almost landed on something with the force of the jump, quickly I steadied myself and turned to him. I lept again for his neck and instead of biting - the word 'No,' made my whole body shut down for some reason. I looked up between my eyelashes at the face, that big bitch.

With a beautiful face, blond hair and blue eyes. What do I look like? Why do I not know this? Come on, I know what I look like... blond maybe?

I fell limp, as well as slouched on him despite my best efforts and dignity. Gravity is on my hit list.

"What is wrong with you Parker? You are hungry, I get that but chill out," He scolded like I was a child. So my name is Parker? I once again looked up at him, I tried to look at his face - but his vein was calling to me. I could hear the coo-coo bells ringing. Where am I? I looked around the bland room.

Is this my house? It might be his.

Did he tell me to 'chill out'?

"Earth to Parker, hey," He tried to get my attention back but I was lost looking at the sofa. It had so many crumbs on it, I could see each individual one and it bothers me. When did sofas look like this?

"Hmm," I hummed and looked back at him, well, once again. His neck has me in an intoxicated trance that makes me want to bite him! Wait, since when do humans bite people? Did I bite people? Eww much.

Am I a hum- stupid question... of course, I have hands and whatnot... I'm human.

"Here, take this and drink every last drop, ok!" He insisted with a supposed 'nice' smile. I looked at what was in the cup. Blood?! It looked halfway good though, It might not be blood.

"Is it blood?" my voice came out raspy and dry, like a grandmother's foot.

"I'll tell you later, just drink. It will make you feel so much better, I promise," He bent down to my height and pushed it to my lips, I took it with a nod and sipped some. "Good job, that's a good girl," he praised and I stomped on his foot to get him to shut up. It worked and his face changed into a small pout, I snorted unexpectedly.

It was like milk... I think, I drank some but got a bad feeling in my stomach. I passed him the cup and moved my face as I had already known what the feeling was for.

I vomited it all in one spot thankfully and froze once I was done. What happens now? I'm still very hungry but puked up all my drink.

"What the..." The male studdered incorrectly with confusion.

"I'm s-sorry. Who are you?" I asked, with my voice worse than before.

"You puked up your first meal..." he puzzled as he looked between me and my mess.

It's bothering me,

"Where are the cleaning supplies, Mr.?" I asked again, panicking for some reason. I wanted something to drink, I needed something to cause this lightheaded feeling to go away.

"Hey, it's going to be okay," he assured and put down the cup. He reached his hand out towards my shoulder and I caught a whiff and sight of his veins again. I leaned my face in and two teeth became longer in my mouth. What is going on? I put my fingers on his wrist and began to trace his veins - a desire for his blood etched my burning throat again and I couldn't look away.

"What are you doing?" He asked, but from the sounds of it, he already knew the answer.

"You want my blood right?" I nodded firmly with my mouth starting to hang open and drool forming on my tongue. This isn't right. His sneaky other arm moved around my belly button area and pushed me into himself.

"Here, let's try something-" my belly's growl made him short laugh. He ushered us over to the crummy sofa. Then, sat down with me very, very close beside him.

He twisted his body so I could lean on him as he brought his wrist tauntingly close to my mouth, it was the only thing I could focus on. He did a good job at hiding his shakiness as he whispered "Just bite,"

I only hesitated for a second before bringing my own hands up and bashing his wrist into my teeth to pout blood into my mouth. I didn't think about how good the blood was, all I did was want more. The male made a slight jump but other than that he stayed still and silent.

"Stop," He ordered and I compulsively let go of his wrist. He sounded injured and incredibly tired. I stayed still, for an odd moment I was completely caught off guard by how my body reacted to his silly orders. He started to move from behind me and I quickly stopped leaning on him, - in fact - I jumped to the other side of the sofa and fell off because of how strong and fast I was at that. I fell on my elbows and knees while quickly trying to scramble up and look at the dude - Haha - I called him a dude. Are we dudes? I'm a girl. I think? Yep... I'm a girl, I quickly averted my eyes from my own personal Mount Everests.

"Who are you?" I asked once I was done scrambling and upright. He looked at me skeptically before sighing.

"I'm the Vampire that bit you in the alleyway one... no, two nights ago," He looked at me for any indication of emotion on my face. Vampires are real? What valley two nights ago?

"What..?" Was all that came out. He facepalmed harshly.

"Kay' last week, Parker. Tell me what happened," He asked annoyed, but for some reason, I knew he wasn't annoyed at me. I'm getting off track, so, last week?

"I... don't know. What am I? I don't think normal humans drink b-blood. Your blood, or maybe they do, I can't forget... no, I can't remember," I rambled on, I couldn't remember anything from anywhere! What is my middle name? My age at least? I don't know! Why don't I know? I started pacing a few steps, do I have anxiety? Did it run in the family? Is he my family? When did he become a vampire? Can you be born a vampire? Is he going to kill me? What is going on? Am I dead? Do ghosts exist-

"Hey, you're going to be okay. Please sit down and stop pacing," He looked my way and I sat down on the opposite side of the sofa, barely sitting on it actually. The crumbs were invading my thoughts and I decided just to sit on the floor. The puke!

"Ok, ask me something. Anything Parker, okay, no lies. I promise," He sincerely asked with a pitiful look on.

"Where are the cleaning supplies?" I seriously asked after a minute.

"Dilly, hey! Could you go get the cleaning supplies for me, please," He yelled and slouched back into the sofa with a chuckle. Did he experience mood swings? Maybe I should ask him that - no that's mean.

"So with all the questions you have, you ask me that?" He asked me dubiously. Usually, this is where I blush, but nothing happened to my face thankfully, so I stuck with a smile that felt freaking shy!

"Who are you?" I asked loudly.

"Well, I am Erik, and you?" He asked and looked at a spot behind me with a smile.

"Dilly, Thanks, Kid! She's a weird one," he whispered the last part and I whipped my head around to meet a 25 to 30-year-old looking guy, with greasy brown hair that I just want to drown in shampoo and water. Maybe I should do that with the puke.

"No problem Sir Erik, all them women are weird," He said and I scoffed at him. Not all of them! "Sorry Miss didn't mean to be mean," he apologized with a smile. He outstretched his hands, which held a bucket. I quickly got up and took the buckets over to the... incidental stench on the ground.

"Dilly, help her please," Erik asked politely to Dilly, like a child. Bitch, you help us...

"Okay, here," Dilly offered as I was wiping the blood faster than both of them could blink twice.

"No thanks, Dilly," I shook my head with a smile, trying to muffle the laugh at his name.

"Na, not a problem Sis," He smiled back, wait. Sis? As in, Sister? I thought I heard Erik sigh, again.

"Were related?" I ask and put the cloth back into the bucket.

"Now we are... wait, Mr. Erik, didn't you tell her yet?" Dilly asked innocently and we both looked at Erik.

"No Dilly, I hadn't told Parker yet," Erik seethed at him and I got a tad scared because of how odd he looked, I stayed in my crouch though.

"Sorry Mr. Erik, I din't know-"

"Leave Dilly," Erik argued with an angry face yet cold voice, Dilly turned to leave but I handed him the bucket before he forgot. I really didn't want him to leave me here but, I guess he has to. I stood too and flexed my hands anxiously. Did I have anxiety? I already asked you stupid brain... aren't I the stupid brain. Yes, let the realist answer that for you. Am I a realist?

"Sorry about him - I was going to tell you but," Erik prolonged the word while taking a step in my direction. "We got a little... preoccupied..." I nodded once in understanding, he was a vampire named Erik - Ok. I drank his blood - that's hard to swallow, no pun intended, his blood tasted fine to me.

"Yeah..." That got weird faster than the word 'Virginator' did.

The fu-

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