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Chapter 2

Blood this way. . .

"Well..." Erik said with a mock laugh, placing his hands in a bridge form. "Welcome to your new world Parker," He smiles.

"Thanks... I guess..." New world? So this is all understandably new to me.

"You are a vampire! And I am a vampire too, we have heightened awareness and sences compared to the Humans but head to head with the flea-bags." He explained with disgust. "Us vamps came out a year ago, you should know that though..?" With that I shook my head, what did I know? Well, I woke up to a handsome vampire telling me I'm apart of the gang.

"No... I don't remember," We both scrunch eyebrows, him because; I don't know and I because; he did.

"Well, that's unfortunate," He mumbled. "I brought you over to the dark side that night, why can't you just remember?" He looks at me expectantly, and just like that a light bulb want off in his head. "Tell me," he directed in a serious deep voice, sounding like it was literally coming from me brain. "What do you remember from that night,"

I answered swiftly and honestly, and honestly; I don't know why, however, it was like a compulsion. Pulling forth like an instinct I can't control.

"Nothing," I brainlessly banter.
He offered a sigh instead of reply, making me want to throttle him for a second. Mood swings much?

"Ok, that's not rare," he assessed. "What was life like before you woke up?" He said, again in my mind. I hesitated for a second to think but my lips moved faster.

"A black void... Nothing," I say as his face grew unreadable, the slight tension in his back gave off that he is not happy though.

"Tell Me!" He yelled madly, whipping around to get in me face. I flinch back and feeling tears already start to form in my eyelids. "I." He backs off. "I am sorry Parker, anger got the best of me that time," he sighed again, did this guy have a sighing problem? He chuckled slightly. What was he chuckling for?

'Well, considering I made you a vampire... I can read your mind as you could read mine' he said in my brain. Why the heck? He facepalm. Oh, ok. Someone is going a bit loony.

I subtly feel my neck, and around my ears. Nothing, what is going on? I remember that the CIA has those ear peices, maybe he has one as well? Than who is Erik? Is Erik his name?

Strage thing is, I can remember lots of things. Like the beach, but I can't remember me there. I can remember the bar, not me there. It's not from a first person's point of view, it's from third person..!

'Dang, that's harsh' Erik's voice rings in my head. I give no facial expression, he is just guessing and using CIA grade spyware that he probably stole. 'No CIA usage here... well... now' he admitted.

"What is your last name?" I ask randomly.

"I forget, it has been a last time since I've used me real last name but now I go by, Norden," He smiles at me.

"Long time..?" I ask, he looks about twenty.

"Yeah, like a few centuries, 'round the Viking times," he mocks in a not so serious way.

"Viking times?" I ask again cluelessly.

"Yeah... That's when vampire me was made," He jokes. Oh, so he was made a vampire in the viking times. Fun.

"Were you a viking?" I wonder, probably should be asking different questions but still interested in Erik Norden's life.

"Probably, I literally don't remember much. Was a while ago," He leans backwards and breathes lightly. That's when I realize, I haven't been taking breaths. What!?
"Chill, you will get used to voluntarily taking breaths, since your a vampire- technically dead - you don't need to breathe," He says like I'm stupid. I'm technically dead? What? What if I'd have a family? How am I able to mo- Vampire.

"What is it about vampires?" I question with skepticism.

"Were dead, that's why we feed of blood - to keep us young and alive - and why we are able to be better than humans... and fur-faces," He explained.

'If you drink fresh blood you stay young and healthy as the donor' he continued in my brain. Hey! Get outa here!

He chuckled out loud without looking at me, however, I was definitely looking at him. No. Glaring at him. Out of me brain you... you... fanged corpse!

He smiled a really nice smile and I think I just melted... anyways, he finally looked at me and I had to smile back, it was the polite thing to do. Plus, I felt as if I kind of had to, completely compulsory. None of which was forsed.

"Sorry again about this, but the sun is coming up and... well... Sleep," he ordered and blank. I'm out of energy and lean forward, my eyes close and my thoughs turn numb.
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