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The Devil and His Princess

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Four days of sobriety has Maxx losing his sanity and the half-naked Were in his apartment only brings him closer to the edge. Can Maxx maintain his composure or has he finally reached his limit? An excerpt from "The Devil and His Princess: A Collection of Short Love Stories".

Fantasy / Romance
Caillen James
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Sexaholics Anonymous

Rubbing his eyes groggily, Maxx blindly reached for his cell to turn off the incessant chirping.

Shit. It wasn’t there.

Shielding his eyes from the light penetrating his window pane, Maxx rummaging around on his bedside table, knocking several things aside. A lamp and radio clattered to the floor along with his phone’s charging station. And still, his phone continued to chirrup.

Dragging himself from the comfort of his warm bed, Maxx found his phone beside the bathroom door still inside his pants’ pocket. Damn, missed the call.

After a night out drinking with his three roommates, he’d come home just before dawn and collapsed though, honestly, he couldn’t exactly remember how he’d managed to take his clothes off or climb into bed.

Shit, his head hurt.

“Coffee,” Maxx muttered to himself. He needed coffee to wake up and kill his hangover. And bacon. Coffee and bacon. And maybe a side of sausage.

Scratching at the scruff on his chin, he pulled on a fresh pair of briefs.

As an Incubus, he preferred his birthday suit. Clothes were restricting and uncomfortable and, with his chronic need to relieve himself he found it easier to already be naked… or as close to it as possible. And sex was a constant need.

Not too unlike vampires, Incubi could not garner nutrition from regular, every-day food. He required the energy given off by others, though it didn’t have to be sex. As long as the emotion was felt passionately enough, he could siphon just about any type. Some Incubi preferred emotions like anger, jealousy, hatred, but they all left a bad taste in his mouth. He’d much rather take a drink from a lover. Though, Maxx had been deprived of late.

It was the reason for he and his roommates’ late-night carousing. They’d been trying to take his mind off of his need for sex. Or, more appropriately, his urge to constantly seek out physical conntections.

He couldn’t claim being an Incubus as a reason for his over-developed sex drive considering the fact that he could feed on any other emotion at any time. All it took was a touch. Just a bit of skin-on-skin contact, and he could be fed. Whether it was a light snack or a heavy meal, he could enjoy it anywhere, at any time. But a man was entitled to his preferences and Maxx wanted to be held. He wanted to feel that passion and need flow into him. It was an intoxicating feeling, one he could only garner from a lover.

Finding them was easy enough. Being an Incubus had its perks. There was no such thing as an unattractive Incubus and with his muscled physic and charming personality, women tended to line up for him. And Maxx took full advantage of that fact, sometimes going on binges. He could be wrapped in the arms of half a dozen women, lost in ecstasy for days, and still come out feeling empty. All the more so when it was any emotion other than sex. But the more he had, the more he wanted.

“Four days sober.” Maxx mumbled to himself.

For four whole stinking, miserable, awful days he hadn’t touched a woman. Of course he knew he wasn’t starving to death, he’d had plenty to feast upon last night what with all of the women and men high on life--among other things--prancing around, rubbing against one another: excitement, anticipation, longing, frustration, apprehension, lust, anger, and jealousy. It had been a buffet of emotions and yet, Maxx felt as empty as though he hadn’t had a morsel in months.

“Bacon,” Maxx reminded himself, pushing through his bedroom door. He’d have a cup of coffee and go out trolling at the bar they’d visited the night before; it would be open soon, according to his phone. Afternoon boozers, depressed and lonely and easy pickings. Disgusting and awful and unappetizing as it would be, it would keep him moving.

“Ohmygosh! So someone was here.” The girl laughed, the sweet sound of her voice like the delicate tinkling of bells.

“For a second, I thought you were a ghost.”

Maxx rubbed his eyes, wanting to be sure he wasn’t still asleep. That the beauty in front of him wasn’t some sort of dream or apparition. A kind of mirage brought on by extreme hunger.

Wearing nothing but a bright pink thong and a tight button down, Maxx could enjoy every single delectable part of her from the long black hair that fell like a curtain of silk down to her voluptuous ass to the cleft of her perfectly rounded breasts peeking through the top of her white, cotton, shirt. Though she couldn’t have been more than five and a half feet, she was all legs. Perfectly shaped feet led up to rounded calves and deliciously thick thighs.

This girl was round in all the right places.

Maxx licked his lips, watching her like a lion stalking a gazelle.

“My phone is dead, so I couldn’t call for an Uber.”

When Maxx didn’t answer, she chuckled half-heartedly. “Do you mind?”

The girl held her hand out. Though she was small, her fingers were long and skinny, like a piano player. Her nails were perfectly manicured.

“Hey buddy, you okay?” She asked, waving her hand in front of Maxx’s face.

Shit she was sexy.

“Your phone,” she said again, talking slower now as if Maxx needed her to help him through the next few seconds of conversation. Though he couldn’t really call it a conversation… she was talking, he was staring like a moron.

Nodding dumbly, Maxx extended his hand. It had beeped, telling him he had a text; he hadn’t even noticed the dumb thing going off.

The girl trotted to the couch, her breasts pressing through the fabric of her shirt--he hoped one of her buttons would slip and they’d spill out completely--her ass bouncing as she walked past him.

Shit. If she wasn’t the sexiest thing on two legs.

Maxx felt himself getting hard and he was in danger of pouncing on her if he didn’t get away soon.

Go back to bed, Maxx told himself. If he were smart, he’d go and hide out in his room until she left. If he were smart, he wouldn’t follow her to the couch. He’d get his coffee and go back to his room and not come out until he was sure she’d gone.

Unfortunately, smart was not something Maxx had ever been accused of being.

“Want coffee?” He heard himself mumble as he made his way to the kitchen.

The girl sat on the couch, legs crossed, one foot tapping against the footlocker that stood as their coffee table. Those bare legs of hers were likely to make him melt. Her honey-coloured skin looked delectable.

What would she taste like, Maxx wondered to himself.

“Hey, buddy,” the buxom beauty called from the couch, “you’re thinking not-so-quietly to yourself.”

Dumbass. Maxx chastised himself.

“My bad,” he mumbled, not really sure of what more to say. She didn’t seem bothered by the comment. She sat, clacking away on his phone, those long, delicate fingers running along the glass. He couldn’t stop himself from imagining those dexterous fingers playing with him the same way, running across his chest, through his hair, along his shaft.

Maxx tried to ignore her, busying himself with breakfast. The coffee machine whirred as steam wafted into his face, dark brown liquid streaming into the pot. He dropped a few links on a plate along with several slices of bacon and popped them in the microwave. He pulled two mugs from the cabinet, rinsed them, and poured the steaming liquid into the cups. Without thinking to ask, Maxx added milk and three cubes of sugar to both. Though his attention was focused on the task at hand, his mind continued to wander towards the half-naked girl on his couch.

I should probably put some clothes on. He was painfully, embarrassingly hard. If she came into the kitchen…


“Is that for me?” The girl asked, a cocky grin on her face.

Without speaking, Maxx extended the mug towards her, trying his damndest to not look directly at her. He willed his gaze to not follow the movement of her thin wrists as she reached towards him, the sound of fabric moving against bare flesh, the sweet scent of her skin mixed with the delicious aroma of the coffee. The sight of those buttons straining to restrain her generous bosom. He wanted to ignore the beauty of her wide hips. Her plump pink lips perfect for kissing. The doe eyes that considered him carefully.

A loose section of hair had fallen forward on her shoulder, becoming lost in a sea of cleavage.

The girl slipped the mug from his fingers.

Maxx watched her sample the coffee, his eyes riveted to her lips forming a small ‘O’ as she blew at the steam wafting from her drink.

“Mmmm…” she moaned. “It’s delicious. But that’s not what I meant.”

Placing the mug beside his on the counter, the girl reached forward and, delicately, ran one finger along the outside of his briefs, following the outline of his swollen shaft. Immediately, a spark of lust and excitement speared into him like a shock of electricity.

“You’re an Incubus aren’t you?” She asked. A wicked gleam in those dark brown eyes. “You hungry?”

The sudden need washing into him, combining with his own, jolted him; his heartbeat quickened as his dick twitched with excited anticipation.

Run away! His mind shouted. Before it’s too late. Get the hell out of there.

But Maxx wasn’t the best listener. Unable to speak, he nodded his head.

Wrapping his hands around her wrist, he pulled her against him, her hand still caressing his shaft. Maxx kissed her hard, breathing raggedly into her.

Just a simple touch and she was already taking his breath away. This was bad. This was a bad idea. If he didn’t stop now, there’d be no going back. Four days of celibacy out the window. But he had to have her. It was impossible to resist. She’d been like a Siren to him the moment he laid eyes on her.

“Who brought you here?” Maxx asked suddenly. He assumed she’d been brought over by Cade--she fit his type--or Eric maybe. If she was one of Matthew’s lovers then Maxx stood no chance--it wasn’t that he wouldn’t be able to seducer her, as an incubus, no one could resist him if he wanted them badly enough--only that, if he did seduce her and she did belong to the wolf, he’d be a dead man.

Maxx rubbed his lips against her jugular, the silky sensation of her skin on his lips making his mind run wild with possibilities.

“Does it matter?” She whispered, capturing his hips between those thick, juicy thighs.

Goddammit woman, answer the question!

Maxx couldn’t hold out much longer. His erection pressed firmly between her legs, seeking out her warmth. He needed to be inside of her. How he was managing to restrain himself, he couldn’t guess.

Running her hands up his biceps, over his shoulders, her fingers brushed against his flesh, blazing a trail of flames across his skin. His body burned for her.

Tell me,” he whispered raggedly, surprised at the gruffness of his voice. “Was it Matthew? Is he your lover?”

Eric and Cade had never been attached to their lovers, but the wolf had a temper like a hairpin trigger. He was beyond territorial. The last thing he wanted was to face off with him. Maxx’s face was his best feature; if Matthew scarred him, he’d be ruined.

“Matt!” She shrieked, pulling away. The sudden absence of her warmth had Maxx pushing closer to her. “Hell no! As if I’d ever!”

That was all he needed to hear.

Maxx fell upon her like a bear ravenous after months tucked away from the bitterness of winter, pressing his lips to hers, thrusting his tongue into her mouth, tasting the sweetness of her. Delectable. Like apples dipped in caramel.

Ripping her shirt open, those buttons that had worked so hard to keep her contained pinging to the floor. Maxx gazed at her perfectly rounded breasts, brown skin flushed a rosy pink. Pressing his face into the deep cleft of her chest, Maxx breathed deeply. Rolling one of her nipples between his fingers, kneading her breast, he took the other between his teeth, suckling from her as though he was parched and she his only source of sustenance.

When she moaned, pressing her chest into his palm, arching her back, bringing them closer together, Maxx feared that he would go mad. If he couldn’t be inside her within the next few seconds, he’d lose his sanity completely. But he wanted to be patient. He wanted to savour her. Wanted to learn the flavour and texture of every single corner of her beautiful body. He refused to remove his briefs for that reason, even as he pressed his rock hard cock against the warmth of her core.

He could feel the moist heat through her panties, through the cotton of his own underwear and she ground against him, sliding her ass back and forth against the countertop.

Shit, she was making him crazy. The scent of her need was like an intoxicating perfume, a heady musk that made his mind buzzed like the best sort of high. He wanted more of that sweet aroma.

Lapping at her neck, her collar bone, Maxx kissed her belly, licking at the salt on her skin, as he slid down her body until he was kneeling before her, sliding the silky pink fabric down her legs, revealing her to him.

His breath caught at the sight of her, at the pungent scent that filled his nostrils, making his dick twitch. Moisture soaked the front of his underwear--he’d nearly come like a virgin in his shorts.

Not bothering to wait for an invitation, Maxx ran his fingers up the insides of her thighs, following the tracks he’d made on her skin with his tongue, until he reached his goal. Delicately, Maxx brushed her clitoris with the backs of his fingers.

Her voice hitched as her body shuddered.

She was so wet. So ready for him. And he was ready for her.

His body roared with need, his erection throbbing painfully.

Soon, Maxx told himself as he replaced his fingers with his lips, taking her into his mouth.

The sweet, bitter taste of her filled his mouth as she pushed herself against him. He felt her fingernails as they dug into his scalp, urging him on as she undulated rhythmically against him.

Fuck, she was amazing.

Lust, hunger, excitement, pleasure, need…they all poured into him, spurring him on, filling him up.


Maxx rubbed his fingers against her, circling the entrance to her core with the tip of his finger.

A moan escaped her lips as he pushed his into her. She was so hot.

Maxx felt her desire rising. As more of her poured into him, he inserted another finger, pumping into her, back and forth, until he felt her reaching her climax. Holding his head firmly against herself, squeezing her thighs around him in a vice-like grip, she shuddered violently, her back arching, a cry escaping her beautiful lips.

The sweetest passion burned through Maxx, tearing him apart again and again. Maxx’s body went rigid as he suckled from her, siphoning her lust and her pleasure as the last of his orgasm rocked his body.

It was a type of fullness he’d never experienced before. For perhaps the first time in his life, Maxx could honestly say that he was 100%, completely, unequivocally, satiated. He leaned against the cabinet--his body exhausted and spent and yet buzzing with energy--to catch his breath. The girl sat above him, bare-assed on the countertop, one foot toeing his hair and ear as she drank her coffee.

“You people have no fruit in your house,” she spoke up, nibbling on his last bite of bacon. “Did you know that?”

“Of course not. Two off my roommates are on a strict red-liquid-only diet and Matthew only eats meat.”

“What about you? Last time I checked, Incubi eat regular food just like humans.”

“We can,” Maxx conceded. “Unfortunately, I’m not a rabbit.”

“Well, at least you fed me,” she conceded, tapping the side of his face with her toe, she sipped at her mug.

Maxx wanted to drink his as well, but in truth, he was too tired, or maybe too content, to move an inch.

What the hell had she done to him?

“What’s your name, by the way?” Maxx realized suddenly that he had no clue what to call her other than sexy. Raising his head, Maxx watched her chuckle behind her coffee. Her cheeks were flushed, her beautiful curtain of hair falling around her like a shroud. Her skin glistening with a post-coital glow. When Maxx inhaled deeply, he could still detect his own scent mingled with her apples and caramel and coffee and pork.

Beautiful and sweet.

“You do that a lot, don’t you?” The girl chuckled. “Thinking aloud.”

Maxx captured her foot in his hand, kissing the tip of her big toe. He shrugged his shoulders.

“Maghella,” she smiled sweetly. “But really only my big brother calls me that. Mags is fine.”

She wiggled her toes when Maxx nipped one gently.

“Your brother?” he asked, only half paying attention.

Mags giggled when he licked the pad of her foot. He had a bit of a fetish when it came to hands and feet, but hers were exceptionally attractive. He felt his body begin to respond, though he’d thought himself entirely spent only a moment ago.

“Matthew,” she answered.

The blood in Maxx’s veins turned to ice; at the mention of the wolf’s name he went immediately flaccid.


Copyright © 2016 by Caillen James

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