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Red roses and the darkened sky

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The moon was bright the sky was dark, and the fear was ripe in Oakmore that night. Welcome back to Oakmore for red roses book 2

Fantasy / Mystery
A. L Elmer
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Chapter 1 dark sky

The sky was dark...

The moon was out...

And the woods were still,

And as this still and undisturbed night went on there came a young man, he couldn’t have been older than 11 or 12, he had blonde short hair and light blue eyes.

"Lemma!" he cried, "Lemma no!" he screamed, Lemma was his grey dog that had clearly gotten out, the dog ran into the woods..

The dark dark woods, "Lemma no!" he screamed, Lemma continued running into the woods that was when the terrifying noise came from the woods, the howling hit young Arthur in terms of fear harder than anything else ever would, Lemma ran out of the woods like a bat out of hell, she ran straight up to Arthur, Arthur was frozen in his place, trapped in a wall of fear.

The creature then emerged from the darkness, Arthur screamed and ran, Lemma far in front of him, this creature that was incredibly tall with frightening teeth that could chop Arthur in half if it wanted to, ran after him, "ahh!" screamed Arthur, The creature running after him, and as Arthur ran back into the village not even looking behind him, a black darkened cloud came over the moon, Arthur ran down the street faster than his legs could carry him, Lemma by his side. "Arthur" called a warm calm voice, he stopped, "mum", he said still shaking, the woman had dyed light blonde hair and blue eyes, she was plump and shortish, he ran up to her and hugged her, "Arthur I’ve been looking for you since Lemma got out, I lost you", said his mother, "what’s wrong, what’s happened?", "mum there was some kind of Animal.. it, it ran after me and tried to kill me", he said tears running down his face. They went back into the house with Lemma.

The cloud came away from the moon, therefore the creature transformed again.

The next morning, my alarm went, I got up and out of bed, got dressed brushed my teeth brushed my hair and walked downstairs.

I then walked into the kitchen, "morning Marcy", smiled Autumn, Amy was sat at the table eating her toast, "morning", I sat down at the table, my hydro was sat on the table, I took a sip. "I really really don’t want to go to school today", said Amy.

John came down, "are you girls ready for school?", "no" muttered Amy as she picked up her school bag, I did so too, "bye John have a good day", I said to him as we left.

Hello my name is Marcy Jones, and I am a vampire, yes shocking I know, I’m writing this diary because why not?, I have never written a diary before so why not?, I live with my guardian Amy and her father John and there familiars August and Autumn, and have done ever since I was 4, I moved in with them with my father Epith who unfortunately died when I was 5, but oh well life will be life and slayers will be slayers, right now the summer is coming 😄 I love the summer, however last winter was strange, but you probably know about all of that, about Oliver about Fred’s father and my mother, so we won’t go into all of that.

However not much has changed since then, after we got home we carried on with life as normal apart from the fact that I’m dating Fred, and John doesn’t know 😅, but Amy has promised to keep it a secret as long as nothing bad happens, and as long as she can keep an eye on our relationship, so you know that’s fair being that we are both born killers.

And like I said about life going back to normal, if you're wondering the Bordings (Greg’s mum and dad) have left us alone but according to Greg are still keeping an eye on us,
But other than that everything is fine.

We got to school Fred ran up to me, "hey" he smiled 😊, we kissed and walked into school, "you two are such love birds it makes me sick", said Amy, "shut up", I giggled, the bell rang, "see you after class" I smiled, Fred waved and walked to class, and so did we.

End of chapter

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