Green Navy : Untold

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Taiko Grinchman is an orphan who is notorios for killing his adoptive parents at the age of 7. He raised his adoptive sister with blood money and grew up being an overall bad guy . At age 16 he is arrested and sent to Juvenile prison for a major bank robbery . One day ,on his 18th birthday ,he finally gets out , and seeks revenge for his false incarceration. But still wants to achieve his dream of becoming the highest ranling official in his National Navy . Revenge and Dreams clash in this supernatural adventure set in a mordern world .

Fantasy / Action
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Chapter 1 : Taiko Grinchman

"I am Taiko Grinchman, an orphan who was adopted by an abusive family,I was only a few months old when they found me but , seven years later I killed them , I had to ,they had hurt my little sister (well their child) .Since then i have been in foster home after Juvenile after Foster home. Well now it is my 18th Birthday , today i am officially a leagl man and time tor achieve my dreams whilst killing a few idiots who have made my life a living hell .It is time for My accent to The Title of Supreme Commander Of The GREEN NAVY😈😈😈😈"


"Eeeeek" The prison cell slowly opened , letting in a small ray of light , as his face became clear , His short ,well built body slowly revealed as his smile began showing .Devilish ,clean teeth that reflected the light . His nose and eyes were soon revealed before his messy ,large black hair showed .

"Grinchman Taiko , you are excused , " a guard wearing leather armour over some clothing said looking at a piece of paper .As the young eighteen year old stood up , the chains on his arms and legs clattering as he slowly walked towards the cell door , the guard called on his partner as they escorted Taiko through the clustered juvenile prison , as they stood at the checkpoint , The guards went on and on about what Taiko should not do or he might end up back here again , Taiko ignored them as he signed on a piece of paper before his chains were untied .Taiko slowly walked out into the light , a black car awaited him in the prison gate , four door compact car ,with a driver waiting outside along with a fifteen year old girl .

The girl quickly ran towards Taiko ,hugging him tightly as Taiko smiled , they held hands as they walked into the car before sitting down and talking as the car drove off.

" Taiko , I'm glad your are out but when are you going back" The girl said , lowering her head as she showed her disappointment.
"Relax , Mia , I spent two years there , and through my calculations , I am never going back . "Taiko replied , smiling as he looked at his little sister.
"But what will you do now , I mean you aint the kind to sit and relax and i am sure you won't piggyback on me"Mia said ,looking Taiko straight in the face.
"As I said relax, remember the 12Million KINO they said I stole ? "Taiko said.
"Yeah ,the reason why you went into the hole in the first place , but you were only an accomplice to Old Man Girough's plan right?" Mia asked , confused.
"Wrong ,i was the mastermind , Girough played me for a fool and sent me into the hole because he wouldn't share it with me , but I was playing him all along ."Taiko replied .
"How ,big brother , you are a criminal mastermind and ought to be sent to 500 years in the hole " Mia said , smashing Taiko in the head.
"Ouch, Look , Girough thought we were stealing 12 million but it was 30 million , so when I was giving him the money I stole it was only 12 million because I swindled the 18 million ." Taiko said , rubbing his head.
"But how , footage shows you were with Girough the entire time and never lost the money"Mia said.
"Well , They only counted the money that was in the bag ,not the money that was in the bank. I worked with a teller to steal the rest ." Taiko said ,smiling .

Nation: Grenolia
Province: Inoe
City: LiQui

"My lord ,we have arrived at the Kinoue Estate " The buttler interrupted as they drove into a huge villa overlooking a shoreline .

"Nice crib you got ,sis"Taiko said as he started smoking a cigarette.
"Idiot , I have slaved as a government pawn for five years for this . Plus you haven't told me your plan on your life ."Mia said , punching Taiko in the eyes this time.
"Relax , sis , First i am gonna become a high ranking official in the Navy , that will allow me to use my powers freely , then kill Girough and all his friends before becoming THE SUPREME COMMANDER OF THE GREEN NAVY" Taiko said as they walked in.
"So you are still after that dream huh, will they allow an ex-convict though? " Mia said .
" I am rich , I can buy most people plus I was a minor so my record is clean ,why do you think they let me out on my birthday ?" Taiko said ,
"Mhmm , I guess you do have a plan .No smoking in my housr ,please Taiko." She said as they walked into the lush house as Taiko dropped the cigarette and stepping on it .
"You are getting cocky now , I am your older brother ."Taiko said enraged .
"Well you can sleep outside if you don't wanna listen to the master of the house ." Mia replied with a cute face.

Province: Arion
City: Arion

Girough Holdings: Building

An old man slammed the desk of his lush office as he overlooked the beautiful view from his skyscraper ,two guards in suits looked at him as he did this ,all but silent as the man spoke .
" f$#% how, did Taiko Grinchman get out of prison" Girough said , grinning at the two men.
"Master , the National Law states that if a juvenile offender turns 18 ,all his crimes are erased , we cannot do anything about it." One of the guards replied whilst sweating.
" Frame him or something , I cannot afford for that man to roam free ." Girough said .
"Sir ,we can't do anything , he has barely been out a few hours , plus he is a criminal ,he is bound to do something illegal ."The other guard said .
"You are right , Taiko is a reckless fellow ,he has been in and out of there like its his second home ,no ,only home.Get someone to follow him , that idiot is bound to slip up." Girough said.

LiQui: 20:00pm

The highly lit up city is brimming with beauty ,as thousands of people walk around the Nation's third biggest city , But in it's dark alleys , much more horrendous crimes are happening.

A ball of sand shoots at a man, sticking him to a wall as it harderns , the man ,who is unable to move as a figure walks up to him and suffocating the man in the neck.
"I know nothing , what did I..I..I... do to you man? " The man says ,struggling to breathe .
"You are a goon of a particular man I want , and you know where he is " Taiko said ,as he revealed his face .
" Bosd Grinchman , when did you get out of prison ,he, man I missed you man ." The man said , sweating whilst suffocating.
" in the next minute you will tell me two things , The location of my 18 Million KINO ,and the Location of your Boss Kingsley ." Taiko said , looking at a watch on his wrist.
"Uhm , Boss Kingsley keeps it at his office " The man said.
"And where is his office?" Taiko asked.
" The...The...The Capital , He is a prominent businessman in Keira." The man said.
" Thank you " Taiko begun walking away .
"Please let me go ,I answered your questions"The man said ,struggling to get out of the harderned sand.
" you really think I would let you go , Idiot you are the first man on my hit list ,now die" Taiko continued to walk as he entered the busy street before flicking his fingers as a huge explosion erupted on the scene .

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