Wolf Whispers

By Nymue All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Other

Chapter 12

Kynthia felt Lyall shift uneasily as they both watched the suddenly agitated Beta pace the tent. Despite her weariness, Lyall pushed her senses out to meld with Kynthia and tried to get a grasp on the situation.

'Something isn't right my dearest, I don't think we should rely so much on Valfred anymore. Perhaps we need to change our plans in entering the Lightning Shadow's pack; get favor with one of the other Beta's.' Lyall's soft steely voice advised caution but Kynthia hardly heard her as she watched Gwain scowl at Valfred. His eyes clouded over as his wolf took over his sight; gleaming golden eyes stalking his brother's movements. Valfred, too caught up in his own thoughts clearly didn't pick up on the change of moods they both visibly showed. A rustle of the opening shattered the atmosphere as Faolan poked her head inside. Upon seeing Kynthia awake and human again she squealed in delight and dashed over to her, throwing her small body into Kynthia's arms for a hug. Her doe-like eyes were wide as she stared up at Kynthia.

"Are you all better now? Is the scary shadow gone?" She asked simply; her voice full of concern and fear. Kynthia blinked at Faolan not understanding her meaning, but merely nodded. She brushed Faolan's hair from her small face and a half smile found it's way onto her face as she fully registered the fact that the girl was truly safe.

"I feel better, though I don't know what you mean by 'scary shadow' Faolan." She absently replied; almost forgetting that she had been asked rapid-fire questions. Faolan stood up and attempted to pull Kynthia along with her. "Let's go eat! I'm hungry!" Gavin was suddenly there; taking Faolan's hand off Kynthia. Gently he chided Faolan, "I'm sorry little miss but your friend has to stay in the hut until I know for sure she's okay. Go grab some food and as a special treat tonight; you can stay with her while you both eat." The girl nodded solemnly with a soft sigh and gingerly extracted her wrist from Gavin's hold. She quietly left the three of them in silence closing the flap of the hut behind her. They just stared at the entrance waiting, barely moving until Faolan broke the spell carrying two plates of food; one had the inevitable 'doctor's orders' meal. More prey food than actual meat and Kynthia scowled at it.

'What do you mean find favor with one of the other Beta's? They all think I'm nothing but a mere human. They'll never accept me.' Kynthia picked at her food, trying to look busy with eating instead of being fascinated by Lyall's words. 'All I'm saying is that when Valfred found out about me; he changed. I do not like it at all and I worry what plans he may think up.' Kynthia hummed thoughtfully as she chewed; her eyes following Gavin's methodical movements as he measured and mixed different powders. 'Also; I think that when you fell unconscious they noticed me. We can simply say that I have only just awoken to you. They don't need the full details.' Lyall's words were sound and while she had her own doubts she knew that her soul-sister would never lead her astray. 'Let's just take it slow until we fully recover Sister. I'll be more cautious around Valfred if you wish it so.' Lyall gave a simple caress and settled down in the back of Kynthia's mind.

"Scowling at the food won't make it disappear, now eat or I'll feed you myself." Gavin's gruff voice broke through her scattered thoughts and with sheepish look began eating.

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