Wolf Whispers

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Chapter 8

The silence from Lyall was unnerving for Kynthia as she tried to focus on the Beta and the little girl who revealed that she was not just an ordinary girl. She felt alone and vulnerable even though she could still feel Lyall’s presence; it was faint like a whisper in a crowded room. A gentle touch on her cheek startled her as she blinked at Faolan who had a sad look in her eyes.

“It must be so hard for one who is so closely tied to the moon,” She whispered under her breath. Her face twisted into one of concentration as she continued talking to herself. “If she’s pulled so by the moon...Could she help us?”

“Faolan?” Kynthia whispered cautiously to the girl; unsure if she should disturb her mutterings. The girl blinked as if she was coming out of a trance and bite her lip. Kynthia smiled wistfully and looked up at the moon that was only a thin sliver of light among the dazzling shimmer of stars. It was nearly the new moon and she felt as though she was purely human. No wolf strengths to help her or to guide her. She felt more vulnerable than she had ever wanted to feel. Kynthia clenched her fists and prayed that Lyall's strength would return soon. Valfred stood with a grunt and stretched his muscles out from sitting for so long.

“Come, it’s time we slept. It’s near morning and we’ve been talking the night away. Speculation will get us nowhere but I must take you back to my Alpha and Luna. Surely they will know what to do.” His voice was soft but held steel that allowed for no arguments.

Faolan bowed her head and slipped her hand into his, “No one must know who I really am. I will be silent except when I am with one of you.” She murmured quietly to them before skipping forward and dragging the Beta behind her.

Kynthia closed her eyes and raised her face to the sliver of moon that hovered over them like a watchful mother. She felt her wolf stir restlessly but it was still faint and she worried about Lyall and their diminishing bond. It was never this strong; her drop in strength despite it seeming to get worse over the years like a parasitic disease. With a sigh Kynthia shook herself of her grim thoughts and stood up. She would have to be careful and watchful. Lyall could not protect her this time, she needed to be strong; for the both of them. She headed up the same path Faolan and Valfred took, hoping to get a good night’s sleep.

‘Kynthia...’ An unfamiliar voice softly whispered in her mind. The voice was soft and gentle like a spring breeze playfully pushing at the new blooming flowers.‘Kynthia...Please...You must awaken...’ Kynthia slowly opened her eyes and stared up at a pale blue sky with light fluffy clouds drifting lazily by. She yawned and stretched, feeling soft blades of grass poke through her lavender cotton dress. She frowned with concern but the gentle breeze that caressed her cheek and playfully tug on her hair brushed the semi formed thought away. A feeling of calm and serenity filled her heart as she continued to lay on her back and soak up the warm golden rays of sunlight.

‘Kynthia!’ This voice was familiar but it seemed faint and frantic. She wondered why it was so important for her to wake up. It was peaceful here, calm and untouched by the pain of reality. With a gasp her eyes flew open and she stared up at the rocky ceiling that she had fallen asleep to last night. Lyall rubbed her consciousness against her own as a weak whimper escaped her. She leaned into her wolf’s awareness as she tried to make sense of the all too real...dream? Memory? She couldn’t tell or even begin to explain what she had just encountered.

Lyall felt her confusion but said nothing as she continued to support her soul sister with her presence; hoping that in her weakened state, that it was enough.

Kynthia finally sighed and rolled to her feet; standing up and brushing off the dirt from the rocky bed she had slept on that night. Muffled sounds of the pack wolves brought by the three Betas alerted her to the smells of breakfast and them packing their things away for the trip home. Today was the start of a new journey. The start of an uneasy future as Kynthia recalled the agony and loss of her pack link being broken by her ghost of a brother whom she thought was dead years ago. A quick inhalation of calming breaths, she straightened her spine and squeezed out of the small cavern to face the wolves and the dawn of a new life.

At first the wolves were too busy fixing their belongings to notice her presence; but that hardly bothered Kynthia. Having the title Omega was one that allowed her to be invisible to the rest of the Lycan world, and allow for most if not all; to forget the fact that she was in fact a pure-bred fully grown Lycan herself. Only Beta Valfred knew of her potential and abilities to the Lycan race, but she knew that he would not betray her to the others until he reported back to his Alpha. Even then she doubted that he was speak of her in anything but respect and kindness as was his nature.

There was not many Betas like him; who offered wolves of lower titles - even rogues - the benefit of being more capable than most wolves even bothered to look into or admit to. Betas such as Faelan and Ronyn were more common. They were the type to ask questions after the irrevocable has been done to the innocent party. They are the best warriors but not the best statesmen to head into politics with. They speak their minds without thought in their words and little repercussion to their thoughtlessness due to their high rankings. Only the Alphas could force their submission but most allowed them free reign. Lyall warmed to the thought of having Beta Valfred as a valuable ally in this time of uncertainty for them.

“Kynthia!” A high pitch squeal brought her out of her musings as little Faolan raced towards her; uncaring of who she cut off in her path to Kynthia. Cries of disdain and ruffled anger was slowly muted as they saw who ran past them. Kynthia opened her arms to catch the girl as she leapt into the air and stumbled slightly to hold her balance and not let go of her charge. Kynthia smiled at the girl as she hugged her before setting her down on her feet again and kneeling to be at her height.

She held up a small glittering stone for her and beamed with pride. “I forgot to tell you but I found it last night after my bath. I hope you like it cause it has the same color as your eyes!” She exclaimed excitedly as the gem sparkled in her small hand. The gem seemed to glow with it’s own light as Kynthia glanced at it; seeing that it was indeed the same color as her blue-green eyes. The stone pulled at her consciousness as she tore her gaze from it and tried to focus on the girl in front of her. It took some effort as she curled Faolan’s fingers around the stone. She strained to smile at Faolan while trying to focus on her thoughts.

Clearing her throat she spoke gently to the girl; “It’s very pretty and I do like it. Why do you put it somewhere safe so that we don’t lose it on our journey to Beta Valfred’s pack, okay?” Faolan nodded with pure trust shining in her emerald eyes.

‘She may be the daughter of noble family but she is still only a child. It’s not right for her to have experienced such hardships so early in her young life.’ Lyall commented softly in the back of Kynthia’s mind and she agreed with Lyall wordlessly. Faolan never truly spoke of how she got the scars on her small body but it was clear that she had been captivity for at least a year or more. Surely there was someone looking for her still, someone who stilled cared for this precious child; who could smile and be cheerful not even a full day after being rescued. Beta Valfred strode up to her and glanced at Faolan’s retreating form.

“She seems much more energetic for someone who had been in captivity for so long.” He commented eerily close to her own thoughts. Kynthia nodded her agreement then turned to face the Beta squarely.

“It does seem unnatural, but we shall let her be and watch out for her. Was there something you needed from me, sir?” She asked respectfully, still aware that the rest of the wolves still thought of her as an Omega.

He cleared his throat and with a more commanding tone he replied, “You are hereby ordered to follow me to The Lightning Shadow pack and meet with my Alpha, from there we shall decide your fate.”

Kynthia bowed her head but stayed silent as she tried to decipher what he really meant. She knew that was not all he was trying to tell her but she couldn’t understand the silent message he had given her.

An hour later; all the wolves had eaten, packed and were forming four separate squads outside the cavern. Three groups were the main body of each pack; the Betas of each were leading them then it fell down to each wolf in ranking order. Although First and Second in command were not there; the ones below the Betas was a Captain, followed by a Lieutenant, then it was the soldiers. The fourth group was a mixture of all three packs but these were the Trackers and Scouts in training. The group numbered to six, each Tracker had a trainee trailing them as to learn and have a more personal feel for a better tracking experience.

Soon the fourth group split to the North, East and West in pairs; leaving the South unguarded. Kynthia frowned and glanced to their rear. The mountains stretched along the horizon, vast and unmoving; taunting Kynthia. Her brother was somewhere within those peaks and she was unable to follow. Glaring at the offensive peaks she spun on her heel and stomped to the very back of the Lightning Shadow pack. She was now a Rogue; there would be no special place further up in the packs nor was she allowed to help the Trackers.

Unintentionally she was a prisoner, free from the bonds of a pack but still confined by their laws. A hand gripped hers and she looks down to see Faolan by her side, Kynthia smiled and with the thrum of many feet marching in rhythm thundered around her; she began walking towards a new life of her own.

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