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Suyi the Unfortunate Soul: Undead (SUSU)

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verything that she could remember was that she had dropped dead and fell face first at the grand staircase that she was descending. Cause of death? unknown She thought she will be going straight to the reincarnation pool at the heavens, but who would have thought that she had already used up her 10 lifetimes, and each life ended with her suddenly dying at the same age of 25. And each time, she would have no idea how she died. Aggrieved, wronged, and unwilling! Who wouldn't be? After thousands of years doing missions, leveling up, fighting monsters and kinds of stuff, she finally became a Goddess, excited as to finally, she could take a rest. "Go to these worlds, do tasks, save planets, conquer tribes, build things and etc. Do something, earn respect from the undead, and gather believers among the living."

Fantasy / Romance
Frince Daian
Age Rating:



Classical music, people dancing and swaying their bodies with their partners in the middle of the ballroom, intimate and as if scared to let people not take notice of their warmth. Whilst people were enjoying themselves, a silhouette of a woman appeared at the edge of the grand staircase, slowly descending like a forest fairy with her wings flapping behind her with elegance and beauty.

Her eyes slowly passed through each person not missing any details, her eyes stopped when she saw a couple dancing like a pair of swans but they are just an ugly ducklings lost in the swan lake, atlast she could finally extract her revenge against those devil incarnates.

She gloated and grinned happily, but what came next took her by surprise.

Her body fell face first on the floor, and she seems to be dead.




She could faintly hear the demonic couple’s victorious and evil laugh ringing in her ear, mocking her.

How could fate do this to her! Just when she had them at the palm of her hand, ready to be stripped off from their facades. Her heart burned with an extreme clash of emotions. Before darkness engulfed her, literally, she saw a blurry face of a man who stared straight at her.

His eyes held sadness? Why?

It had been hours, or days maybe even weeks since she was sucked by the mysterious vacuum cleaner wannabe power, she was just chilling at the morgue as a wandering soul, spirit or maybe ghost? When she felt this pressure from nowhere and immediately sucked her, like literally.

She just found herself stuck inside this all white random space, alone, bored, alone, tired, alone, confused, and oh! Did she forget to tell that she was alone and bored?

“If someone is out there enjoying their ass off watching me suffer, can you please just tell me why I am abducted and left here?! Hello?! Fuck!” curses escaped her mouth as if they were too scared to stay even just for a second in there.

In the meantime, a translucent figure of a what seemed to be a person was sitting and chilling inside a control room, its feet resting on top of the table whilst its hand draped over its side while the other hand holding sheets of paper while occasionally glancing at numerous rooms holding creatures, like beast, spirits, humans etc.

The translucent figure shook as it listened to the colorful words spat by a woman who was flinging her hands in the air like a mad man.

“I fucking swear this grandpa will swoop your flat ass and spank you just once who ever put me in here, in this God forsaken place!” as if on reflexes the figure used the papers to cover its face when the woman suddenly glanced at its direction, as if aware that the figure was observing her.

“I FUCKING SWEAR!!!!” her eyes were burning with deep rage and insanity as she stared, no, glared at the figure.

Infact, she was not aware that there really is someone watching her, she was just guessing. And in terms of how accurate she was in finding the creature’s location, she also took a wild guess.

3 years, she was in that place for 3 damn years, and it wasn’t a surprise when she gained skills, like having a 5 person conference, how? Guest 1 to 5 was all her.

Over the time she was there, she also befriended a couple of identities, like hair, hand, and the esteemed mister feet, and his twin foot.

She was about to summon the guests of her manor called “Bob” when the empty white space she had brown accustomed to turned black.


A low chuckle sounded from her left side and finally hearing response from a real existence elated her much more than she could ever tell.

“Silly” the person said, and it sounded like it was a ‘he’

“Shit! Bob is that you!? You ingrate! Damned son of a Bee! You know how to speak? I thought you were mute! And here I am wasting my time to speak for you in front of Mr. Foot and Mrs. Toes, I am utterly speechless and betrayed!” she scolded whilst her face quickly turned sour, as if she was really betrayed.

The voice from a man scoffed and mumbled “speechless? You seemed to be too bubbly and talkative for a person who turned insane from being purified. Tsk and your mouth need a wash, 3 years worth of purification did nothing to your foul mouth.” he was clearly mocking her, Hah! He dares!!

Enraged, she rolled the imaginary sleeves up to her shoulder and faintly snapped her neck and hands to induce what appeared to be her way of intimidating.

“This grandpa will teach you respect, ungrateful child! Kneel pheasant!” she walked to ’Bob’s location with a grim expression, suddenly she was being held down by an invisible force. Making her unwillingly yield to the power.

“Make me” the voice that seemed to be too far away a while ago, was now directed at her ear, speaking with great authority and dangerous killing intent suppressed her. A soft yet cold breath befell her ears making her stiff.

“Who are you?” She finally had the chance to calm down and ask a question. The man snickered and told her it was none of her business. Aggrieved, she then pouted and murmured inaudible words that only she and her other persona’s could understand.

“Let’s go” the man spoke again and she could hear faint footsteps from a far, if it wasn’t for the fact that she had grown more sensitive with all her senses, she would not be able to hear his steps.

She felt defeated but she still obeyed his words, it was as if the raging dragon who was spouting evil enchantments wasn’t her, even calling herself grandpa. She completely took on the role of Guest number 4, a meek and timid girl, easily frightened, innocent and pure. A hundred percent untainted.

Anyone who will see her will instantly be fooled. Luckily, the man from before didn’t buy her shameless pretend.

Staring straight at the jet black surroundings, she would almost think that she didn’t move at all if it wasn’t from the fact that she could slowly see a flicker of light ahead. Finally! Freedom!

She hastened her pace and even wanted to walk past the man, but she chose to walk behind him, she wanted to know who the man was, and it would only be possible if they were in a bright place.

During their exchange before, all she could see was that he was a foot taller than her, well proportioned body and was in a very elegant robe, with two long intimidating swords hanging both at his sides. She knew deep inside that this man wasn’t simple, she did not dare think of how easy it would be for this man to behead her if he was annoyed.

5 more steps and they would be under the bright light, just a few more steps he would be able to take a look at this promising man’s face.

She held her breath and waited for him to take his final step, she did not dare blink, scared that she might miss a single detail.

Suddenly, a strong gust of wind blew and along the strong spiking air were a few pink and white petals that seemed to be a Weeping Cherry Tree, its soft scent lingered in her nose tempting her to take a whiff.

The pretty petals blocked her sight and all she could witness was the man’s pinkish peach robes with black and blue hem and sides, fluttered and swayed along the wind, then suddenly the man disappeared.

“Holy Sheep!” she cursed and quickly skimmed her surroundings, although she was mesmerized by the vast and beautiful land full of flowers ahead, she was more reclined into finding the mysterious man.

Her eyes then found a white and majestic looking fox like cat licking its paws below the big old Weeping Cherry Tree.

“Your mouth stinks” the voice of the man from earlier sounded but what took her by surprise was that the fox infront of her opened its mouth, as if it was the one talking. She stood there, mouth hanging and her watery eyes that were small, rounded and widened.

Her finger pointed at the fox-cat and she was very much speechless, this time it was real.

“Bob?” the beautiful fox-cat who was lying on a tree’s roots enjoying the breeze suddenly fell and glared at her. He who was revered as a peerless man, sought after by Gods and Goddesses, was nicknamed Bob by a mad woman who talks to 4 other persona’s who she played herself. Foolish! Unacceptable!

The fox-cat turned his head away from her and flaunted his well kept tail, swaying his body elegantly and walked away from her. She then followed him while giggling, he looked quite cute when he was annoyed a while ago.

After they had walked for quite a while, they arrived in front of a tall building which they entered immediately. The longer they stayed inside, the more she felt nauseous, she just saw different kinds of creatures, some she had heard from fairytales, and some were completely foreign existence to her.

Where the hell is she?

Her questions were soon answered when a woman in a very bright yellow lipstick assessed them.

“Welcome to the Afterlife, home of the dead. Ah! You must be the lunati- Fresh meat HAHA! Welcome fellow undeads” her words were quickly overshadowed by a menacing laugh.




Maple Writes

Don’t forget to leave a comment, share and give me reviews for me to know if there are things that I should improve with and change at the same time. Have a good day. Enjoy reading.

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