Daughter of the Vampire King

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Scarlett is a Vampire - Werewolf hybrid She is the eldest daughter of The Vampire King Phoenix is a Vampire He is the second in command to the Vampire King, They are destined for each other or are they As Old lovers interfere And a new lover wanting to claim Kidnappers everywhere A king in trouble Is War still on the horizon * Book Two in the 'Royal Family' Series. I would recommend that you read book one first. Some parts will make more sense if book one is read first. ** Warning this book contains high mature scenes, mature and physical abuse, rape and some violence which may trigger some readers, please read at own discretion!

Fantasy / Erotica
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With people out to kidnap a member of the royal family and others wanting to kill the queen. As old lovers threaten their love for each other. Their loyalty to the kingdom will be tested as they fight to keep their family together and prevent the war that threatens to break out.

Will their love prove to be strong enough to see them through or will one betray and destroy the other. Will they stop the war that is coming or are they the start of it.

My name is Scarlett King and I am nearly seventeen, I am the first daughter of the Vampire king Dominic and his Werewolf Queen Seraphina. I am a hybrid of both vampire and werewolf, so I have the traits from both even though my vampire is slightly stronger. My wolf Ruth is a healer, she heals me if I get injured and she loves helping and healing others, my vampire Cara she is hard to describe. She is very quiet, cunning and can be very cryptic when wanting me to do something. I found out recently that as part of being a hybrid I have a special gift, not that I would call it that, I would call it a curse as I can get glimpses of the future and its not always good. There is war coming and I don’t know yet how to stop it.

My name is Phoenix, I am a vampire and I am nearly three hundred years old. I am the second in command and best friend to the vampire king Dominic. We didn’t have much of a life once King Dominic’s parents were betrayed and killed but that changed one hundred and fifty years later when king Dominic found and saved his werewolf queen Seraphina, now until she came into all our lives we never cared about anything or anyone as long as they were following the rules and did as they were told. Seraphina changed that, she helped us find love again and then when she had king Dominic’s first children one of them happened to be my mate. A beautiful little angel and I have watched over and fallen more in love with her everyday since.

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