Daughter of the Vampire King (Preview)

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I wake up, stretch and take a deep breath, the room and bed is drenched in an intoxicating scent of pine and vanilla that floods my nose, which makes Ruth go mad inside my head howling and whimpering at the same time. "MATE!! ITS MATE'S SCENT!! MATE!!"

Unfortunately I wake up alone, I knew I would as Phoenix had an early patrol to do this morning and he wont be back until later, so I wont see him until the ball tonight. I can't wait to see his face when I enter wearing the dress I found yesterday. I crawl out of bed and go have a shower, as I finish and walk back into the room there is a light knock on the door, I look over as Nathaniel leans on the door frame, "So sis! I see you slept here again, is he your mate?"

"Yes Nat, Nix is my mate... Ruth is going mad in my head as his scent is everywhere and its really intoxicating."

"I didn't get to give this to you yesterday, happy birthday sis."

He hands me a small box that is really nicely wrapped and tied with a beautiful blue ribbon. I open it and gasp, "Its beautiful Nat!! Did you open the gift I gave you yesterday?"

"No I have it here!" he pulls it out from behind his back, he opens it and just stares with his mouth open. I pull out the bracelet as he pulls out the amulet, it is like they are a set. "Who would have thought we would have found the two items to give each other that form a beautiful set."

"Only we could! Thank you Nat, I love it and it will go well with my dress tonight."

"Good, Well sis I must go, Father has some things he wants me to do before the ball tonight."

"Have fun and I will see you later."

I give him a hug as he straightens and walks away. We complete everything and then we all go our separate ways to get ready for the blood moon ball. Once we are all ready we all meet outside the doors to the old ruins ballroom doors waiting for Sebastian to announce our arrival.

I listen as we stand at the doors waiting for Sebastian to make our introductions as we enter the blood moon ball.


"NEXT WE HAVE THE WEREWOLF KING NOAH AND HIS MATE QUEEN SERENITY!" I clap again as more cheering and whistling goes through the room

"NEXT WE HAVE THE VAMPIRE KING DOMINIC AND HIS IRREPLACEABLE QUEEN SERAPHINA!" I stifle a little giggle at Sebastian's introduction of mother but the cheers and whistles that they get shows just how much they both mean to the kingdoms.


Nathaniel holds out his arm to me, I place my hand in his elbow and we walk into the room, there are cheers and whistles as we slowly make our through the room. I look past father to where Phoenix is standing just behind his throne, he has his mouth just open and his eyes are flickering red. I blush and smile, I then see father lean towards him and motion for him to come closer, he whispers something to him. Phoenix then closes his mouth, straightens and just looks past me as if I was no longer there. We make our way up to where mother and father are sitting, we give them a small bow out of respect. Nathaniel then walks me over to the small throne next to mother, he allows me to sit and then makes his way to his throne next to father.

I felt a little hurt once he made me feel like I was invisible to him but I do understand that he is the second to father and we are not officially mate yet so tonight I am nothing to him, I am just another member of the Royal family.

Ruth and Cara are going insane inside my head wanting to touch him, wanting him to touch us, we haven't seen him all day due to the blood moon ball commitments for both of us.

Once the music starts again everyone starts dancing, it isn't long before father gets to his feet, holds out his hand and asks mother to dance, she takes it and they make their way down the steps, I hear her low squeal as he sweeps her off her feet and around the dance floor.

Nathaniel gets to his feet as a female approaches and asks him shyly to dance, he nods, takes her hand and makes his way to the dance floor. I sneak a couple of glances of Phoenix, who is still standing by fathers chair just watching everyone dance, once a couple of songs have finished father leads mother back to her seat and comes over to me.

He holds out his hand and bows "Scarlett, may I have a dance?"

I smile and take his hand, he then leads me out onto the dance floor, as we move I whisper "Father! What did you say to Nix? He wont even look at me?"

"Sorry Scar but once you had entered and I saw you smile and blush in his direction I had to remind him and Soren that we are at an official event, he is the second in command and he is on protection detail tonight. I needed him to remember that so he didn't do something he shouldn't, at least until you and him are actually mated."

"But Father... I wanted to at least have a dance with him!"

"I'll tell you what, first you be the princess of our kingdom and dance with some of the other males here tonight and then you can have a couple of dances with him later."

"Okay Father!"

"Good, now how about we show these people how you are ment to dance..."

I laugh as he steps up the dance we are doing, which makes everyone move slightly and watch as we move around the dance floor. When the music stops he bows and I curtsy, I start to giggle as father holds out his arm, I take it and he leads me back to the thrones.

"That was good, when did you two learn that?" mother whispers as I sit back down, I smile "You know the private classes father was giving me?"


"Well they were private Dance classes, because I kept tripping over my own feet everytime I tried to dance."

Once I had sat down after dancing with Father, more and more males approached me for a dance, I had a duty tonight and that was to be the kingdoms princess and possibly be someones mate, the only thing that I didn't like was I already knew I was someones mate and he was standing just behind father on protection duty. I sneak another look at Phoenix whenever I can, in any normal circumstance anyone that finds their mate shows everyone as soon as they do but Phoenix and my father made an agreement that if it happened during an offical event then he would wait until after as not to take the light or focus off of the event, and as we already knew about us being mates anyway, so tonight I needed to be the vampire princess.

I hid a smile everytime I heard a low hiss coming from just behind Fathers chair, at one stage after another male had just asked me to dance and we heard that low hiss again, I heard father clear his throat and then a soft "Sorry Sir!" come from Phoenix.

Once the event has slowed down and most people were getting ready to leave father gave Phoenix a small nod and held his hand out to mother, they made their way onto the dance floor, while Phoenix comes up to me and holds out his hand "Can I have this dance?"

I smile and stand taking his hand, I let out a small gasp at the sparks that travel up from where he is touching my hand, as we get onto the dance floor he whispers "My Butterfly! You look absolutely beautiful tonight, I'm sorry I couldn't say it sooner but your father is right, we agreed and this was an official event and until you are of age or we are mated I have a duty to address you as I would any member of the Royal family."

"Its okay I understand. Did you see some of those males faces everytime you hissed low and threatening in the background as they asked me to dance?"

"That was more Soren, you are ours and we should be the only one touching you, so watching other unattached males put their hands on you, makes us just a little agitated." I see his eyes flicker red showing how that Soren wanted control.

"Soren I am yours and always have been."

His eyes stopped flickering, we then went on to dance and dance until he whispers "Butterfly I want to be alone with you, do you want to get out of here?"

I smile and nod, he takes my hand and we head back to the castle. Once we make it to his room, he closes the door and grabs me around the waist pulling me in for a kiss that is full of passion and dominance. He backs us up, pushing me hard against the wall. With Cara and Ruth hissing and growling in my head, to relax that he is our mate and this is what is meant to happen between us, I return his kiss with just as much hunger as he has. This is what we wanted, what we had been waiting for but as he slides his hand down the side of my body and he reaches my thigh I start to feel a little scared, we have never gone this far or been this serious before. As he moves his hand back up, he moves it under the hem of my dress sliding it onto my bare thigh making me shiver. When he reaches my hip I feel his claws extending, while he is doing this he moves his kiss from my lips and trails them down my neck. He start to scare me more as he uses his claws to rip my underwear, I tense and move my arms from around his neck to place my hands so they are now resting on his chest, I take a quick gasp of breath as I feel him scrape his fangs along my skin.

"Nix?? I.. I.." he lifts his head and I see that his eyes are a bright red, "Soren?? Please..."

"You mean after all your teasing and whining that you had to wait, you now don't want me to touch you???"

"No! Soren it's not like that... I.. I.." I feel a tear start to slide down my cheek, I also feel fear start to rise as I see the anger I his eyes. He raised his hand and I flinched for the first time ever fearing he was going to hit me.

"Soren.... I'm sorry please..." I whisper

He hits the wall behind me and takes a step back, he goes over to the door, opens it and stalks out. I slide down the wall and cover my face as I let the tears fall.

After a little while I slowly got back up to my feet, I follow the pull of the blood bond wanting to apologize but what I find makes me pale, while Cara and Ruth whimper inside my head. I can't move as I watch Phoenix or is it Soren pushed up against the side of the castle with another female wrapped around him, I couldn't tell if he was kissing her, if he was just drinking from her or if he was doing more with her but what ever he was doing she looked like she was really enjoying it with her legs wrapped around his waist.

The female looks up and over, when she sees me, she smiles and whispers something into his ear. He lifts his head, looks over at me and runs his tongue over his lips as he smirks, I see the moment he realises who I am as horror slides into his eyes. I turn around and run to my room, I lock my door once I am inside and head into my bathroom. I strip slowly out of my dress, climb into the shower and break down into sobs again.

I can't believe we find out this morning that we were right and Phoenix and Soren are our mates but after everything, after waiting for so long, I get a little scared, I just wanted him to slow down a little but he runs off to be in another females arms instead. I can't believe everyone was right, I am not good enough for him.

I slowly get out of the shower and crawl into bed still sobbing, I hear a knock on the door but I just can't bring myself to go and answer it.

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