Daughter of the Vampire King (Preview)

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My eyes stopped flickering as Soren backed off, we then went on to dance and dance until I whisper "Butterfly I want to be alone with you, do you want to get out of here?"

She smiles and nods, I take her hand and we head back to the castle. Once we make it to my room Soren takes control. I close the door and grab her around the waist pulling her in for our first kiss I use passion and dominance. I back us up, pushing her hard against the wall. She return my kiss with just as much hunger making me believe this is what she wants, but as I slide my hand down the side of her body and I reach her thigh, she seems to tense a little. As I move my hand back up, I slide it under the hem of her dress coming onto contact with her bare thigh making her shiver. I take this as a good sign, when I reach her hip I extend my claws and move my kiss down her neck, wanting to both drink from her and mark her as well, my fangs lengthen with anticipation of what's to come. I use my now extended claws to carefully rip her underwear free, I feel her tense a little more and then she moves her arms from around my neck and places her hands on my chest, I feel her take a quick sharp breath as I now scrape my fangs along her skin. It takes me a little to register when she whispers

"Nix?? I.. I.." I lift my head and look into her surprised eyes, "Soren?? Please... I.. I.."

"You mean after all your teasing and whining that you had to wait, you now don't want me to touch you???"

"No! Soren it's not like that... I.. I.." I see the tear slide down her cheek, I am not mad at her, I know this is her first time and she is nervous but it is the night of the blood moon and the effect is even stronger now her wolf has acknowledged the mate bond, I am having trouble keeping the pull to complete the mating under control. I raise my hand to place it on her cheek when she flinches, I have never and would never even consider hitting her.

Next I hear her whisper
"Soren.... I'm sorry please..."

I see the fear in her eyes and hit the wall behind her in frustration. I take a step back, go over to the door, open it and walk out. I go outside to get some fresh air and try to control the pull of the blood moon, so I can return to Scarlett as soon as possible. As I walk around the corner I bump into a female I knew from one of the other vampire clans, "Hey Nixy! Its been a while, you been good?"

"Hey Sharon! Its Soren, and yeah I've been great...."

"You look tense and like you need a release, if you want to we could both scratch the itch that the blood moon causes? Unless you have a lover already?"

"No I don't have an actual lover, what I have is more but I can't do anything with her yet...."

"Why? Soren, doesn't she want you? Does she know how you feel about her?"

"Yes she does, she is young, so one minute she wants more and the next she is not sure... And her being unsure tonight just makes it so hard to stay in control, with the pull of the blood moon..." and the mate pull on top was making it even harder but I wasn't going to tell her that.

She moves her hair, exposing her neck
"Here Soren, drink, take some of the edge off of the pull."

I feel my fangs lengthen at the prospect of drinking, I step up to her and sink my fangs into her neck without a second thought, moving her slightly backwards so we are leaning up against the side of the castle, I retract my fangs and start to drink deeply. She surprises me by jumping up and wrapping her legs around my waist, I push her harder into the wall as I continue to drink and the effect of the blood moon makes me want to slide myself inside her like I normally would when I am with this particular female, even though I don't feel any pleasure drinking from her. She moves her hand down my chest to my pants slowly undoing them, I let out a low hiss against her neck, just before I can slide myself inside her, I hear Nix screaming inside my head "SOREN! STOP!"

I ignore him enjoying the possibility of being inside her soon and the release that follows, until the female in my arms moves her lips to my ear and whispers "I think you might be in a little trouble my friend, as we are being watched..."

I lift my head, swipe my tongue over my bite and turn, I smirk licking my lips thinking that it is just some guard or other maybe wanting to join but when I focus on who it is standing there watching, I am swamped with horror as I see Scarlett's pale face. I see her turn and run, I go to drop Sharon so I can follow Scarlett but she keeps her legs wrapped tightly around my waist and says "Soren.. I guess that was the young female that couldn't decide if she really wanted you! Well that is her loss... Come on darling we had something good going here, finish what you started, you need the release and now so do I...."

"Yes I do need release, but I am going to find my female and you are not her, and I am sure you will have no problem finding someone else to help you with yours." I finally manage to make her remove her legs from my waist and do up my pants.

"But Soren.." She calls after me as I follow our blood bond and find myself standing outside her bedroom door, I try the handle and find it locked. I don't blame her, it would have looked really bad from where she was standing and I guess it could have been even worse if she didn't come when she did. I feel really guilty now that I allowed the pull of the blood moon get the better of me.

I take a deep breath to get myself ready for the temper I know she has and for tonight I deserve whatever she gives me. Hoping she will unlock the door and allow me to explain that nothing happened but me having a drink, I knock softly on it. She doesn't answer but I hear her quietly sobbing on her bed, now I feel even worse.

I tried the door once more as I knock again, still she didn't come to the door just stayed on the bed and cried. I know how she use to get out of her room so she could come over and spend some time in my room with me, I make my way out of the castle and around to where her window is. I climb up and enter her room through the window, I move over to her bed and climb in behind her, as I pull her into my chest I hear her soft whimper "I'm sorry Soren... I.. I just wanted you to slow down a little. I.. I wanted to... Really I did.. I was just scared..."

"I know butterfly, I'm sorry! I was having trouble fighting the pull to complete the mating with you caused by the blood moon."

"But you were angry at me because I stopped you, but I.. I.. didn't want you to stop I... I just needed you to slow down..."

"Butterfly... Did I scare you?"

"A little, but I guess I deserved it.. like you said I have been going on about us finishing the mating for ages, and when the time came to actually go through with it I.. I.. pushed you away and into the arms of another female..."

"Butterfly, all I did was drink some of her blood."

"I'm not dumb Soren, I saw what position you were in with her and I saw the look of pleasure on her face, which increased when she saw me standing there. I may be still young but I know that kind of pleasure can only be received one way. Its okay, you haven't had a lover for at least seventeen years that I know of, you are entitled to have as least some release after so long." I hear and feel her soft sobs, as she starts to struggle trying to move out of my arms.

I tighten them bringing her closer to me, "Butterfly... Scarlett I admit I was close to loosing control with that female, she was an old friend and lover but I didn't, you are the only one I want!"

"But Soren.." she turns to face me "What you want and what you need are two totally different things beside I'm sure she would be much better for you then me. At least she has experience and can give you much more and much better pleasure, where I.. I am just a stupid scared young girl that has a lot of growing up to do. Maybe you should go and find her...." she places her hands on my chest again

I hiss cutting her off as I tighten my arms around her and look into her eyes "Scarlett! You are everything but stupid, I know you are scared and I am sorry I moved to fast earlier. I don't expect anything from you Butterfly, I will not force you to do what you are not ready for."

"I am sorry... May I kiss you?

"I would love you to kiss me but it should be me asking if I can kiss you!"

She smiles and moves closer, I lean in that little bit as well closing the gap between our lips until I am kissing her gently.

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