Daughter of the Vampire King (Preview)

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He leans in closing the gap between our lips and kisses me gently, I move my arms so they are now around his neck as he rolls us slightly, so he is laying over me but not on top of me. He slowly adds more dominance to the kiss, tightening his arms pulling me closer and more underneath him. I tense and open my eyes as he pulls back breaking the kiss, he moves one of his hands to my cheek

Relax Butterfly, I will not take it further until you are ready.”

I relax and he starts kissing me again, this time he moves his kisses down the side of my neck and whispers “May I Butterfly?”

“Yes!” I move my head slightly allowing him more room as I feel his fangs lengthen, he slides them lightly over my skin before sinking them in slowly, then retracting them and drinking, I let out a mix of a moan, a growl and a hiss as the pleasure from him drinking spreads through my body, it takes me by surprise because it has never felt like this before.

I shiver as he swipes his tongue over my skin sealing it, he smiles against my skin as he whispers again “Was that nice Butterfly?”

“That was better then nice. How can you drinking give me that much pleasure? It didn’t before, why now?”

Scarlett, your wolf can now feel the mate bond between us and is liking the connection of our touch, so from now on any of the simple things we use to do like drinking will now be accompanied by pleasure and tonight because of the effect the blood moon has on mated and unmated couples everything is heightened even more.”

“Soren do you mind if I???”

You can, just don’t linger too long drinking as the pleasure it will give me will make it hard to fight off the pull to make you mine and complete the mating process.”

I tense at his words but nod as my fangs lengthen, he tilts his head to the side allowing me access to his neck. I sink my fangs in, retract them and drink. I hear him hiss and he tightens his arms around me a little more, I do as he says and only take a small amount before I swipe my tongue over my bit sealing his skin again.

I take a deep breath and let our a mix of a growl, a hiss and a moan, I feel him laugh as he goes to pull back. I don’t expect it but I tighten my arms and don’t allow him to move as both my fangs and canines lengthen, both Cara and Ruth wanting to mark what is theirs. I scrape them at the junction of his shoulder and neck, I hear him hiss low and whisper into my ear “Butterfly, you can mark me! This is natural don’t be scared.”

With his permission I sink both my fangs and canines into the junction at his shoulder making him hiss out loud. I retract my fangs, then my canines as I swipe my tongue over my mark, he shivers again as he pulls back and looks me in the eyes, he doesn’t say anything but flicks his eyes from mine down to my lips and back again. I smile and give him a small nod, to which he then smiles and goes back to kissing me.

I run my hands over his chest and down to the edge of his shirt, I nervously pull up on his shirt, taking it up and over his head breaking our kiss just long enough for him to remove it from his head. He pulls me over and up just a bit so he can do the same to me, I shiver as his fingers skim the bare skin on the side of my ribs sending sparks everywhere. As soon as my shirt is off my head he is back to kissing me, he holds me tight and rolls us back so I am now fully underneath him.

Soren runs kisses from my lips down my neck and over my chest, moving his hands down to my waist, I arch my back as pleasure runs through me but I also start to tense as I realise what he is doing. He uses the pleasure he is causing to completely remove my pants, while he still runs his hands over my bare skin, I tense and start to cover myself, feeling a little shy all of a sudden. He moves quickly, moving back up so he is again kissing my lips, and then my neck until he is whispering into my ear “Its okay Butterfly, just relax and trust me.. You are beautiful!”

“Soren please… I’m scared… I don’t know if I can...”

If you want to stop Butterfly we will, here just relax and lay with me.”

He moves off of me rolling onto his side taking me with him, he just lays there and holds me tight to him, I move my hands to his chest and listen as he hisses and arches his back a little from the pleasure. He removes his arms from around me for a few seconds before returning them tightly around me. I relax into his hold as he kisses me softly again, I run my hands up his chest and around his neck, he deepens the kiss using more dominance as he turns us again so I am back underneath him. As he moves his knees between my legs, I realise he has at some point removed his pants too, I tense a little again with a whimper. He seems to ignore it as he moves his kisses to my neck and makes his way down to the junction between my neck and shoulder, he sucks on the spot for his mark making me arch my back as pleasure and sparks run through me, he pulls away from my skin and whispers “Butterfly can I mark you? I need you! Can I finally make you mine?”

I’m still a little scared of what is to come but with the pleasure and sparks still running through me, I give him a slight nod. He then goes back to sucking on the spot where his mark will go and I feel his fangs lengthen, he scrapes them along the skin a couple of times making a shiver of pleasure flow through me again before he sinks them in, as the pain gives way to pure pleasure he thrusts his hips forward hard tearing through my innocence and burring himself deep inside me in one move. He holds himself still and tight to me as I scream out with the pain, all pleasure now gone and tears falling out the corner of my eyes. He removes his fangs from where his mark now is and he swipes his tongue over the skin to seal it. He moves his kisses trailing them back up my neck to my lips, and then he looks into my eyes “Butterfly? Are you okay?”

“It hurts Soren… Why did you??” I can’t help the sob that escapes, “I thought you just wanted to mark me?” I knew this was coming but…

This is what you wanted isn’t it? What you have been begging me for. For me to mark and claim you? It will only hurt for a little bit longer and then it will get better and all you will feel is pleasure. My dear Butterfly.”

He then starts to move his hip in slow thrusts, he lets out a hiss against my neck seeming to get lost in his pleasure but I just let out another quiet whimper and sob as the pain continues, this is not what it was meant to be like with him, it was meant to be loving and full of passion and pleasure. There seemed to be nothing coming off of Soren other then the pleasure he was receiving, no love for me and no indication that I meant more then his own pleasure. He goes back to kissing me and as his kiss gets more dominate his thrusts increase to match, I start to whimper more "Soren stop! Please Soren! Stop! Please!" as his thrusts get faster and faster and a little harder, after a few more thrusts he holds himself tight up against me as he lets out a loud hiss and releases his seed inside me, I scream into his mouth as pain shoots through me.

As he starts to slowly thrust his hips again, I whimper and let out another sob, “Soren, Stop Please… It hurts!” but he continues to trail kisses up and down my neck stopping every now and then at my new mark which is the only thing sending even the smallest amount of pleasure through me but is soon overtaken by the pain again. Again I whimper “Soren, it hurts… please stop!!”

It hurts more and more as he increases his thrusts, except this time they are not just faster but just a little harder as well, he soon reaches his release again holding himself really tight to me until his pleasure subsides. He rolls to the side taking me with him, as he lays there with me in his arms, I hear him sigh in content. I bring my hand up and wipe my eyes a little and whisper, “Soren, can I to go to the bathroom please!”

He lets me go, with saying “Don’t be long Butterfly, I am going to want you again soon!”

I climb slowly off the bed as I am very sore and make my way into the bathroom, I lock the door for the first time scared he will join me and turn on the shower, I step into the shower and just break down not even rincing myself off which was part of the reason for the shower. Is this what I am to him? Am I now just someone to provide him with pleasure? As these thoughts go through my head I end up on the floor in the shower curled up against the wall as I turn to Ruth and Cara

Was that love? Was that how love was ment to feel? Was it ment to be so painful? Was he ment to be so forceful? Is that how it will always feel? Will it always be like that?”

“I don't know if that was love Scar but it was only ment to hurt for a little being our first time but it is ment to change to pleasure.”

“It should get better Scar, just give it some time, he will bring you pleasure!”

Thanks girls but I really don’t want to do that again… I am not doing that again!”

I stop talking to them and just cry, after a while there is a knock on the door “Butterfly? Come back to bed.”

I make my way slowly to my feet, I turn off the shower and wrap a towel around me, I unlock the door and make my way back over to the bed, I climb in slowly looking for my shirt, only to have Soren pull the towel off of me and pull me in tight against him, turning me so my back is to his front. I tense a little as he runs his hands over me again and places feather light kisses along my shoulder and up my neck, I cry softly as he slides slowly into me again from behind. It doesn't hurt that much this time but there is still no pleasure either. He holds still for moment or two before he started to move his hips slowly and evenly. Once his pleasure builds, he moves one hand to my lower stomach holding me tight against him and the other hand up to wrap around my throat as he increases the thrust of his hips. He holds me tighter and tighter against him as he gets closer and closer to his release. He continues his light kisses and I give a small cry as he sinks his fangs into my neck. He retracts them and drinks deep until he suddenly swipes his tongue over his bite and holds me even tighter as he finally reaches his release with a loud hiss. I continue to cry softly as I fall into a light but exhausted sleep with him still wrapped tightly around me.

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