Daughter of the Vampire King (Preview)

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I wake up in the late morning surrounded by Scarlett’s scent and her wrapped tightly in my arms but I can also smell fresh blood. I tried to keep Soren from blocking me out last night but the combination of the blood moon, Scarlett’s wolf recognizing the mate bond and then that encounter with Sharon one of our old lovers made it really hard. I just hope he didn’t do anything that I will regret today but I have a feeling that he has, especially with smelling the fresh blood and it is Scarlett’s. I really hope he didn’t force the mating on her last night, she deserves love not just giving him some quick pleasure. “Soren??”

YYeess Nix?” He lazily answered while giving a small hiss sigh of satisfied content

“What did you do with our Butterfly last night?”

Well I marked her like she wanted and then made her ours like she has been begging us to do for weeks!” he slowly comes more out of his lazy state

“Soren… Did she agree to that? Did you take it easy on her? We were her first, tell me you didn’t just force yourself inside her?”

Well I may have lost a little control as I marked her….”

“Tell me you at least made sure she got pleasure out of it? She wasn’t one of your lovers or conquests Soren! She is our mate, she deserves better then just giving you pleasure….”

Umm!!! I’m not sure… she may have had some pleasure or… Wait… Maybe she was crying the whole time!!He actually started to sound worried and sat up a little from his laid back position

“Soren, we have waited seventeen years for her to mature enough for us to be with her as a mate should and you may have just ruined that all in one night, what if she wont let us touch her again?? Did you think of that?”

I come out of my conversation with Soren as Scarlett stirs in my arms “Good morning Butterfly, how are you feeling this morning?”

“Nix?? Is that you?”

“Yes Butterfly!”

She then surprises me as she turns over in my arms and breaks down crying into my chest. As I wrap my arms around her more pulling her tighter to me I notice she is not wearing her night clothes and even though I have a feeling I know the answer I ask “Butterfly what’s wrong?”

“L..l..l..last night…. Was painful… I.. I… Don’t know if I was ready… But Soren….” she breaks down even more, I don’t like the sound of this. I reach over and pull the blankets back to see a big patch of blood on the sheets and I take a closer look at Scarlett and see more blood on her inner thighs.


What Now?
he snaps at me


No! No! No! I didn’t!"

"Well if you didn't then why is there blood soaking the bed and our Butterfly is crying in my arms?"

"I did what she wanted, she wanted us to mark her…. I asked her.. I asked if I could mark her and make her mine.. she agreed… Wait… she said something to me just after I marked and entered her… she said something about it hurt, why did I and that she thought I was only going to mark her…. OH! NO! I didn’t mean to… Nix I thought it was what she wanted…. She never…”

Would you have stopped if she asked you to?”

Of course I would have… I’m sure I would have if she had asked me to….”

“Soren? Think DID she ask you to stop?”

Um.. Not is so many words… Um.. Yeah maybe once... Or twice”

“Tell me you at least stopped?”

I did after I released our seed inside her a second time. She didn't complain for the third”

“SOREN!!! YOU DID! YOU RAPED OUR MATE! YOU FORCED THE MATING ON HER!! She may never forgive or trust us again.”

I didn’t give him the chance to answer again as I put my hand onto her cheek and get her to look up into my eyes, “Butterfly? Are you okay?”

“I’m scared Nix, are you going to do what Soren did? Is it going to be like it was with him all the time?”

“No Butterfly, it will not be like that again!”

“That’s okay Nix, I guess I asked for it.”

She still has tears falling down her cheeks as she trails kisses up and down my neck, the pleasure she has spreading through my body is divine but is tainted, this is not what I want, I want to share pleasure with her not just receive it. I make her stop and look at me with my hand on her cheek again "Butterfly what are you doing?"

"Giving you pleasure... Is that not what and why I am here?"

“No! Butterfly, you are my mate and mates share pleasure. What Soren did last night was wrong and he knows it, if you will let me, I will show you how it is meant to be between mates.”


We feel her tense as Soren speaks to her “Y..y..yes Soren! Sir!”

I am not sir.. Not to you.. Butterfly I wanted to say sorry for last night…. I didn’t… I didn’t mean to… You didn’t ask for what I did, you were asking for us to complete the mating together! Please forgive me Butterfly”

“I.. I.. Soren… I..” she lowered her eyes

Its okay Butterfly, you don’t have to! Just don’t blame Nix for any of this.”

He then retreats again, I can feel Scarlett shaking “Scarlett, look at me...”

I wait patiently for her to lift her eyes to mine, it takes her a little while to gather herself together and actually look up into my eyes. “Nix, I don’t know if I can...”

“Its okay Butterfly! Listen I will get up and let you work this out..” I go to move but she wraps her arms tighter around me

“Butterfly I don’t think it is a good idea for me to be here!”

“Nix’s please don’t leave me!”

“Alright!” I lay back down next to her and wrap my arms tightly around her. I feel her lightly kissing my chest again and I can’t stop the soft low hiss that escapes

“Scarlett! If you don’t stop...” I fight to control myself as I tighten my hold even more, the blood moon still in effect

“Nix! Can you...” she whispers and looks up at me.

“Are you sure? Butterfly? I don't want to scare or hurt you anymore!”

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