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The Intruder


Thesnola. The fae kingdom, filled with various magical creatures, the light flows through every living thing here, including the trees. My trees. I gently touch the green leaves, waiting for him. He is much slower than me, but he’s learning.

My ears catch his footsteps, a branch cracking under his boot, I hear him whisper cursing to himself. He’s probably secretly hoping I didn’t hear. I press my back against the tree bark, I control my breathing as he steps closer.

My lips curl up, just a few more steps. I feel like a spider, waiting for her prey to find her web.

Once he’s so close I can feel his breathing, unlike mine, his is uneven and heavy. I wrap my hand over his wrist and slam his body into the tree, taking my place. We start fighting, hand-in-hand combat. The trees want to protect me, it’s only natural, I’m a dryad, which means I’m a forest fae.

Rafael, my opponent, my friend, is an elf and desperately trying to be part of her guard. I snorted at the idea. She was not worthy of anything and definitely not my friend’s protection.

“Raven…. she….” He was struggling to get his words out; I would not let up. “She summons us! You!” He yelled and I stopped.

“No one summons me” I seethed.

“She is our Queen”

“SHE is not MY Queen” I hissed and began walking away.

Rafael tried to grab my hand but one of my trees drops a vine and pulls me to the treetops. Rafael isn’t a dryad so I know he cannot follow me. I run along the top of my trees, it’s no different than running along a road or hallway.

After running a good distance, I stop and jump between two giant trees, my red hair flows from the wind. I land in a crouching position. I’m not alone here. There’s no way Rafael followed me so quickly.

I twist my body around and notice the tall dark figure. His shirt is off, and I cannot deny the immediate attraction. His muscles glisten and he appears to have a few shiny areas. I tilt my head in his direction and watch him intently. Still, in my crouching position, I feel against my hip and grab my kunai from my belt.

He stands there staring in my direction but there’s no way he can see me. This is my territory, and I can blend in very well. I slowly move to stand up, the kunai dagger in my hand. I aim for his head and flick my wrist, releasing the kunai with force, it goes flying towards the strange male. The intruder.

My eyes widen as he catches it between his two fingers and studies it. My body stiffens as he stalks towards me. He thinks I’m his prey, but this is my territory, that makes him my prey. I roll my head around my shoulders as he gets closer. His amber eyes glow in the shadows, his dark hair sits in a messy fashion on top of his head. He easily stands at six feet.

I hide behind my tree, even though he’s stalking me, he clearly can’t see me. His eyes are darting around, focusing on every sound the forest makes. I smile, my insides are dancing at this opponent. He may even be equally matched to me.

I get ready as he inches closer to my tree, listening to his heavy footsteps, his boots crunching the fallen branches on the ground. Pushing the leaves along the forest floor.

Once he’s close, I pull my bigger dagger from my belt, I lunged at him. He immediately grabs my wrist and trips my foot, causing me to fall. He tries to cage me with his arms, but I roll over huffing in annoyance. I jump to my feet immediately. His arm curls over my neck, his bicep pressed against my throat.

I claw at his arm and use my feet to twist my body behind his. I manage to break his hold and straddle his neck, my thigh pressing his head. He grips my waist and flings me off of him, but I land on my feet. Glaring up at him.

“What’s your name?” He asks, his voice is deep and gruff. I have no intention of giving up my name.

“Jachin! Jachin!” another voice shouts, this one was far and outside of my forest.

He turned his back to me, most likely to reply to the voice. I quickly gripped the vine and flew to the top of the tree. I watched as he looked around trying to find me, but he ran out of sight and out of my forest. With my kunai. Damnit!

I jumped back down onto the ground, my boots slamming into the forest floor, branches and leaves crunch beneath me. Rafael finally caught up to me, panting and inhaling big gulps of air into his lungs.

“I hate when you do that Raven!” He hissed between breaths.

“Queen Freya needs us. The Dracodians have arrived. They mean to kill us!”

Gah, first vampires and now dragons, I just couldn’t get away blood-thirsty beasts it seemed.

I gripped his wrist and tugged on the vine, pulling both of us to the top. Rafael wasn’t a dryad so I would have to pull him along with him or he’d surely fall to his death. I ran along the treetops, a scowl on my face just thinking about the beasts that were trying to invade my home. I did not suffer for it to be stolen from me.

Normally I’d just jump down but I let my trees help me since I had Rafael with me. I craved dragon blood, not a wingless elf.

I marched into the castle, making my way to my room. I rarely stayed here but Freya insisted on me keeping a room. Everyone knew I was the greatest warrior and she longed to have me by her side, but I would never protect a false queen. I didn’t care that Olivia refused to come home with me, she would forever be my queen.

I removed my clothes and rummaged through the wardrobe. I refused to wear any type of dress. I found a pair of dark green pants and a tunic shirt that went just past my hips, I fastened my belt and clipped my weapons back in place. Armor would be too heavy, I needed stealth and speed. I sighed at my missing kunai, I had two, but it was like missing a shoe!

I walked into the throne room and there she sat. Freya, the false queen. Next to her were her two daughters, Sage and Elaine.

“Raven! The Dragons are here! Mother has decided to make peace with them” Sage exclaimed. She was the more tolerable one.

“Then why did you call upon me then?” I growled at Freya, feeling rather annoyed.

“Because your queen commands it!” Elaine hissed, stepping closer to me but still keeping a safe distance.

“SHE is not MY queen.” I hissed back.

Freya started to stomp down off her throne.

“Enough Raven, I am queen. Make your peace with it and take your place” She said sternly.

“Olivia is the true queen, and you know it!” I said flatly.

“She is with the vamps now, she is not one of us and will never be” Elaine screeched, stepping very close to me.

I pulled my dagger and held it at her throat, “Say that again you winged twat, I dare you”

Rafael burst through the doors and started yelling,

“They’re here! The dragons are here!”

Right behind march in a group of men, not fae men, but big, muscular men. In the middle was the biggest one of all, our eyes locked, and he smiled sinisterly at me.

The intruder, my opponent.


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