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The King


I strolled out of the arena, sweat and blood clung to my flesh. In my human form, I still conserved a few scales from my dragon form, my basilisk. I looked back at the broken bodies of my brothers, men who were considered to be strong. They were pathetic. How did they think they could protect our kingdom when they couldn’t stand against me?

My general and best friend Theovon stood in my way. We watched as servants began dragging the beaten soldiers out of the arena. My basilisk growled, they did not deserve our mercy or to be healed.

“Did you forget what day it is?” Theovon scolded.

I did not forget; I just did not care.

Today was the day we would travel to Thesnola, the fae kingdom. My father, the late king has made an agreement with the queen to wed one of her daughters to one of his sons. My brother Rowan, who was younger would be the one to endure this torture. He did not care, he was intrigued by the fae and looked at this as a learning exercise.

I knew Freya, the queen had assumed me to wed. I was most looking forward to the look in her eyes when the truth was to be revealed. It did not take a genius to notice the power and greed that filled her eyes.

“Is Rowan prepared to leave?”

“Yes, once you are ready, we will depart. I recommend using horses, as to not frighten the fragile creatures” He said.

On this, I agreed. My basilisk would not hesitate to devour Thesnola.

Even though I argued against it, Theovon insisted on bringing extra soldiers. It was a ridiculous idea, but I allowed it. It was a show of power, in case the queen completely lost it when she realized Rowan would be wedding her daughter.

Everyone was dressed in their normal attire; Rowen decided to wear robes and appear more regal. I however would much rather not be wearing a shirt, to let my scales shine in the sunlight.

“You could’ve dress appropriately,” Rowan remarked.

“I am King, I dress how I wish” I replied.

Something in the distance caught my eye, a creature was bouncing off of the treetops. How did they not fall? How were they capable of such a thing?

“I’m going to ride ahead and look at some more closely, no don’t follow me” I ordered before tapping my foot against the horse, forcing it to gallop faster toward the forest.

Once I am right at the edge of the forest, I jump off my horse and let the reins fall. If the horse runs away, it is no matter. I must see this strange creature.

I walk into the forest, admiring its beauty, which is not something I often do. In Dracodia, our forest is not as vigorous, there are many dead trees and not as many as this forest. Most of the fae realm is enchanted, however, this forest is entirely different.

I stop my movements once I see her, her? It’s as if she fell from the clouds but does not appear injured. She probably assumes because of the distance that I cannot see her, but my basilisk has keen eyesight.

Seconds pass and she throws something at me. A knife of some kind, which I easily catch between my fingers. What a brave little nymph she is. My basilisk is stirring inside of me, wanting to put her in her place. I know she will fight me; I want her to fight me. I take heavy steps towards her, darting my eyes to the different noises the forest makes. It still amazes me.

I’m momentarily taken off guard when she lunges at me, another knife in her hand, where is she hiding all these weapons? I grab her wrist and use my boot to trip her, watching as she crashes to the ground. She has an intoxicating scent about her, I usually smell fear from my opponent but not her. She is fearless and smells dangerous.

I try to cage her with my arms, I need a better look at her. She is a fast little thing, and rolls over, jumping to her feet. I tower over her easily, but she does not care. I decide to turn things up a notch and grip her throat, my arm snakes around her slender neck, my bicep pressing against her throat. I can feel her pulse, slow and steady. Even at the threat of losing air, she does not fear me.

She twists her body and flies in the air and straddles my neck, her thighs pressed against my head. How is a fae this favorable at combat? I’m holding back of course but this is still remarkable.

I grip her waist, her body feels unbelievable against my hands, even against her clothing. I threw her into the air, I hope that she will hit her head against a rock, and I can drag her back home with me. That of course does not happen.

She lands on her feet and glares at me with such hatred.

“What is your name?” I demand. I have already decided to take her home with me, she can be a peace offering prize from the queen. My basilisk is clawing at the surface.

Take her. Now.

“Jachin! Jachin!” Theovon voice roars. I turn in the direction, but I will not leave until I have my prize, my little nymph.

Once I turn towards her, she is gone. Fucking hell Theovon.

We were getting closer to the fae castle, a tall fae elf standing there to greet us. He had long black hair, he tried to present himself well, but fear was radiating off of his body.

We dismounted our horses, Rowan fixed his crown, I’m sure from the outside it would appear that he was the king.

The elf bowed, “This way please.”

We followed behind, he yelled “They’re here! The dragons are here!”

Was he announcing us or warning someone?

My basilisk growled, but then in front of me was my little nymph. Holding her knife to the throat of a fae woman.

She locked eyes with me, never lowering her weapon, I couldn’t help the smile on my face. I thought I would have to hunt her down.

She pulled her hand away and slipped the knife into her belt. She took a few steps away from the other fae women, did she not have a relation to them?

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