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“Your highness,” Freya said, “It is an honor to see you again”

She was addressing me, and I looked at the confusion on everyone’s face. I only met Freya once and she knew I was the king now, despite Rowan dressing the part.

“Queen Freya. Forgive me for I need to rush this, it’s a half days ride back to Dracodia” I said sternly.

I was eager to take my prize and leave this cotton candy nightmare.

“Ah yes, well your highness these are my two daughters. Sage and Elaine. May I recommend Elaine,” she touched the shoulder of the fae my little nymph had her knife to, “she is the eldest and would make a fine queen”

“Rowan” I called my brother over.

“Queen Freya, my brother, prince Rowan will be the one choosing and marrying one of your daughters,” I told her, and her face fell into one of disdain.

“King Jachin, that was not our agreement. Your father promised me-“ I raised her hand to stop her.

’The promise was for one of his sons to wed one of your daughters. I have no desire for such a union. If you wish to back out of the arrangement so be it, my basilisk would be enjoying bathing in fae blood tonight”

“I would rid you of your head before you even had the chance to shift, lizard!” the fiery nymph growled.

“Raven! Quiet your tongue!” Freya hissed.

Raven. So she did have a name.

“Who is this girl?” Theovon asked, he was completely taken back by the outburst. Fae was known to cower before us, but this Raven, was she even fae?

“Forgive her, she is nothing, she is just a dryad. She is leaving now my Lord”

She huffed and stomped towards us, she stopped as she was about to brush past me.

Snatch her. We want her

She put her hand in front of me, I raised my eyebrow even though I knew what she wanted.

I twirled the knife in my hand before placing it in her hand. A gasp was heard from all the fae creatures.

’You….at-attacked the dragon k-king?” Freya’s other daughter squeaked out.

Raven just smirked up at me, thinking she had won. Oh, how very wrong she was.

Once she placed her hand in mine to retrieve her weapon, I closed my hand around her wrist and twisted it behind her back, quickly grabbing her other one as well.

“You will be giving me this fae creature as tribute” I demanded.

Raven tried to wiggle but my strength was no match for her, although she was very close.

“What about the agreement?” Freya asked.

“Rowan will wed one of your daughters and I won’t burn your kingdom down to the ground in exchange for this little nymph” I replied.

“Or I could just burn your kingdom down and take what I want anyway”

“Get your filthy snake hands off me.” Raven sneered.

“You haven’t even seen my snake yet, but you will” I hissed in her ear for only her to hear.

Yes. Ours.

The queen sighed, “Fine, we are in agreement”

“You can’t do this. My life is not yours to give away so freely!” Raven yelled while thrashing against me.

“I am Queen-“

“YOU are not MY Queen!” she yelled, cutting Freya off from her sentence.

I let go of her arms once I felt a sting and a warm liquid drip down my own hands. She has maneuvered the knife and sliced my hand opened. I was in shock, but she ducts down and ran out of the castle.

“After her!” I called to the few soldiers we brought; I was cursing that I didn’t bring more.


Luckily my forest was very far away, I could stay there until the dragon baby cooled off or change his mind. I was not going to accept the same fate, to be imprisoned by another type of soul sucker. His dragon soldiers chased after me, they were fast, I almost didn’t think I’d make it.

Once inside I forced my trees to expand and make a wall, no one could get in. I could control my trees, they would bend to my will, it was considered dark to use this power for death, but I had to survive. I used a vine to get to the top and snickered as I watched the men run back to their master.

It had been hours since I ran from the lizard king before Rafael was attempting to climb a tree.

With a wave of my hand, the tree moved apart, causing him to fall to the ground with a thud.

“Raven, please return! The dragon king is growing very angry”

“I don’t care if the lizard baby is unhappy, I am staying here. Tell him to leave with his bride of choice and not to return!” I seethed before pushing Rafael from the forest and bringing my trees together once again.

The dragon king did not even have me, yet I was in a prison. The minute I decide to leave, he’ll surely snatch me up. He’ll probably kill me in front of the others just to teach everyone a lesson. I didn’t know he was a fucking king!

It wasn’t long before I heard a loud roar. It was so loud and vicious, the earth moved beneath my feet. What the fuck is that? I ran along my treetops until I was at the edge facing the castle.

A large black dragon was flying towards me, I knew immediately it had to be the king, my eyes widen at the size of it. His scales were completely black, some scars were visible. Below him were the rest of the dragons but they were on horses and Rafael was at the head of them. So it was to be a battle then.

The beast landed before I had a chance to jump down, the impact of his body was so hard it caused me to stumble and fall between trees. Idiot.

I landed on my feet and pressed my hands into the dirt, vines wrapped around my arms. My trees were prepared and so was I. I parted the trees and shot a tree in his direction, it hit him in the face. It caused him to roar, and I did my best not to stumble back.

“Raven, please! The king said if you do not come willingly then he…. he…”

“Spit it out, Rafael!” I screamed.

“He’s going to burn your precious forest to the ground” Elaine spat, sitting in front of the prince.

I turned my gaze to the dragon, “You wouldn’t”

He opened his mouth, a blue light was coming up his throat, swirling flames were rushing forward.

“Fine! Fine!” I exclaimed. I turned my head down, staring at the grass.

He couldn’t stop the flames, but he tiled his head back and roared, spewing flames into the sky. I could feel the heat warm my entire body.

He soon began his shift back to his human form, Black scales still covered parts of his arms, chest, and legs. Someone threw him his pants and he tugged them on.

I glare up at him as he stomped towards me, anger swirled in his eyes.

Queen Fre- “He started.

“She is not My Queen” I snapped.

He gripped both of my hands and started binding them together with a piece of a long rope.

“This is true, you no longer have a queen because you are mine now, and I am King” He growled in my ear before pulling so hard on the rope I tripped and fell into him. It was like hitting a big rock.

“I belong to no one, lizard!” I shouted as he picked me up and sat me on his horse before mounting the animal himself. He reached around with his arm and pulled me against his chest.

We rode off, the others following behind us. I didn’t say anything else. When the opportunity presented itself, I would escape.

After I killed the beast.

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