New God Chronicles

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Nova wakes up in a strange city, with no memories of himself or his past. As he searches for answers and discovers his otherworldly abilities, Nova must defend his new home and discover his stolen destiny.

Fantasy / Scifi
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Prologue: Eyes and Smiles

He nearly fell into the alleyway, his legs begging to give out and rest. The aching pain shooting through his entire body made every movement a struggle. He leaned against the damp brick wall, unable to tell whether the rain or his own blood was soaking his clothes. He could not remember when it started raining or why he was so bloody. Something was stealing away his memories. His head pounded with each flash of memory before it faded away beyond his grasp. His own name escaped him, but he was focused on someone else.

“Remember his smile, don’t let them take that,” he demanded of himself, trying with all his might to keep the image of that smile in his head.

But his mind was still being torn apart, a malignant force ripping it open and gorging on its contents. Peaceful moments spent golden skies of his home, Dreaded confrontations with his father, even his memories of his beloved were being stripped away into the void. But he held desperately onto moments spent with his beloved, holding onto the image of those caring eyes and loving smiles.

“C-can’t forget, not him, I can’t forget him!” He demanded of himself, pleading as he fell to his knees. His mind was in agony as shadowy tendrils took away his identity.

The pain spread to the rest of his body now as he became hyperaware of every cut and bruise. He could taste the blood in his mouth, his tongue heavy under the growing puddle. His eyes gave him no comfort now, his smile only a reminder of what he was losing. Then the darkness came, and as he drifted away into a murky abyss, he uttered a few final words.

“Remember his smile,” and with that, he collapsed onto the wet ground and slipped into unconsciousness.

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