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“I was always a psychopath” i said with no shame

Fantasy / Thriller
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He was dead, there was no doubt about that. She had killed him. Furia the nameless had never killed anyone and never wished to again. Two whole weeks of painful torture with only her own menacing thoughts and an occasional rat to keep her company. It was unbearable. There was only one way out- murder. Now she thought of the life draining out of his eyes as her knife punctured his pale skin, his dirty blood dripping from her fingertips and the lifeless scream he let out as he hit the floor. Furia could feel her heart beating a million times a minute and she was sure it would explode. And maybe In some masochistic way, she thought, it was all quite exhilarating. At this moment she knew she had unleashed a monster. Furia the Nameless had never killed anyone and never wished to again because she liked it a little too much.

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