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Living alone at the age of 23. Roseline Knight has a dark past she is trying to run away from. that past including her own family. The supernatural world has never seen a creature with a power like hers, they are terrified of what she can do. They are hunting her down since she was 5, running away to save her life, alone at such young age, she managed to survive, hiding her scent, living among humans as one of them and working in a multinational company as a PA to the CEO. Now with her past catching up to her she cannot hide anymore. Everything changes when she meets a certain lycan King who is also her mate. STARTED 23/7/2021 UPDATED WEEKLY.

Fantasy / Romance
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"Run, Rose. Run!!!" the mother shouted at her five-year old daughter.
"mommy, I don't want to leave you alone" a sob breaks through the young girl. She did not want to lose her mother or run without her.
"you have to run and save yourself, lovely. We do not have enough time for this! you have to hurry or they will catch you" the mother urged with pain and tears in her eyes.
"I cannot leave you, mommy!"
"you have to, my baby. I will always be watching for you, living in your heart. You must remember, you are the most powerful in the world so live to that, also you cannot trust anyone with your secret, lovely. Promise me"
"I.. I prom-mise" the young child keeps sobbing.
"Good. Now, GO! and don't look back. I love you my lovely." the mother quickly kissed her daughter's forehead, stood up, and ran in the opposite direction.
"Mommy, please! no! don't leave me! please!".

"No! mommy!"
I woke up with a start, tears running down my face from the memory. I put the blanket off of me and headed to the bathroom. I freshened up then went to my closet to get ready for the day. I wore a knee-length maroon pencil skirt with a slit reaching mid-tight with a black top, put on my heels. I looked at the time and it was 8, so I started preparing breakfast ; pancakes with a cup of coffe. After finishing it was 8:30 so I took my bag and keys and headed out.

I got in my white Mercedes-Benz c300, then headed to the company I work in. As the PA of the CEO, Daniel Adams, I get paid a good money, as it is one of the most successful companies in America.

I arrived at the office at 8:50, took the elevator to the top floor and headed directly to my boss's office which is right next to mine. I knocked three times untill I heard a "come in" then i opened the door to greet my boss.

"Good morning, Mr. Adams." I said to my boss who was busy handling paperwork.
He looked up from the files in his hands and a small smile played on his lips.
"Rose, how many times do I have to tell you to use my name? You forget that we're best friends. "
I forgot to mention that me and Daniel are best friends since high school, we are pretty close, but I like to keep things professional in office hours.

"You know me, bestie. I like to keep things professional here." I stated. He rolled his eyes at me.
"Of course you do." he replied with a duh tone.

"Now I came to inform you of your schedule for the day. You have a meeting with Matthew Lombardi at 11, lunch with your parents at 2, and then we have to go check out the new location at 4." I gave him his IPad with alarms in the said times to remind him

"Thank you, Rose. I don't know what I would do without you."

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