The Dawn of the Shadows

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There is peace in the Realm. Cleora flourishes and blossoms under the rule of Queen Jenrir, Devaltez has never met a day without sun, Bridin is turning out the best of soldiers, and Taratoga grows stronger with each new Mage added to their Nation. Until a Tracker fails to bring a new Mage back to her chapter. Imbalance falls amongst the Realm as the Nation of Klatyus stirs from its sleep. An ambitious Mela, Princess of the Shadows, senses the imbalance of the Realm and begins to assemble her troops, set on scorching the Realm in her glory. A story of adventure, love and lust. A story of predetermined destiny, and the will to forge ones own way. A story of five females with a celestial connection finding themselves, or losing control of their Chaos. This is "The Dawn of the Shadows."

Fantasy / Adventure
Mayah Lynn
Age Rating:

i. Book Guide: Females

Ranked in order of Importance. All characters are vital parts of tying the story together. Though the story may be told in a certain point of view more than others, does not mean that point of view is most important.

•Izolda Ryven

Origins: Devaltez Nation
Level of Stature: Middle Class
Mother: Tamera Ryven (deceased)
Father: Unknown

•Mela Svetlan

Origins: Klatyus Nation
Level of Stature: Princess of Klatyus
Mother: Cleopara Svetlan
Father: Karnalle Svetlan

•Seraphina Jerade

Origins: Taratoga Nation
Level of Stature: Disgraced Mage of Taratoga
Mother: Unknown
Father: Unknown

•Brygita Loncasta

Origins: Bridin Nation
Level of Stature: Daughter of the General
Mother: Calliste Loncasta (deceased)
Father: General Forde Loncasta

•Maryla Fernand

Origins: Sysidyne Nation
Level of Stature: Working Class, Whore
Mother: Lilith Fernand
Father: Unknown

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