The Ally

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It all started the day I decided to help an unlikely being to get back home. I only did it because I had too much empathy. I wouldn’t have wished that upon anyone, not even myself. Being away from your family in a place you had no idea of? I just had to help. And now, I sit here. Evaluating all of my life choices, replaying scenes of how it could have gone different. Is my heart so big that I can put someone else first while I lose everything?

Fantasy / Drama
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Chapter 1

I was sitting on my bedroom desk, a question away from finishing my physics homework. I was starting to get annoyed as well because this last question was confusing.

I don’t know how many times I’ve read it and I don’t know how to go about it or how I should start with my answer. I read it one more time and shook my head.

“What in the Einstein is this question?” I whispered to myself as I feel the frustration rising inside of me.

I sighed. Took a deep breath like that would make me understand even for a little bit.

As I was about to attempt the answer, there was a huge crashing sound from a distance and the ground shook for a split second.

A few of my coloured pens rolled off the table and to the floor. I bent down to pick them up only to fall from my chair caused by the ground shaking a bit more than the first.

Everything went dark thereafter.

The ground stopped shaking but I was now in my dimly lit room due to the full moon outside. I felt around my table for my phone so that I can switch on the flashlight.

I was confused because we never really had any power outages on this part of town. I stood up to peek at my window. All the houses had no power, including the street lights. I heard minor shouts of confused neighbours and some even came out to find out what is happening.

I heard a soft knock on my door.

“Come in!” I said loud enough for them to hear. I smiled as my mom and dad came in the room. They had their flashlights on from their phones as well.

“Hey honey, we just came to check on you.” My mom said. My dad came to stand by the window with me as we looked at our now dark neighbourhood.

“Uh I’m fine.” I assured them both. My mom sat on my bed while I looked up to my dad. “Did you also hear that sound before everything went off?”

He sighed. “Yeah I did, your mother too.” He turned to look at my mom, who smiled in response. He then turned to the window again. “If that crash caused this then it might be a while before the power is back on. We might even have to call it a night.”

I yawned after he said that. “I was about to sleep anyways. But I’m not done with the last question of my homework.”

“Okay you finish that then, you dad and I are going to bed now.” My mom said as she stood. My dad turned to follow her.

“Mom, dad?” I called to them before they left my room.

“Yes honey?” My mom responded and my dad looked at me to keep talking.

“What do you think that sound was?”

My dad smiled and walked towards me to give me a kiss on the forehead. “It’s probably a meteor that crashed a few distances from here. Maybe it crashed into our power cables underneath.”

“Who knows.” My mom added and pet me on my shoulder.

Full of wonder I nodded my head to his response.

“Goodnight Amanda.” My dad said.

“Goodnight guys, I love you.”

“We love you too Amy.” My mom responded. They both smiled and left my room.

I flipped my phone from the upside down position with the flashlight on so that I can see what others are saying on social media about the power cut and the possible meteor crash.

Only to find that I had no reception. Furrowing my brows I put my phone on airplane mode and took it out again expecting the network to get back.

Still nothing.

I sighed rather loudly. I guess it affected the network connection as well. This really sucks. I then had no choice but to get to bed. The last question of my homework I’ll just see tomorrow at school.

I went to the bathroom with my phone’s flashlight as guidance around the house, so that I can do my night routine which included my face.

I then went back to bed. Switching of my flashlight, setting an alarm for the morning and hoping that tomorrow all this will be sorted.
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