The Confessions Of an Unforgiving Mind

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My entire life I have known my family, and I differed from everyone else in this small town, but I can’t explain what separated us from the rest , until one incident that caused total chaos.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

Eden Rose POV

All my life, I’ve differed from everyone else in this small town, but no one could explain to me why. Until one day while I was in school just doing my work, I remember hearing small Sinister whispers. They kept gradually getting louder. The bloodcurdling sounds were so piercing that I could feel them everywhere through my body. I eventually had no choice but to cover my ears, as I couldn’t stand hearing these mysterious yet horrifying whispers. That’s when I realised everyone in the room was staring at me, and from that moment, life was never the same.

They always considered me to be the ‘strange kid’. And they were not wrong either. That event freaked me out so much that I burst out of the classroom and ran home, where I told my mum what happened. I never would have thought that what she was going to tell me after would change my life forever.

While I laid there in her arms pouring my heart out and thinking I was crazy. She stroked my hair and told me there was nothing to worry about, darling. I loved it when mum called me darling; it gave me so much comfort and reminded me I am always loved, supported, and understood. After I had finally finished hyperventilating and calmed down, she sat me down.

We came from a long line of powerful magical creatures, who can occupy anyone’s mind and hypnotise them to reveal all their deepest, darkest secrets, with one glaring stare. Just by looking into their eyes, we could get them to tell us everything we wanted to know. It was a lot of information to take in, and a lot of responsibility from a young age. But after learning my background and understanding who I am, made me realise I wasn’t crazy for feeling different, I was different. From that day onwards, I tried to be careful with my new growing powers so I could learn how to harness them better.

Mostly, I keep to myself, mainly because I can’t handle everyone around me. These thoughts are causing me so much pain. Secrets that haunted other people were constantly burdening me, begging me to take away their pain.

I never had the chance to have a social life in education. No one would want to be near me or be friends with the scary person from that one incident. I just stay in my room every weekend with only my music to comfort me. It is my safe space, my escape from reality. My mother always warned me to never show my powers to anyone because humans act out of fear. My mum knew my powers were coming earlier than expected , instead they started showing up bit by bit, from the age of 15 until now. I am more powerful than anyone in my family, which freaked me out. To manage this, my mum told me I needed to go stay at the place that all my family had been to when they got their powers. I could learn about my family history and so I can train to control my powers and my emotions.

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