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Hii this is my first story which i also post on wattpad Disruptive Arguments Gossips Flare trying to put the peace puzzle back to restore Lone. On her journey she met her utmost fear in Lone. Will she be able to overcome it or will she fail?

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1 : The Miroir

The tale of Sevry: The kingdom of Sevry is well maintained by Queen Nelbu but one day her twin sister wanted to conquer her. So she stole every possession from all dimensions in the galaxy to make herself the most powerful in the whole universe. She summoned the black jack coin which was well preserved away in the kingdom of Sevry. Darkness loomed over all dimensions even the starely coin was too weak to defeat the power of black jack. Flare, the only hope to restore the dimensions and Sevry was sent to earth by Queen Nelbu so that she could be save. Flare the princess of flame was a brave warrior of Sevry fail to protect Sevry. As I read on, I read that Flare is a phoenix which has a phoenix birthmark on her forehead that glows brighter than the sun. Her skin is as bright as the sun. I stopped and rubbed my eyes to read clearer.

There were times when I saw my birthmark shaped like a phoenix glowing like the sun. There were also times when my skin changed to orange… What am I? I need answers!

"What am I mum?" I shouted at my mum after seeing that I had feathers of… phoenix growing on my body again. After reading the line again and again. But phoenixes are just fantasies. "You are my daughter Chloe." My mother came walking towards me, handing me a biscuit as a night time snack. I started getting suspicious about her because she looked afraid and refused to look at my gaze. " I am not your daughter. You picked me up from somewhere didn't you? You never gave me attention. All you do is give your attention to Zoe and Aus. And I am different. I am not your daughter!" I shouted and questioned my mother impulsively. I never shouted at her this loud before but I could no longer take this anymore.I don't even know what I am starting to change into. I looked into my mother's gaze trying to search for an answer.

As I turned to look at my mother, her palms came into contact with my cheek. I felt my mother's cold palms giving me a cold hard slap across my face and it began to sting. This is the first time I have gotten slapped by my mother and that's when I know that I have gone too far. I was impudent and I was showing an attitude to her. The number one rule in this house is to be polite to everyone. But I just shouted and questioned my own mother. I quickly muttered a prayer under my breath apologising to God for being rude to my mother and asking for his help. I saw my mother mustering her courage and wanting to tell me something but she could not. It was as if there was a lump in her throat. She mustered her courage and told me something that I wished I could just take back my words. " You're adopted. You ungrateful child. If you are not happy here, you can leave. The door is there."

Tears started streaming down my face like a fountain. And the tears were touching the open wound of the scratch that I got from the slap. My mind started to flood with many questions and I began to question her. " Where did you find me from? Why did you take me in?" I questioned my mother.

No, she is not my mother. She is Brigtta to me. Right now, I am flaming with anger. Anger started building up in me. I was waiting for an answer. And I cannot wait anymore. I ran as fast as a bullet train out of the house. Where should I go now? I am not going home. I do not belong there. They are not my family. I finally know the reason why I got so much hate from grandma. I was adopted and that is the reason. I do not get any attention. Zoe and Aus are being favoured and I am always left alone every time they spend time together. I was always being left out and seeing them looking very happy with each other's company without me made me green. My thoughts were running in circles like a toy train and I do not not want anybody to see me in this state of condition right now. As I was walking down the streets down from my house I came across an alley. The alley was very narrow. It has a short dim of flickering light from the lantern light hanging on a hook. There was a very strong stench of garbage and a foul smell of rotten food. It is not that bad. I guess I can stay here for a night as there is no one there. Walking down the alley, I saw lots of rats crawling around and scrambling for food in the garbage bin. There were open food lunch boxes and rats were feeding on the food in the lunch boxes. Ewwww. I hate rats but this was the only choice left. It's the only place I can don't be seen by anybody and nobody can find me.

" A mirror?" I said in an unsure manner. I saw a mirror just behind a heap of rubbish. I squinted my nose as I made my way towards the mirror. The mirror looks like a normal full length mirror but it looked more ancient and vintage with a golden dragon on top. I saw that there were words in French. Seul le vrai peut entrer. Only the true one can enter. What? Isn't this mirror from the kingdom of Sevry? That is from a children's book. It's fantasy. Maybe it's just a prop from a play based on Sevry. I decided to ignore it and dusted the dust away from the mirror so I could see my face. I looked into the mirror and I did not see myself. "What?" I thought. Then I saw that the dragon wings started fluttering and a ray of light appeared. It felt familiar. It was trying to bring me into the mirror."what in the world." I was not shocked or scared, I was amazed. It felt like it was calling for me. The next moment, all I could feel was the whirling sensation and my head started spinning like a tornado. And next thing I knew, I was unconscious.

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