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The Suldur Army

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Suldur Austi, son of a warrior and a child of a merchant. Suldur lived a regular life before the war. His father died during battle and his mother mourned every occasion. Traveling from place to place, they found themselves living in the Darbey Hold and he is planning to get revenge on whoever killed his father in the Battle Of Idor. But after a while he finds out that they’re fighting the wrong people.

Fantasy / Adventure
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The Good Old Days

It was a rather windy and pretty cheery day. Suldur was playing with his friends, and the townspeople were going to work.
'Tag, you're it!' Said Suldur to his friend Golvig. Suldur didn't have many friends. He had only a few; Golvig, Duvrion, Yvanna and Anya.
'You guys wanna race to the end of the town?'
Duvrion said to his fellow mates. Duvrion was very enthusiastic; he liked to try new things, no matter the price.
But racing to the end of the town would get them in enormous trouble at this time of day.
'Wouldn't we get in trouble for that? My parents said there are enormous monsters there!'
Golvig feared.
'Don't be such a coward. Monsters aren't real,' Anya said.

Anya agreed with Duvrion since they're brother and sister, and they like the same things.

'So you guys are saying stone giants aren't real? You guys realize they attack anything alive, right?'
What Yvanna said is indeed true.

They are honest and dangerous, but they only attack every 162 days.
'guys, GUYS!'
Duvrion yelled.

'All I said was, do you want to race to the end of town?, how about you, Suldur?'
'Suldur, Lunch is ready!' yelled Ma

Suldur wanted to race, but his stomach was holding him back.
'Sorry guys, Ma needs help with restoring, plus I'm hungry.'
He heard his friends racing.
Suldur rushed home.

His parents weren't very wealthy or very poor.
They were middle-class. Suldur's home was next to his mother's merchant store.

He sat down, eating chicken soup his mother prepared.
'Da is still not here. When is he coming back?' Suldur said.
'He's at work, and I promise you he'll be back' his mother kissed him.
His mother always said that; the last time he saw his father was two months ago.

His father was a warrior in the war; that's all Suldur knew. He didn't know where he was or what the prize for the fight was. That's all he knew.

While Suldur was sipping on his soup with his mother after a few seconds, an explosive detonates.
'What was that!?!' Suldur yelled. He could hear screams and weapons slashing from the outdoors.
'Suldur, listen to me. You need to pack your stuff and run south, do you understand?' His mother said in a rush.
'Just do it!'
He rushed to the room, got his stuff inside a bag. He took a peek through the window in his room. What he saw was ghastly.
He saw the corpses of other villagers, merchants and neighbours and the destruction of other houses and districts. His neighbours looked unconscious, but in reality, they weren't alive. He sees Anya knocked unconscious. He thought she was dead.

He wanted to shed a tear, but he decided to be a man and hold it.

Thinking he no longer had anyone to love him, Anya slowly started to move her body. He was grateful, but she started crying for help. His mom specifically told him to pack and run south, but he didn't want to leave a friend, so he took the risk and went out to help her.
She cried:

'Help! Anybody there?'. She looked around for any assistance, but all she could see was only destruction and bodies. Out of the blue, Suldur appears to save Anya.
‘ HOLD ON! ’ Suldur yells.

'What happened to the others?!'

'Golvig a-and Yvanna died from the explosion. I fled back, but a rock hit my head and put me unconscious.'

Suldur gave her some water and led her to her house.

'Where is Duvrion? What happened to him?'

'I don't know. I saw Duvrion panic and run south.'

Another explosive came by.
Suldur found out the situation, marauders we're raiding them.
Suldur heard about them from his father before he left. His father said that they were highly greedy people. Suldur helped pack her stuff in an extra bag he carries for food.

Suldur and Anya were now far from home. They were trying to seek shelter in other tribes or outside lands. Suldur did live in a section of a tribe. Currently, there are three tribes:

The Peace, Goblins and Strength.
The Peace tribe is the one Suldur lived. The Goblin tribe is powerful, but they never attack unless they are in danger. Marauders run the strength tribe

'Hey, there is a forest over there! Maybe we can take shelter,' Anya said with a sigh of relief.

'We still have to be careful; Äxtøns can still attack.' Suldur said with concern.

'What are Äxtøns?'

'They are mushroom looking creatures that release mustard gas when threatened.'

When Suldur said that, Anya became a little stressed. After a while, they came across an abandoned village.
Some of the houses were burned down or destroyed.

There were no bodies around, so they must've fled the village before marauders came.
'Anya, look for survivors. I'll look for more supplies'
Suldur didn't seem to find anything other than daggers and berries.
He decided to take two blades just in case.
While Suldur was trying to find some food, he hears a war cry come from a house.

'AAAAAAAA' A person ran out with a knife in his hand.
'Woah! Calm down!' Anya said
'We aren't marauders. We are survivors, just like you.'
The man wasn't a man. He was a 14-year-old.
His shirt was blood all over, and so was his knife.
He looked pale, and he didn't speak English.

He spoke Givli, a language spoken by goblins. Anya spoke Givli. Her mother
was part of the goblin tribe.
The person said:
'Basčh Nī Ah'
'He said his name is Nīah' Anya Translated.
'Varr mį amok rek'
'His people were taken slaves by marauders'.
Anya looked worried.

‘Maybe we should help this guy; he seems scared already.' Anya said.
'Sure, tell him that we can help him find a place to rest.' Suldur said.
After Anya told him that; Nīah had a smile on his face, he was delighted.

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