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"People said the forbidden fruits tasted the sweetest, and I want to have a bite". ~**~ Isabella Thompson was a nerdy quiet college student with her nose in between the pages of her books yet silently waiting for a crazy change in her boring life when trouble came knocking on her door. Trouble - Her temporary professor who was engaged and a freaking descendant of the moon. Follow how her boring life interwoven to drama amid an affair with a forbidden older man, a crazy fiancee, and supernatural war.

Fantasy / Romance
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Thousand years ago, humans and wolves lived in harmony and unity when one of the humans' lords got greedy for power and immortality. Then sought a powerful sorcerer who could make him powerful like the wolves. The sorcerer demanded his only daughter. Without batting an eyelash, he sacrificed his daughter in exchange for his greediness.

The sorcerer was a believer of the sun and summoned the unbind darkness energy from the sun and mixed it with portions for the lord.

The lord drank it and became an immortal whose thirst could be quenched by the blood of humans. He sucked his people dry and turned some who were willing to stay under his command.

The sorcerer took the girl's purity and vanished to nothingness and left the girl blind to fend for herself when she was saved by the wolves. The wolves took care of her and she fell in love with one of them and gave birth to a werewolf - a lycan; a human and a wolf.

The Lord heard the whiff of his daughter being alive and at the brink of madness with no blood to satisfy his want, he sought her out then sucked her off. Then the wolves, werewolves became the protectors of humans from the virus the greedy lord transmitted.


"Grandma, so what later happened?" the little girl asked with widened eyes, listening attentively to her grandmother's tale.

"Oh sweetie," The grandma laughed heartily, pinching her chubby cheeks. "Inquisitive child".

"Is it real?" the little girl asked in a curious voice.

"Eh… I don't know" the older woman shrugged her shoulders, laughing at her granddaughter's dissatisfied gaze.

"But grandma…" she was interrupted by her grandmother.

"Shhh" her grandmother shushed her, "It is late already, your parents mustn't know I've been feeding you with my rubbish" the grandma whispered, holding the blanket out.

"You aren't through with the story" she tried to argue but released a tired yawn.

"We will continue tomorrow".

"Okay, I can't wait to have my protector" she slurred out, seeping into the unconscious state.

Meanwhile, the grandma sighed, removing the crystal necklace around her neck and wore it for the sleeping little girl then stared at the full moon.

"I hope this keeps you safe" the grandma whispered lightly.

Unknowing to the world, the lord's daughter was the moon goddess who came to know the meaning of love.


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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, or persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.


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