Deep Secrets

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The ocean holds many secrets and adventures just waiting to happen. We follow the story of Elysia and Erik, who set out to find out such secrets.

Fantasy / Adventure
Kennedy Foster
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Chapter One- Prologue

Long ago in the seven seas, men would tell tales of sirens who lured men to their watery doom, and mermaids that would help lost sailors find their way. But the ones that hardly were ever heard from, were the most deadly. Those who meet them rarely survive to tell their story. Fearless hunters of the deep armed with spears and knives of bone, tattooed with the ink of squid found in the deepest trenches, they traveled in packs of merciless predators. They keep to themselves, only coming up closer to the surface when it stormed hoping to hunt those poor souls who may have fallen to their demise, and use them as food, and their bones as weapons. Not much is known of these creatures, save for rarely spread knowledge that they were as merciless as sharks, and even more dangerous. Many a brave man have lost their lives to such creatures, those missing at sea are immediately presumed dead. And if the waves don’t claim them first, these fearless creatures will certainly finish the job. They’re simply know as the Venandi, old Latin for hunter. And they were not to be messed with.
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