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A Drifter Amongst Stars

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You know the story of fallen Angels, but have you heard the story of fallen stars? Cast down from the stars are the Fallen, condemned to earth for an eternal suffrage and forced to feed on the innocence of others. When Arabella runs to a small coastal town in Maine, fleeing from her traumatic past, she is soon met by a group of uniquely handsome boys all with a seemingly unusual interest in her. When she meets Gray, the cocky, sullen student-teacher her world is flipped upside down as she's entered into the world of supernatural creatures and fallen stars.

Fantasy / Romance
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The cold air beat against my face relentlessly, a hard punch of wind colliding with the freshly stung red of my cheeks topped by a pelting rain that had broken from the storm clouds ahead.

There was no question that this was it.

This was how I died.

A numbness had placed itself inside of me. Numbness from the cold, or numbness from the emotions that had pulled me beneath its waves, drowning me? It was hard to understand how it had come down to this, how I'd strayed so far from who I was.

This girl who was bruised and battered, beaten down to nothing was not me. I used to be powerful, strong, take-no-bullshit type. Yet there I was, and it was all because of him.

"Bambi," Gray rasped. His voice was distant, a million miles away. It was not the Gray I met three months ago. Not the Gray I had fallen so deeply in love with in such a short amount of time. His blue eyes that looked like an ice storm against his dark curls were now as cold as stone. There was no life left inside of them.

He still calls you Bambi, he still cares somewhere deep inside of him.

But if that feeling was still there somewhere it would be too deep for me to reach.

“Please,” I exhaled through the suffocating tears and numbness of my skin. I would freeze to death if he didn’t kill me first. “Gray, please don’t do this.”

His eyes looked over me, looking at what I had become. He didn’t flinch, did not dare caress my face like he would have done before. He was gone, completely.

“It’s already done,” he spat.

And I knew that this was the end. I had always said I would die for him, I never anticipated it would be him who killed me.

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