The Echos

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Five remarkable people change there livesWhile learning more of each other and training to save the life of others. Five remarkable people change there lives forever, learning there village is not all they thought it was.

Fantasy / Mystery
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Do you every think about why we exist? I do. I always wonder why. Compared to the whole universe and further, we are just tiny little ants. I have dreamed of a place where everyone, thing, is special, important. I would like to share that world with you…

The world is beautiful, with gorgeous blossom trees that blow in the wind, and a river that extends to forever. The river shines like crystal with a stunning red wood bridge above it. You see, the river isn’t like any other river. There is a legend behind the river. They say everything that is inside the river is unique and one of a kind. The river also has magnificent properties, however; not a single outsider knows about it. There is only one special village that knows of the remarkable river. They are known as the Everliea. The Everliea are not technically human…they are what you would call, fairies. See, these fairies are protectors of the river and have been there since the beginning. From the moment a fairy is born in the Everliea village, they instantly begin training in all forms of combat, intelligence, art, music, and magic. Once the age of 12, the fairies have discovered there talent and are placed into there category with others like them. Every decade the council of Everliea chooses 5 protectors, one in every category to watch over and protect the river and village. They choose those who have reached the age of maturity, 18 years old. The last protectors were defeated in a battle and the new decade has just begun. It is time to choose the new protectors.
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