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When does good become evil? Sameul, a gaurdian angel, is given the task of keeping his selected human alive, with a few added rules from God himself. Romalia Lewis is Samuels chosen person, who wants nothing more than to die. Maybe good and evil were never opposites. When Samuel fails his mission, he is cast out from heaven, only to discover that God himself has some dark secrets. TW: MENTIONS OF SUICIDE AND SELF HARM

Fantasy / Drama
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"Your failing, Samuel."

A voice boomed from behind me. I knew instantly who it was. Only one being could make their voice sound like it was coming from all around you all at once.

"I'm aware sir. I will handle the situation, you don't need to worry." I held in the panic that was threatening to make me cry.

"I'm sure I don't need to explain the consequences, do I Samuel?"

I felt their breath on the back of my neck.

"No, sir." My legs felt like jelly. My stomach churned with pure fear.

"Good. Well then, you've still got some time. I expect better results next week." They paused for a minute.

"And Samuel," their voice softened significantly, "Remember to take care of your human with everything you've got. It's important that she stays alive."

I didn't let the softness in their voice fool me. If my human died, I would face a fate worse than death. They would show no mercy, and make me feel the pain of the entire world until the end of time.

"Alright Samuel, I've got to leave now." They sighed.

"Yes sir." I managed to spit out.

They left quietly, and as soon as they left I collapsed.

I half crawled, half dragged myself to my trashcan. The anxiety from the encounter all came up as I wretched into the trashcan. The sour taste of bile filled my mouth and I gasped for air.

After several minutes like that, I finnally dragged myself to the bathroom and brushed my teeth, hoping to get the foul taste of vomit out of my mouth. No matter how hard I brushed, it still tasted awful.

I laughed to myself.

"I guess you can't wash out the taste of fear."

I looked at myself in the mirror. It was a scary sight. My hair was greasy, my face was unwashed and tired looking. My eyes were bloodshot.

"Well," I sighed to my reflection, "You knew what this job entailed. This is solely your fault."

Tears burned the back of my eyes. I took some deep breaths, holding the tears in.

"You knew that things weren't going to be easy. You were warned this could happen. You knew you could loose everything. You should have known better than to work for God."

I slumped against the wall.

I should have known better than to work for God.
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