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You've got to do something." I whispered to my reflection in the bathroom mirror. I looked rough. My face was a nasty shade of pale green, making me look half dead.

"She's gonna kill herself. You've got to do something to fix this. Her life is your responsibility. Figure something out."

My words, even though they were my own, hurt me like sharp knives.

I looked down at my arm. Scars had been appearing on my wrist the past couple of weeks. Thin white lines littered across my forearm, seriously concerning me. Romalia had started cutting more often recently. Somehow our bodies were connected enough for me to have her scars.

Every time she put slices in her wrist, I could feel the knife going into my skin, the blade pushing into my arm. If she cut deep enough, my arm would even bleed.

Other angels noticed. They saw the scars and laughed, mocking me for not being able to properly take care of my human. My guess was that they had never felt true human pain. If they had they wouldn't be laughing

"God should have never trusted Samuel with a human." Some other angels scorned. "Look how its gonna end!"

Instead of offering advice, they snickered off and left me feeling more pain.

"You've got to do something!" I repeated to myself in the mirror, snapping out of my thoughts.

"YOU HAVE GOT TO FIX THIS!" I screamed into my own reflection with tears streaming down my face. They burned the whole way down.

"Think of something, anything, that can make this better!" I sobbed as I spoke to myself. I had never felt so hopeless.

Suddenly an idea popped into the corner of my mind, almost as if it had been put there by someone else.

It was a dangerous idea, likely to get me into serious trouble.

Luckily for me, I was in serious trouble either way.

"I guess I have no choice." I decided. At least this idea could save Romalia.

"I'm not going down without a fight." I told myself.

"Im not going to let Romalia die."


2 hours later I was standing at the corner of an intersection. Humans in cars zoomed past,completely oblivious to my existence.

I could tell that I needed to go right from the intersection, because I could feel Romalia's pain clearer with each step I took.

The speeding cars did nothing to lessen my anxiety. If God found out what I was doing, I would be punished severely.

I ignored the nausea in my stomach and continued to press forward.

"Be brave for her." I told myself repeatedly.

Romalia was getting closer with every step. I could feel it in my entire being. I had no idea what I would say to her, all I knew is that I had to see her.

I practically flew across the sidewalks, letting my intuition guide me to her. I saw humans give me curious glances as I passed by. I silently prayed that my disguise was good enough and no one saw my wings.

I stopped at a run-down apartment complex. Despite never being there, I remembered every detail of the place.

The rusty chain link fence, the old weathered bricks, the holly bushes, and the creaky stairs were all imprinted in my mind as if I had lived there for years.

Which, of course, I hadn't, but Romalia had.

I ran up the stairs that lead to her apartment building. Room 273. I had its location memorised.

I placed my hand on the door, just letting myself feel the relief of being near Romalia. I could feel her moving around the apartment, completely oblivious to my existence.

I continued to let myself relax against the door. I had never felt so calm and whole. My human was just on the other side of this door. Everything would be alright now.

A sudden jerk from behind me sent me sprawling on the ground. I tumbled onto the concrete, and sighed in irritation. My arms and legs were scraped up. Apparently angels can get physically hurt in the human realm.

"What-" I heard a voice gasp from behind me, startling me.

"What in the hell were you doing?" The voice yelled.

I jumped up instantly and turned around.

Romalia had opened her door.

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