Alpha Mate

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On her 18th birthday Sierra gets to find her mate although she never expected it to be the alpha's son, the one person who never payed her any attention.

Fantasy / Romance
Sabree Moore
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Chapter 1- Day before

Sierra was in the last class of the day, she was staring off into the distance as the teacher was giving the lecture. She wasn't paying much attention as she didn't like the class, she was already passing all her classes.
As the bell rang Sierra got up quickly and grabbed her things before heading out. She went to her locker and started to put her things into her bag.

"I'm so excited for tomorrow." Mia her wolf said in an excited tone.

"Yes I am as well" She answered internally as she grabbed her bag and walked out of school. She started to walk home.
Sierra didn't have friends at school she was quiet and mostly kept to herself, she was also an only child. The only one she talked to was her mother, her mother understood her in ways no one else could.
Once Sierra got home her mother greeted her with a warm smile and a hug.

"Are you excited for tomorrow?" Mom asked. "You will finally get to meet your mate!" She then exclaimed excitedly.
Sierra laughed and nodded "Yes I am excited, I wonder who my mate will be." She said thoughtfully now thinking about it.
Her father soon came home after and came over to the both of them kissing Sierra's head and then kissing his mate.
"So how's the almost birthday girl?" He asked as he looked over to her.
"I'm good daddy, how are you?"
"I am good just tired." He said before looking over at his mate and saying, "What's for dinner hun?"
Mom just laughed and shook her head "I thought we would have lasagna tonight. It's almost ready just a few minutes left, go wash up and come back down." She said before exiting the small group and going to the kitchen.
Sierra hurried to her room and grabbed a towel as well as some pajama pants and a tank top, she went to her bathroom and shut the door, turning on the shower
She waited a bit before hopping in and washing her hair and body. Once she got out she dried off her body and put on her clothes, throwing the dirty ones along with the towel in the hamper. She opened the door and went downstairs.
When she got downstairs she could smell the lasagna that her mother made, she hurriedly went to the table and sat down across from where her father was already sat. When her mother came to the table they started to eat.
They ate in silence and when they were all done Sierra got up and did the dishes. She did this most every night, taking a load off of her mother's shoulders. As her mother and father went into the living room to watch some TV, Sierra went and got her bag and pulled out her homework.
Sierra started to do her homework as her wolf started to sing and hum in her head. Sierra started to get annoyed stopped what she was doing.
"Mia I am trying to concentrate and I can't do that with you singing in my head while I'm trying to think." Sierra told her wolf as she sat back and stretched her arms.

"Sorry Sierra, I'm just anxious and waiting for tomorrow to come." Mia replied.

Sierra sighed "I know Mia but please I need to get this done so I don't get in trouble tomorrow." She pleaded as she got back to work.
Once she got done with her work she put it back in her bag so she didn't forget it for tomorrow. She then stood up and stretched and looked at the time, a couple of hours have already past and it was now 11pm.
Knowing that her parents have already gone to bed Sierra headed up to her room and plopped down onto her bed, once her head it the pillow she fell asleep, not knowing what tomorrow will bring.

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